A cherry picker raises workers with Utilicon, a contractor for Riviera Utilities, high up Tuesday, allowing them to replace a burned-out line Tuesday on a power pole that was at the center of a two-hour electricity blackout for about 1,500 customers, including Daphne High school and Spanish Fort's Eastern Shore Centre.
The electrical current, instead of traveling onward down the power line, arced upward to the "ground" line at the top of the pole, he said. Daphne High Principal Don Blanchard said he and other school officials decided it would not be a good idea to send his students home on roads that did not have functioning traffic lights. Power outages left dozens without power in Winnipeg’s Fort Rouge neighbourhood Friday night. During one of the hottest stretches on record this is the map of outages in the Cincinnati Duke Energy service area.
This afternoon areas in Fort Thomas that did have power for most of the day went back out again. Duke Energy has indicated that these outages could be in place until July 2nd - 2 more days of blistering heat without air conditioning can be dangerous. The American Cornhole Organization is hosting a sanctioned tournament next to the Mess Hall during the Independence Celebration at Tower Park on June 30. The event is being put on by the top company in the nation, and will include official boards and bags, judges, and prizes. While I don't think Jay ever set the world on fire with business development it sure sends a message about what the city thinks of supporting anything remotely resembling a business environment with a pulse. For customers that have not filed an income tax return recently, or if their situation has changed since last filing, there are agencies throughout the province that can help with applications. The Ontario Native Welfare Administrators’ Association (ONWAA) is also available to assist First Nations households with applications.

The ground line is a safety feature meant to capture lightning strikes or current that escapes from the power lines when malfunctions occur, Horton said. The nearby substation shut down, cutting off power to the surrounding area, including parts of Lake Forest, Belforest, TimberCreek and Bay Branch, he said. During lunch, he said, the first lunch group was asked to hurry so that the second group could get their food while it was hot. While the US Supreme Court made all the news this week by upholding key provisions of ObamaCare the KY State Supreme Court may be making a ruling with more local significance. The first three tournaments are for the more casual player, with $200 in prizes being awarded between the top three teams (a team consists of two players). This cornhole tournament will become a regular part of the festivities if this first one is a success. Said Judge Stine, "You subjected a juvenile who was less than 18 years old to sexual contact and during that, when that occurred, you were a person in a position of authority or special trust because you were his teacher,"Conners, who plead guilty without a plea deal will be sentenced August 8th and could face up to 5 years in prison. In a bit of a shocking twist last Friday the city eliminated the positions of Jay Treft (Economic Development Director) and Dave Buerger (Recreation Director). The drama program's boosters - Standing Room Only has announced their date for the annual fundraiser "A Taste of the Season" - September 8th. The final tournament, which begins at 6pm, is for the more competitive player, withcash prizes totaling $400 split between the top three teams. As embarrassing as this has been for everyone involved, the way it's played out in the media couldn't have been better for Highlands:The rumors that wafted through the hallways of Highlands that ultimately caused Conners' resignation in early May stayed fairly quiet until her resignation was made public.
Dixie Heights teacher, Sarah Jones' similar case has had more salacious details available, which has cast a shadow over Conners' case.

Superintendent Gene Kirchner, in conjunction with Conners' attorney team, (inadvertently or not) has been been on the same page by attempting to keep all details out for public consumption. No one would think they would do anything differently, but for some reason it seems this sexual case between a teacher and her student has been overlooked.
Anyway, as I look out onto North Fort Thomas Ave, I'm sure my view of downed branches and strewn leaves aren't unique. Perhaps this biggest sigh of relief by Highlands officials happened today, when Conners plead guilty instead of taking her chances in open court - thereby halting any chance of details of her sexual rendezvous with the unnamed Highlands student from coming out.Whatever the case may be, Conners is looking at jail time, Highlands has some mud on its face and internet trolls everywhere will be typing "Andrea Conners, Highlands, Sex Scandal" into their google searches for years to come. Even though the storm seemingly came out of no where, it left in its wake hundreds up people in Fort Thomas without power.Including two Fort Thomas businesses.
After googling that myself, perhaps the most interesting take on this story comes from London.
Not exactly sure why they are covering this story, but when the story first broke in May, the comments were intriguing. I have no empirical data on this whatsoever, but the theme of the comments were that this type of thing happens in the United States a lot more than anywhere else in the world. Thank you and we hope you and your family are doing well through this weather.Mio's Pizza Fort ThomasFriday night, Mio's is now closed. Bummer!Mark- The 5 person FTM crew finally concluded our NKy's Best Pizza Quest last night at Mio's, so be on the lookout for that soon.

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