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In the power outage caused by hurricane Sandy the guys at BioLite had come out of their offices in DUMBO and were offering hot coffee and phone charging using their handy little stoves. The most that I experienced with Hurricane Sandy was my Internet went out for three hours while I was sleeping and I can’t jump on the L train and be in Union Square in 5 minutes. Downstairs, however, water was pouring into the basement, inundating the elevator shafts and disabling all 32 elevators. But walking down to the water and seeing a darkened city bright once again brought some tears to the eyes.

This means the toilets don’t flush and residents are using the pitch black stairways as bathrooms. I tweeted at BioLite and asked if they were interested in donating some units for the effort in the Far Rockaways.
And then I got in touch with Occupy Sandy to coordinate getting these delivered to where they’d make a difference. We bought groceries and other things we thought people could use and packed up my car and headed out. But because of these constraints, we’re by far the most creative and resourceful place on earth.

The biggest problem we found in looking for opportunities to help was the lack of organization. We showed up at a station to help, but nobody had stepped up in those stations to direct the operation. It’s times like these that remind us that people have been working and creatively thinking about restoring this city back to normal.

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