APOCalypse 2500 is a tabletop role playing game, set in a post-apocalyptic future world of sci-fi technology and ancient magic.
In the time this role-playing game takes place humanity has adapted to the new realities of life in a post-apocalyptic world where one is as likely to find a sword wielding magic using elf lord as they are to come across a pissed off dwarf with a Kalashnikov and a hover cycle. The disasters wrought by massively accelerated continental drift and extreme meteorological manifestations eventually caused world war III.
Many different character options exist as one can play a wide range of humans, mutants, arcane, and even alien species.
The APOCalypse 2500 RPG Percentile System is purposely simple, utilizing a percentile (%) based game mechanics and basic math. Dice used: Standard 7 piece set, D% (D100) for all "To" rolls, D4 to D20 when determining the degree of affect, D4 character creation.
A fairly new Kickstarter for Outbreak: A Post-Apocalyptic Tabletop RPG Source Book is underway.
Considered to be more ‘mature’ (grim-dark) than most other post-apocalyptic games, Darwin’s World includes real life deformities and genetic diseases to portray characters.
Originally based on a Fallout license (and I would still love to see an officially licensed tabletop RPG) Exodus decided to move forward with their game even when legal issues required them to remove all references pipboys, vaults, and so on. I found out about this when I wrote my Dungeons as Fantasy Fallout Shelters article, and now I really want to play it. Launched via an extremely successful kickstarter campaign from industry legend Monte Cook, Numenera takes the whole concept of ‘post-apocalypse’ and turns it up as far as it will go. Tribality PublishingTribality Publishing is now producing titles so that you can use our ideas directly into your games. 400 years after the vortex humanities great nations are gone, the planet has changed, and ancient magic and magical creatures have returned to a modern high tech earth.
As coastlines were decimated by unprecedented tidal surges and volcanism filled the sky with ash, humanity began to fight for what was left.

APOCalypse 2500's game system utilizes occupational based skill bonuses allowing a mix and match style of player character creation, rather than a strict class based approach. The system is designed to be flexible and adaptable to new game situations, creatures, and devices allowing for continual evolution of the game. Another unique feature of Apocalypse World is that the setting is supposed to be fleshed out via character generation, with GMs not doing any manner of preparation beforehand. Darwin’s World began as a 3rd edition adaptation, then transitioned through d20 modern, and Savage Worlds rulesets. It’s a billion years in the future, and eight great civilizations have suffered apocalypses (or ascended, or transcended, or something) and each has left incredible, indelible changes to the planet.
Perkins pays his bills by working procurement for a biotech company and by making things up. Into this international fray of hover-tanks and energy weapons came the arcane sorcerers and their magic wielding armies with their great mythical beasts of war.
One can even play non-humanoid magical and mechanical creatures chosen from among the various monster books.
The die rolls are broken up into logical "To" roll categories such as "To do or use", "To hit", "To use Magic," etc based on player attributes such as Strength, Psychic Rating, Agility etc. The PCs are generally people recently emerged from their shelter, exploring a remade world and perhaps discovering what’s happened with the other shelters (spoiler alert – everyone is happy and doing just fine!). Entire continents have been remade, and the sand of that ancient desert might have been the circuitry of a nation-sized super-computer worn to dust via the wind. This fantasy world is wide open to the imagination and gives players virtually endless possibility to customize their characters to fit their style of play. Game Masters are given the freedom, under various situations, to use judgment and work with the fantasy world, rather than be bound by an endless matrix of dice governed variables. I really enjoyed Numenera just for how weird and numinous everything in the game is – you really get a feel for being explorers of an unknowable past.

Armies found themselves in the field without supply or higher command; left with little choice but to hold the ground they stood on and attempt to build a new life. Whether you prefer to focus on the sci-fi, the magic, or a combination of both this tabletop RPG game is only limited by your imagination and creative application of the game rules. This creates a rules systems that offers fast play and straight forward success or failure die rolls. Thus arose the feudal world of the 4th century AV, built of thousands of small fiefdoms, arcane settlements, and city-states spread across the super continent of Neo-Pangaea. Weapons and spells range, damage, and effect are direct and proportional to "real world" examples or logical conjecture in the case of fantasy devices. Some have managed to preserve their high technology life, while others are primitive by comparison. While the system is mathematical all the formulas are basic math and should be easy for anyone to comprehend. There are thousands of magical arcane strongholds, territories, and villages dotted across the super-continent and the many islands of the pan-pacific expanse.
Players, GM's, and adventure writers will find this tabletop RPG game system exceptionally flexible and easy to learn and work with. This post-apocalyptic world is a dynamic environment, constantly in flux littered with ancient battle fields, filled with discarded sci-fi tech and magical treasure yet to be discovered.

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