The supply mix is an extremely important factor which goes in to setting the price of power and ensuring the system’s reliability. Natural gas is another fuel supply which creates electricity, however due to pipeline disruptions, and various other uncontrollable factors, it’s not safe to rely solely on this type of power. With decades of knowledge and experience, educated stakeholders within the energy industry have concluded that a diverse electricity supply mix is the best option. According to the Ontario Energy Board, currently, nuclear power is the dominant power source here in Ontario, contributing about 60% to the supply mix. If you want to know where Ontario’s energy is coming from at this very moment, visit the real-time tracker powered by the Canadian Nuclear Society. Implementing a new source of electricity supply into the mix is a decision which has very long term consequences and requires a thorough vetting process.
With the new focus on sustainability, renewable energy programs are certainly here to stay, especially ‘distributed generation’ and household solar in small quantities. We also have a significant amount of new large scale solar and wind projects coming online over the next two years.
The opinion of the public is just as diverse as the actual electricity supply mix, but in my opinion, Ontario has a very reliable and diverse supply mix.
Click here to calculate how a change in the supply mix would impact your electricity bill and the environment.

Auto parts and other transportation manufacturers in Ontario continue to face challenges driven by increasing globalization, a strong Canadian dollar, and high labour costs.
Electricity is another big budget line item; however, with proper energy management solutions, it is an expense that can be controlled. Whether your strategy is related to energy cost savings or energy conservation, we can help you define an electricity management solution designed to drive operational efficiencies. You can rely on our expertise to help you reduce risk, gain control of electricity expenditures and most importantly, realize savings without negatively impacting production output.
We have the expertise and sophisticated tools required to find a solution for you, regardless of how many energy intensive steps your transportation manufacturing operation may require. Below are some examples of where you can find your National Meter Identifier (NMI) number on your electricity bill.
Ontario started out as supplied purely by hydro-electricity but, over time, has moved to a predominantly nuclear energy based province.
It helps to balance the volatility in fuel supplied sources like natural gas, oil, or coal. We at Bruce Power provide carbon free, nuclear electricity, in a cost effective and reliable way. A recent legislation in the US is forcing coal and some older natural gas generators offline, just like in Ontario.

This will certainly drive the total cost of power up due to previously negotiated Feed In Tariff rates earned by renewable energy sources. It will likely stay that way and, although the costs will continue to go higher, Ontario users can rest assured they will have enough power to meet their needs in the years and decades to come. Whether you manufacture aircrafts, automobiles or trains, these challenges are rarely controllable, yet they have a significant impact on your budget. We will work with you to determine your peak energy load times so that you can produce when energy prices are less expensive.
If we were to use only hydro-electricity, we would have much less power in the fall than in the spring, when the melting snow creates water flow across Ontario which ultimately moves through hydroelectric dams.
Accordingly, no jurisdiction wants to invest large amounts of capital and several years to build, only to find that the cost of the fuel has risen 40%, making it uneconomic. Now I’d like to explain to you why our province has moved from only one source of electricity to utilizing the best of multiple sources.
The environment is constantly changing, and Mother Nature can’t always be held accountable for providing our electricity.

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