Imagine that your friends who have come in town to visit, stayed overnight at the beautifully restored Art Deco masterpiece, the Threefoot Building, in one of the new Courtyard by Marriot suites. Your daughter, who is attending the School of Kinesiology at MSU downtown, joins you for the parade, which you view from the balcony of her new BellSouth Building apartment, which faces the beautifully decorated city hall lawn. You try to remember what it looked like just five years earlier, and it all seems a distant gloomy memory. The next day, after having breakfast at one of the new coffee shops, you show off the new magnificent wonder, the Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Experience, to your out of town friends.
After experiencing a taste of all the arts of Mississippi, you have a lively discussion concerning where you are going to have lunch, because there are so many options.
After lunch, you indulge in some serious shopping, marveling at how many new stores there are, as well as how many have become downtown traditions, such as The Liberty Shop, Loeb's, and LaBiche.
In addition 26 new privilege licenses were granted and an additional $14 million was invested by property owners during 2015.
In January, Mississippi Main Street conducted the Backstage Pass Conference in Meridian for Main Street managers across Mississippi, as well as other event planners. Meridian Main Street has been providing support to the local developers and business owners as part of an Economic Development Program, as well as creating events that bring thousands to downtown Meridian. Meridian Main Street's Promotional Program creates events designed to improve our quality of life, rekindle community pride, improve consumer and investor confidence in our downtown commercial district, and create awareness and excitement about downtown. Our Economic Restructuring Program strengthens our existing economic assets, while diversifying our economic base. The goal of our design program includes getting Main Street into top physical shape and creating a safe, inviting environment for shoppers, workers, and visitors. The Meridian Main Street Board includes Alisha Bailey, Von Burt, Bubba Hannah, Ron Harper, Beverley Hearn, Dustin Hill, Robb Hudson, Tricia LaBiche, Terri McKelviane, Reginald Mnzava and Buster Thomas.
Saltillo Mayor Rex Smith began lobbying for the town to join the Mississippi Main Street Association about a year ago. Saltillo formally became the 52nd member of the Mississippi Main Street Association Tuesday morning.
Saltillo Mayor Rex Smith pushed for the city to join MMSA and wants to find a way to pull together the traditional downtown of Mobile Street along with the new business corridor of Highway 145. The mayor wants the city to tap into folks passing through or close by the city of 4,500 people. The cost of joining MMSA is steep on the front end – $10,000 for the first year tapering down to $2,000 annually after the fourth year. According to MMSA, designated Main Street communities receive a minimum of $25,000 in technical assistance during the first year alone. As part of that commitment Smith says the city has already hired a Main Street Director, Lindsey Hines. But, officials admit that the Main Street designation, like the growing business sector, has not happened over night. Main Street officials say the program provides technical, architectural, and other services.
They say Saltillo is now part of a network of some 1,800 Main Street members across the country.
Biloxi is one of 10 cities chosen nationwide that will benefit from the vision and knowledge of experienced planners with the Main Street program.
At a city hall news conference Thursday afternoon, the visitors talked about their favorable impressions of Biloxi and the promise and possibilities they see for future progress.
Biloxi is uniquely positioned to draw upon its history and geographic location to enhance both tourism and economic development. At a city hall news conference Thursday afternoon, the visitors talked about their favorable impressions of Biloxi and the promise and possibilities they see for future progress and economic development.
The planners will take their suggestions and compile them into a report that will be presented during a future visit in the next 18 months. Many small town success stories have a difficult time making it past the city limits, but one Mississippi-based documentary film company recently made the first step at changing how these tales of success are told.
At the Oxford Film Festival last weekend, Blue Magnolia Films introduced four short documentaries that depict how Mississippi small-town businesses are revitalizing and inspiring their communities. So with the help of state agencies like the Mississippi Main Street Association, Mississippi Film Office, the Mississippi Development Authority and the Mississippi Arts Commission, the couple set out to make 25 films highlighting small-town success stories leading up to the state’s bicentennial in 2017.
One of those business owners, Andy O’Bryan, founder of Yalobusha Brewing Company in Water Valley, spoke about how his company started out from scratch and has grown to selling beer throughout the entire state and in Louisiana and, most recently, Tennessee. The panel elicited numerous questions from the audience who engaged the entrepreneurs with inquiries about their businesses, and it was just what Griffin and Fast wanted.
As Griffin and Fast complete the remaining films in the series, they do so with the mission of spotlighting the small-town success stories that are transforming and inspiring the state of Mississippi. Kathy LaPlante, Senior Program Officer with the National Main Street Center, and Kennedy Smith, who is best known as the longest-serving director of the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s National Main Street Center, will be conducting the Biloxi Refresh program.
The two days will consist of a tour of the district and community, strategizing sessions with city officials and will close on Thursday with a Press Conference at Biloxi City Hall at 1 p.m.
The communities selected will receive 12 to 18 months of free hands-on technical and community assistance from experts nationwide, funded by the John S.
Saltillo Community Director Lindsey Roper Hines will direct the Saltillo Main Street program.
The two-day conference allowed leaders from various communities both local and state wide, to work together by sharing ideas on how to help their towns grow, but is also brought together professional exhibitors and creative and preforming artists so they can showcase what they have to offer. This conference not only impacts towns across the state, it also impacts our local community. At the end of the day every piece of knowledge learned will help build local community character and help community leaders contribute to the creative economy and the quality of life. A mural greets residents and guests at the mouth of Main Street in Water Valley, Mississippi. Hundreds of them sent blue collar working men and women flocking to the Houston area to cash in… literally. Lafayette County already has its version of Houston (Oxford) and we swell and relax as the seasons change and as our UM students dictate. The vigorous downtown development mission (Water Valley Main Street Association) perpetually works to improve the area, spur economic development and provide a plethora of entertainment opportunities for residents and its cousins from the north (Oxford). Arguably, one of the most essential proponents of the Boom Town blitz is 10-year Valley resident Kagan Coughlin who has in the past few years dumped a tremendous amount of time, effort and resources into several ventures in the Main Street district (more on these below). Down the street from the galleries, new dining and drinking establishments have popped up as well.
The extremely popular Crawdad Hole (restaurant) opened in 2011 and features seafood and Cajun and Creole foods, definite favorites anywhere you venture in North Mississippi.
Reaching deep into its versatile genre art bag, Water Valley Main Street attracts history buffs in droves to the Water Valley Casey Jones Railroad Museum located across the street from the Yalobusha Brewing Co.
Coughlin and Van Beuren have also embraced the real estate facet of the revival, opening the Blu-Buck Mercantile Hotel, Water Valley. Jobs and careers in the township are plentiful, fueled by such entities as BorgWarner manufacturing plant, Water Valley Poultry, Valley Tool, Mechanics Bank and Yalobusha General Hospital & Nursing Home, and of course, the Water Valley School District led by Dr.
New to the economic boom in Water Valley, Base Camp Coding Academy entered the picture last year and was founded by Glen Evans and (who else?) Kagan Coughlin. An ambitious date of June 1 is planned by Base Camp Coding Academy to begin training the newest wave of coders expected to be released on Mississippi after an intense year of training. Ed Gardner, Jr., Director of Business and Economic Development of Entergy in Jackson and Keith A.
Also, Jennifer Gregory, Chief Executive Officer of the Greater Starkville Development Partnership in Starkville has been elected by fellow MMSA Directors to serve as the 2016-2017 Directors' Representative on the state board.
Williams serves as Mississippi Regional President for Hancock Bank where he is responsible for all lines of business in the state. Gregory joins Lori Tucker, Executive Director of Baldwyn Main Street Chamber who is serving through 2016 as Directors' Representative on the board. Directors' Representatives serve two-year terms and represent the 51 Main Street programs in Mississippi on the state board.
The MMSA board is made up of a statewide group of business, government and community leaders. The Mississippi Main Street Association is a program of the National Main Street Center, Inc., and the Mississippi Development Authority with many allied partners and investors. Comparing this corner in downtown Meridian to its Google Map image from June 2013 shows one dramatic improvement to the srea. Each community will benefit from recent strategic improvements to the National Main Street Center’s revitalization methodology. Each community, chosen after a competitive selection process, will benefit from recent strategic improvements to the National Main Street Center’s revitalization methodology that for 35 years has helped transform historic downtowns and urban neighborhoods nationwide. Originally launched as a program of the National Trust for Historic Preservation in 1980, the National Main Street Center pioneered an incremental, volunteer-driven strategy to help flagging downtowns counteract booming suburban growth.
The fifth annual Back Stage Pass, a regional conference for festival and event coordinators, will be held Jan.
The conference is presented by the Mississippi Main Street Association, Mississippi Arts Commission and Visit Mississippi. Back Stage Pass focuses on planning festivals and special events that reveal a town’s authentic character. More than 200 professionals are expected to attend the two-day conference designed for non-profit organizations, festival and event coordinators, fundraisers, Main Street directors and members, universities and colleges, tourism organizations, Chamber of Commerce members, and community leaders.
The conference includes an Artist Showcase featuring performers of the Mississippi Arts Commission Artist Roster as well as performers from Alabama and Louisiana. The 2016 conference sponsors are Visit Meridian, Meridian Main Street, Mississippi Public Broadcasting, Mississippi Heritage Trust and Webz Advertising.
OCEAN SPRINGS -- There were tears and hugs and accolades and more tears, hugs, smiles and a toast to the woman whose name is synonymous with Ocean Springs. Beyond all the awards and board memberships, she is best known for shepherding the Peter Anderson Festival. Margaret Miller, retiring at the end of the month, was honored Friday afternoon for 28 years with the Ocean Springs Chamber of Commerce. The reception was elegant at the city's Community Center next to the Walter Anderson Museum of Art. City leaders gave her credit for the city's success on many levels, but she seemed especially proud of helping to grow the tax base and leading Ocean Springs from being a bedroom community relying heavily on homeowner property taxes to being a city known for its retail shops and restaurants. The festivals she started, the organizations she helped charter were too many to fit on the plaque. The governor's letter praised her work, calling Ocean Springs a city often seen as a model for others. Among her distinctions is the city's designation in the Top 5 Happiest Seaside Towns 2015 and the Great American Main Street Award 2013.
The week before last, we capped off our eventful fall with NMSC’s co-sponsorship of the first White House Convening on Rural Placemaking in partnership with the White House Rural Council and the Project for Public Spaces. A special thank you to Joe Borgstrom of the Michigan State Housing Development Authority, Mary Helmer of Main Street Alabama, Gayla Roten of Missouri Main Street Connection, and Mickey Howley of Water Valley Main Street (Mississippi),  for bringing eloquence and passion in sharing their good work with the attendees.
I was lucky enough to be able to make it to a John Mayer "secret show" at the Troubadour in Hollywood. The Steinhardt Dean's Council is a group of alumni, parents, and friends of the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development.
As Vice President and Program Director of Rudin Foundations, Mark Bodden directs the philanthropic activities of three family foundations based and operating primarily in New York City.
Bodden is a graduate of the School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell and completed coursework at the National Law Center at George Washington University. Linda Carter, PhD is a Clinical Associate Professor in Psychiatry at the NYU School of Medicine, and the Director of the Family Studies Program at the NYU Child Study Center.

Gale Drukier began her career as an audiologist and was a tenured professor in this field at The College of New Jersey for 17 years. As Senior Vice President for Research and Development for McGraw-Hill Education, a division of The McGraw-Hill Companies, Charlotte Frank helps design and assess the print and multimedia programs used by students at every rung of the educational ladder, from pre-school to adulthood.
Mary Giuffra served on the governing boards of the Westchester Medical Center, Our Lady of Mercy Medical Center, and Lawrence Hospital Center where she served on Strategic Planning and Community Affairs Committees. Carl Glaeser is the Managing Partner of Palladian Capital Partners (PCP), a NYC based investment firm. Since 1984, Jean Minskoff Grant has been the owner of the Minskoff Grant Realty and Management Corporation, which provides both asset management and direct management for a diversified portfolio of urban and suburban office buildings and retail properties, totaling approximately one million square feet. Since 1998, Thomas Harrison has been Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Diversified Agency Services (DAS), the world's largest holding group of marketing services and communications companies. In business for more than twenty five years, Beverly Hyman has built a management consulting practice primarily serving Fortune 500 clients, major cultural institutions such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and all the agencies of the United Nations. Courtney Ross is Chair of The Ross Institute for Advanced Study and Innovation in Education, an organization that serves as an incubator for 21st century education and facilitates the entry of the Ross School's programs into public school systems. Ross's commitment to education and her philanthropic pursuits extend beyond the boundaries of the United States.
Her philanthropic involvement with institutions of higher learning is broad and ongoing: she has funded scholarship programs and gifted funds to New York University, Harvard University, Skidmore College, University of Southern California, and Yale University, among others. A practicing certified prosthetist and orthotist, Ivan Sabel was Founder and President of Capital Orthopedics from 1968-1986. Sabel has been a member of the Board of Directors of several publicly traded companies: DJ Orthopedics, Mid-Atlantic Medical Services, and Beverly Enterprises. In 1995, after a legendary career as Wall Street's most successful money manager, Steinhardt stunned the financial world by announcing that he would close the hedge fund he had started in order to devote his time and fortune largely to Jewish causes and the creation of the Steinhardt Foundation. In 2001, New York University's School of Education proudly celebrated its 110th anniversary and took on a new name: The Steinhardt School of Education (now the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development).
History of juggling - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaXiong Yiliao, who during a battle between the states of Chu and Song, juggled nine balls at . Middle Ages - Information, Facts, and LinksThe Middle Ages lasted from 500 AD to 1500 ADA—or from the fall of the last Roman emperor in . History of Warwick CastleIn 1642 Civil war broke out between King and parliament and Warwick Castle . Then all of your friends enjoyed the Meridian Main Street Mardi Gras events all afternoon, and end the evening by attending one of the many live music venues downtown. Exhausted from shopping, the kids clamor for ice cream at one of the new ice cream parlors.
The future is looking very bright for 2016, with exciting plans for 16 buildings in downtown. There are city leaders, county leaders, individual investors, developers and business leaders who have championed the revitalization of downtown Meridian. Events such as Mardi Gras, Merry Meridian, Earth’s Bounty, Candy Crawl, Kid’s Art Crawl, and the Just Start It! All of this activity brings vitality to downtown and has encouraged development and investment. This is accomplished by retaining and expanding successful businesses and attracting new businesses that the market can support. MMS has been working with public works on street lighting and working with the police to make sure there is adequate police presence downtown. Our organization goes way beyond our employees, Karen Rooney and Debby Delshad, and intern. 7, John Tampa officially received the keys to the art deco masterpiece, the 16-story Threefoot Building. While he asked to join as an associate member, the Saltillo Board of Alderman decided to spend the extra money to become a full member. In the coming months, officials with the state organization will spend plenty of time in Saltillo, trying to develop a strategy to help the town. A traffic study showed 13,000 cars a day travel Highway 145 and another 40,000 pass by on U.S. Since 1993, MMSA has provided more than $4 billion in public and private re-investment back into Main Street communities.
Eventually, O’Bryan wants to market his product in every state that has a Southeastern Conference football program. And by spreading the word through film, they fully expect these documentaries to make a difference in small towns. Festivals and events that take place along main streets in downtown communities help not only spur economic development but promote tourism. With over a dozen Meridian event planners and organizers in attendance all with the goal of learning how to make our Queen City prosper.
Old Fashioned Grocery on Main Street is yet another Water Valley jewel that must be seen… as well as tasted (see photos and video below). Housed on the site of the former Illinois Central Railroad Depot, the museum is open Thursday-Saturday from 2-4 p.m. These refurbished 2-floor studio-type apartments feature high planked ceilings (no popcorn on these babies), central (digital) heat and air, and ancient wooden floors perfect for young families, seasonal guests or even UM students willing to commute to Oxford. Williams, Mississippi Regional President of Hancock Bank in Gulfport have both been elected to the state board.
He came to Entergy from PowerSouth Energy Cooperative where he worked for five years as the economic development representative for Northwest Florida. He joined Hancock Bank in 1987 and has held a number of management positions through the years. The combination of Gregory's event planning experience and professional experience in marketing has led to a new approach to the tourism program at the GSDP, since joining the organization in 2009. The thousands of people who pass the corner daily are  seeing signs of life instead of a kicked-in, boarded-up door.
With the improvements, there were some growing pains, such as ongoing road work, but those temporary inconveniences were offset by new businesses and activity pointing to even more growth, according to Karen Rooney, executive director of Meridian Main Street.
7, developer John Tampa received the keys to the Threefoot Building, and has reached out to the MSU-Riley Center to work with them to build on the common ground they share as residents of downtown Meridian.
According to Jay Adcock, the owner of U Need It Antiques and Auctions, which opened in the formerly boarded up Southern Showroom at the foot of the 22nd Avenue bridge, the move to downtown has increased his business greatly and he is looking forward to Meridian being a travel destination for antique hunters. Local leaders will receive 12 to 18 months of free organizational capacity building and hands-on technical assistance from national experts on how best to involve the community in revitalization efforts, plan and execute long-term strategic action, and effectively measure the impact of those efforts.
Local leaders will receive 12 to 18 months of free organizational capacity building and hands-on technical assistance from national experts on how best to involve the community in revitalization efforts, plan and executive long-term strategic action, and effectively measure the impact of those efforts. This novel approach was in stark contrast to the urban renewal projects that were destroying commercial districts and neighborhoods all over the country.
Conference session topics include engaging millennials, experiential marketing and strategic partnerships. She is the retiring executive director of not only the chamber but also Main Street and the Tourism Bureau.
The mayor said Miller instilled in the city a vision of what it could be and it rose to that vision. All of us at the National Main Street Center are thankful to you, our members, for your passion and commitment to creating more prosperous and engaged downtowns and neighborhood commercial districts, and your participation in this dynamic network of professionals dedicated to creating healthier communities.
This convening brought together federal agencies, national organizations, philanthropic foundations, and Placemaking and Main Street professionals interested in leveraging their resources to help rural communities realize the economic and social benefits of Placemaking. Their experiences, stories, and suggestions elevated the discourse and exposed a new set of potential partners to the strength of Main Street in communities across the country. And it also highlighted how Placemaking also paves the path to real economic transformation on Main Street. As Steinhardt sustains and strengthens its teaching, research, and public programming, the Council offers steady guidance and support to Dean Dominic Brewer.
Lisa Belzberg is the Founder and Chair Emeritus of the non-profit organization PENCIL (Public Education Needs Civic Involvement in Learning).
Notwithstanding the fact that the Brooklyn Dodgers left Brooklyn for points west when he was a young boy, he continues to support them vigorously in their new home. He served as dean of the College of Business Administration at San Diego State University (SDSU) from 2011-2013. Cunningham has received numerous awards, including the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year, the British American Chamber of Commerce Trans Atlantic Entrepreneurial Award, and the Association of Graphic Communication's Power of Communications Award. In addition to teaching, performing research, and presenting papers, she developed the College's master;s Degree curriculum and received ASHA national accreditation for its graduate program in audiology. Drukier graduated from NYU Steinhardt in 1972 with a degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology.
Frank has written numerous articles and lectured extensively on the critical issues of education and their importance for the business community.
She chaired the boards of Lawrence Community Health Services and Home Nursing Association of Westchester and was on the Institutional Review Board of Manhattan College.
Giuffra has been a therapist in private practice for over 30 years, is licensed and board certified in Advanced Practice Psychology and Mental Health Nursing, and is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, certified in Core Energetics and Somatic Experiencing Trauma Therapy. Previously, she worked in Nutrition, serving as Chief Dietitian and a teaching fellow at New York University, and as Director and President of The American Dietetic Association Foundation. She has served on the Board of Directors of the New York Women's Foundation and is now a member of its Chairs Council. Harrison began his business career as a pharmaceutical sales representative at Pfizer Laboratories.
Harrison is the author of INSTINCT: Tapping Your Entrepreneurial DNA to Achieve Your Business Goals. Beverly Hyman, PhD and Associates are widely known for their work as consultants in communications, organizational development and leadership.
Hyman's new book, How to Know If It's Time to Go: A 10-Step Reality Test for Your Marriage, co-authored with her psychoanalyst husband, was published in March of 2010.
Rieder is currently a board member of the Visiting Nurse Service of New York and Expeditionary Learning Schools. Founded in 2004, the Ross Institute's Inter-University Consortium is a network of universities whose schools of education utilize the Ross School as a laboratory for the advancement of innovation in education and, through teacher training and knowledge sharing, disseminate this information into the broad arena of public education, primarily in underserved areas. During the 1990s, she established strong connections with the People's Republic of China, gifting provincial museums and archaeological study institutions with computer technology critical to their research. She serves on boards with special emphases on education, wellness, and international relations.
During this time, he was an adjunct professor of orthopedics at Georgetown University and served as a clinical instructor in the prosthetic and orthotic program at New York University. He served on various committees at all three companies, including Compensation, Quality, Finance, and Nominating and Governance.
The Steinhardt Foundation was founded to renew and transform the Jewish community with innovative projects that nurture the identity of individual Jews while transforming the institutions of the Jewish community to reach the widest spectrum.
2015 ended with façade enhancements, complete building restorations and new and exciting plans for 19 neglected buildings!
MMS is working directly with developers and building owners to help them move their projects forward.
When you walk downtown and see beautiful, large flower urns, you can thank the Design Committee. They are also renovating the Standard Coffee building, on the corner of Constitution and Front Street for Yates Construction. Leaders from across Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana were doing just that, learning how to build and grow successful festivals and events in various home towns. The Crawdad Hole is open Thursday-Sunday and can be found on Facebook where they post weekly specials and other gems.

Again, the difference (other than a 20-minute commute) is a price tag that is fraction of what townhomes in Lafayette County (and more specifically, Oxford) go for these days. Prior to joining PowerSouth, Gardner worked as Vice President of Economic Development and Workforce at the Birmingham Business Alliance in Birmingham, Ala. He is President of the Gulfport Planning Commission, serves on the Executive Leadership Team of the American Heart Association and the Board of Directors of the Mississippi Gulf Resort Classic.
Working with a team to create successful events like Pumkinpalooza and Starkville Restaurant Week has provided Starkville with unprecedented notoriety and publicity in print and online media outlets. The mission of the Mississippi Main Street Association is to provide visionary leadership, guidance and counsel to Mississippi Main Street communities through organization, promotion, design and economic development to make our cities and towns better places to work, live and play.
By tapping two important community resources, citizen participation and its older and historic buildings, the Main Street Approach has helped reinvigorate America’s historic downtowns and commercial districts in cities and towns across the country.
She has worked for political campaign consultant David Garth, as a producer of The Charlie Rose Show, as a Principal at Leeds Equity Partners, and as an Adjunct Professor at Teacher's College, Columbia.
Bodden was the Managing Director of Binder and Binder, a national law firm handling Social Security Disability cases. Carter developed the family therapy treatment and training program at the NYU Medical Center over twenty years ago, which she continues to direct. He served as Chair for NYU's Graphic Communication, Management, and Technology Center and as its curriculum committee Chair. Frank's key responsibilities include research and development of the educational activities of McGraw-Hill's two other segments: The Financial Services Sector, which includes Standard and Poor's, and the Information Services Group, which includes Aviation Week, Engineering News-Record, and Architectural Record. In 2003, The American Dietetic Association honored her as a Medallion recipient, and the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey honored her as a Distinguished Alumna in its School of Allied Health Professions. Harrison's leadership, the DAS division has doubled almost three times and now accounts for almost 50% of the total revenues of its parent Omnicom Group. He left Pfizer as Marketing Director and joined a mid-sized healthcare advertising agency for six years before launching his own company, the Harrison & Star Business Group.
He frequently lectures at business schools and schools of entrepreneurialism on entrepreneurship, business strategy, and acquisitions. He served as President of a local Westchester County school board and was chairman and founder of the not-for-profit education foundation in that same school district. She has also written several business books, including Training for Productivity and How Successful Women Manage, along with articles and interviews in Fortune, Ms., Supervisory Management, HR Focus, and newspapers in major cities.
She holds a PhD in Culture and Communication and from New York University, and an MS in Education from Hofstra University.
Prior to that, she was Corporate Secretary of Columbia University and served as the University's Director of Federal Relations. She was formerly vice chairman of the board of the New York Academy of Medicine and a board member of Grantmakers in Health and the Foundation for Aging Research of the American Geriatrics Society. Marking a significant collaboration with NYU's Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development and New York City's Department of Education, the Ross Global Academy, a public charter school, opened in 2006.
These include the United Nations Association of the United States and the Business Council of the United Nations (UNA-USA), The National Committee on US-China Relations, The Center for Brain and Creativity at USC, the Millennium Museum in Bejing, China, and Quincy Jones's Listen Up Foundation. He also served on the Medical Advisory Board at DJ Orthopedics, and the Board of Directors of Nursefinders, a medical staffing company. The Foundation's achievements include the Partnership for Excellence in Jewish Education, which successfully recruited 12 major Jewish philanthropists to expand day school opportunities for children in North America.
He graduated with a BS from the University of Pennsylvania and currently serves as a trustee at New York University. For several years now, MMS has been consistently promoting and helping to develop downtown. Each of these events, as well as individual stories about the low crime statistics for downtown, has kept downtown in the spotlight. Converting unused or underused commercial space into economically productive property also helps boost the profitability of the district.
This beautification project for downtown includes more than 30 large flower urns displayed in front of participating businesses.
Gardner also has more than 13 years of local economic development experience with the City of Auburn, Ala. He also serves on the Board of Directors of the Gulf Coast Carnival Association, the Revelers Carnival Association and is President of the Bayou Bluff Tennis Club. Because of the growth of the Starkville CVB and the creation of the Starkville Main Street Association, tourism spending in Starkville has increased 50 percent in five years. This new business has plans to include an event venue space and ultimately a boutique hotel.
He led the corporate giving program at Philip Morris Companies (presently Altria) and has over fifteen years of public policy experience in Washington, DC and Albany.
She also maintains an active clinical practice, where she sees individuals,couples and families in a behaviorally oriented psychotherapy. Cunningham's experience also includes serving as CEO of Diversified Global Graphics Group (DG3) Worldwide.
He also served as the Chair of the Graphic Communications Advisory Board at Kean University and as an Alumni Trustee of New York University. Drukier joined her family business, BD HOTELS, where she has managed and renovated properties on Manhattan's Upper West Side for the past 12 years. Most recently, she was one of twenty recipients for the Hunter College Hall of Fame and one of seven honored as Townsend Harris Medalists from the Alumni of the College of the City of New York. He joined Bowne after serving six years as a Vice President and General Manger at Lucent Technologies.
Foreign Policy and Women" Advisory Council of the Council on Foreign Relations, and she serves on a Professional Council of the Urban Land Institute, a real estate industry organization. While at the helm of Harrison & Star, he started two healthcare advertising agencies, a medical education company, a direct-to-consumer healthcare company, and a medical PR group and acquired a managed care consultancy. He has been honored by Long Island College Hospital, The Children's Hospital at Montefiore, the New York Chapter of the Arthritis Foundation, and The Lymphoma Research Foundation among other honors.
Ross Multi-Media and Communications Center opened at the Shanghai Museum, which still stands as the finest interactive screening facility in China.
In 1986, Hanger Orthopedic Group acquired his company and he became the Vice President of Corporate Development.
He is currently a member of The Economic Club of Washington, Treasurer of the American Physicians' Fellowship for Israel, Chairman of the American Board for University of Haifa, and is part of the Healthcare Advisory Team to Washington, DC mayor Adrian Fenty.
He has always believed, however, that wealth and achievement are not enough to give full value and meaning to life.
So our training gears to making your downtown revitalized, sustainable and thriving,” explained Jeannie Zieren, Director of Training and Information Services with the Mississippi Main Street Association. An informal consultant to numerous nonprofit organizations, Bodden has been a presenter at national and regional grant-making conferences, including the Council on Foundations, and is currently on the Board of Philanthropy New York (previously the New York Regional Association of Grantmakers) and the Edwin Gould Academy.
She specializes in working with couples who present with a wide range of issues and challenges at each stage of the life cycle.
He is the founder and was the CEO of DG3's predecessor, the formerly NASDAQ-listed Cunningham Graphics International. Frank also represents McGraw-Hill on the National Business Roundtable's Educational Taskforce Initiative and coordinates the Harold W.
She is also a member of USABP's Strategic Planning Committee, former co-editor of its peer-reviewed journal, and chair of the Academic Council. She was chair of the Women's Leadership Board at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government for three years and is still an active member. Harrison has spoken at West Virginia University where he did graduate research in cell biology, was recognized with the 2006 Distinguished Alumni Award and an Honorary Doctorate in 2007. She has been a featured speaker at national and international conferences including: The United Nations Conference to End the Decade for Women, The National Human Resources Conference of the American Management Associations, The AFL-CIO Professional Employees Conferences, The American Arbitration Association Conference, and many others.
Hyman says of herself that she loves "the business of business" and sees the energy and experience she brings to every consulting and training assignment as a personal challenge and commitment.
At the Harvard Graduate School of Education in 1998, she instituted the Courtney Sale Ross Mainland China Scholarship for Arts in Education. The following year he was promoted to President and Chief Operating Officer and in 1995, was named Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. At the same time, he has felt growing alarm about the erosion of Jewish identity and deep concern about the threat to the continuity of non-orthodox Jews through generations. He is a fellow at the Public Affairs Institute in Washington, having completed its three-year program for Public Affairs Executives. Frank co-chairs Don't Laugh at Me: Operation Respect with founder Peter Yarrow of the music group Peter, Paul and Mary.
She is also a member of the Board of Overseers of the Harvard College Committee on University Resources. She has held various government positions at the Federal Office of Management and Budget and the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare. She is also responsible for funding the restoration of all the stained glass, sculpture, and frescoes at the Thirteenth Century church of Orsanmichele in Florence, Italy. He serves on the faculty at Baruch College's School of Public Affairs and provides educational guidance to numerous high school and college students. Carter received her BA from Queens College of the City of New York and her MS from the City College of New York. Cunnigham was also previously a Clinical Professor of Entrepreurship at SDSU, where he taught international business strategy and business planning.
Johnson Museum of Art Advisory Council and the Plantations Council at Cornell University where she and her husband, Ira, endowed the Gale and Ira Drukier Deanship at Cornell's College of Architecture, Art, and Planning. Drukier and her husband have developed a comprehensive collection of surrealist drawings over 35 years.
He holds a bachelor of science degree from Juniata College, where he serves on the Board of Trustees as Vice Chair of the Investment Committee and member of Entrepreneurial Studies program. At that time, Harrison & Star had become the most successful and rapidly growing communications agency in the healthcare industry. Hyman received Steinhardt's Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award and in 2008 she received the NYU Alumni Meritorious Service Award. Belzberg holds a BA from Barnard College, an MS from The London School of Economics, and a PhD in Education from New York University. He has also been a Research Professor from Industry at Cal Poly's Graphic Communications Department and an Adjunct Associate Professor at New York University. She is the former Co-Chair of the Council of Landscape Pleasures for Parish Art Museum, and she established the entrance wall to the Yad Vashem Museum in Jerusalem. She joined the company in 1988 following a nine year leadership role as Executive Director of the Division of Curriculum and Instruction for the New York City Board of Education where she was also a teacher and supervisor. Frank graduated with a BA in Business Administration from the City College of New York, CUNY, and went on to earn her MA in Education Administration from Hunter College, CUNY, and her PhD in Education Administration from the Steinhardt School.
Harrison served as Chairman of the Harrison & Star Group and Chairman of Diversified Healthcare Communications, a group of eight healthcare agencies within Omnicom, until his appointment as President of DAS in 1997. In addition, she trained with Jay Haley at the Family Therapy Institute in Washington, DC, and completed an advanced training program in family therapy supervision with Dr.
She has been on the faculty of the NYU School of Medicine since 1974, when she received a National Institute of Mental Health Postdoctoral research grant (results of this work were published in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders and Family Process). She was a staff psychologist at Bellevue and a senior psychologist in the Department of Psychiatry at NYU where she became the founding director of the Family Studies Unit at Millheuser Laboratories.

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