From weather events to human error, a range of snafus can wreak havoc for millions when they create the massive blackouts that have periodically struck regions around the world. A full moon created an eerie skyline silhouette after New York City went dark during the blackout of November 1965.
Onlookers wait for the newly built cruise ship Norwegian Pearl to leave the Papenburg, Germany, shipyard in November 2006.
A lack of power poses plenty of inherent problems, but massive blackouts can also lead to bad behavior.
On August 15, 2003, a mass of New York commuters crossed the Brooklyn Bridge on foot during a blackout that robbed 50 million people of power for as long as two days in southeastern Canada and the Northeastern United States.
Historic winter storms decimated this electrical tower and other parts of the grid in China's southern Hunan province during February 2008. On November 10, 2009, the power supply dried up at the massive hydroelectric works at the Itaipu Dam and plunged 67 million people into darkness, including these SA?o Paulo pedestrians waiting to cross the street. Fewer than 250 adult Bawean warty pigs are alive todaya€”meaning they're likely an endangered species, a new study says.
Humpbacks and bowheads are benefiting from less ice in polar oceansa€”and for now, at least, more food. This fall, the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church has been engaged in a sermon series, New York Gods, about the idols and false gods we often construct for ourselves. The other thing that the pope’s statement did was establish a holy day in the church, a day in which the church would proclaim with one voice that Christ is Lord of our lives. We know that what happened in Paris and Beirut, and then Mali this week, is not just an affront to the Prince of Peace and the King of Glory whose praises we sing here today. I keep thinking about 1920s Italy, Mussolini’s incredible rise to power, and it seems so strange and touching that the church responded to this… with a position paper. I don’t know how many scientists we have here, but I hope those who are here will permit me to borrow some of their language as we unpack this business about power. So power comes when we push something with a certain amount of oomph (that’s the scientific term) and we do it with a certain amount of speed.
So by this equation, if we want to maximize our power, if we want to be power-full, we want to push hard, and we want to push fast. Barbara Brown Taylor has pointed out that “Jesus is not brought down by atheism and anarchy. The Who is the King of the Jews, not a ruler from on high, but a Palestinian Jew who spent his toddler years as a refugee in Egypt. I am the way, and the world you see around you, churning along dysfunctionally, is not the way the world should be.
Theologian David Lose suggests that we have to look at the action in this scene to get at what’s really going on.
Force x Velocity would be Jesus punching Pilate in the throat and escaping the palace, gathering his followers and taking up arms, staging a surprise guerrilla uprising against Rome. Instead, power looks like a last supper with friends in which Jesus breaks bread and pours wine and says all the things that need to be said. Jesus’ power, Work over Time, is what Eugene Peterson has called a long obedience in the same direction. I’m always interested in what gets passed around social media following a major world event such as the Paris attacks. Forest Man lives on Majuli Island in India, nothing more than a sandbar, really, home to about 150,000 people, but due to terrible erosion, it’s half the size it used to be. Spurred by the dire situation, Payeng transformed himself into a modern day Johnny Appleseed and singlehandedly planted thousands upon thousands of plants, to try to halt the erosion. Payeng’s work has been credited with significantly fortifying the island, while providing a habitat for several endangered animals which have returned to the area; a herd of nearly 100 elephants (which has now given birth to an additional ten), Bengal tigers, and a species of vulture that hasn’t been seen on the island in over 40 years. Imagine a forest that’s larger than Central Park, all planted by one man, living a long obedience in the same direction.
Image: View from the Empire State Building showing the power divide in New York City after Superstorm Sandy in 2012. This entry was posted in Ministry, Spiritual Stuff and tagged courage, refugees, syria, terrorism on Nov 23, 2015 by MaryAnn McKibben Dana. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Grand Central Terminal officials announced Monday morning that all stores within the station are closed because of power issues. A Metropolitan Transportation Authority official revealed to Gothamist that a broken water pipe was the culprit behind the power outage.
The outage hit around 9:30AM, and affected the lower levels of the terminal, as well as causing sporadic power outages on the upper levels. While trains continue to run on time, some ticketing machines are reported to be down. NBC producer Keith Feldman posted on Twitter that passengers can buy tickets onboard the trains without a penalty until the issues are resolved. MacTrast Senior Editor, and self-described "magnificent bastard," Chris Hauk owns Phoenix Rising Services and writes for everyone's favorite "bad movie" website, Big Bad Drive-In.
On Friday morning I took a walk through parts of lower Manhattan to document a bit of the downtown area, where power has been out for several days.
Still, New Yorkers are a tough breed and will bounce back with their determination, humor, and fiercely proud cynical spirit! Oh yeah, New Yorkers will fight this one, like every other obstacle they’ve had to face. The crew from Pittsburgh is shown above, in the midst of staging the operations…after Bernie and I spoke with the crew for  a while, we decided to go over to the Con Edison headquarter lobby, to get warm and maybe say hi to my husband Neil for a minute. The lobby was full of people from the surrounding neighborhood, getting warm, and powering up their phones and computer tablets.
The scene at the corner of Avenue D and 11th Street, where the bus dropped us off, looked a little like a refugee camp. There was a line around the block for a hot meal, and boxes and boxes of diapers were being distributed. Some drawings from that scene below: people were lined up to fill their water buckets and wash vegetables for the family dinner. As we headed over to 14th Street and back up to 1st Avenue, we saw signs of the storm everywhere. This entry was posted Sunday, November 4th, 2012 at 12:32 pmand is filed under Reportage Journals.
Thank you, Veronica, for posting your excellent sketches and detailed commentary about what you observed.
Things are getting slowly back to normal, but for some communities the destruction was irreversible.

Much of the New York City skyline is seen sitting in darkness after superstorm Sandy, on October 30, pictured from Weehawkin, New Jersey. After an explosion at a power station cut off power to Lower Manhattan, photos showed a stark divide in Manhattan between lit-up uptown and downtown blanketed in darkness. There is no running water or flushing toilets for people living in the Jacob Riis Houses and surrounding NYCHA buildings on the Lower East Side. JPMorgan, which sent out more than a dozen hurricane updates to its employees featuring detailed weather maps, kept parts of its 270 Park Ave.
How Many States Does Hillary Have to Lose Before the Mainstream Media Calls It a Losing Streak?
Google’s Hurricane Sandy Crisis Map offers fast access to public shelter information, Sandy storm tracking, public alerts and power outage information on the iPhone, Android and other mobile devices. The new Google Crisis Map is available in for the entire East coast, and as a specific to New York City crisis map. As users deal with slow and spotty cell phone service, it’s good to have a single resource for the most recent information.
When viewing the map on a smartphone, users can tap on the Layers button in the upper left to view more detailed information. When selecting power outages, the map offers links to power company information where users can eventually view estimated repair times and check the status of power outages.
Residents can also tune in to YouTube for live coverage of the Sandy Storm and fallout from the damages.
In a world that's increasingly dependent on constant power, massive electrical outages are a common concern and may strike systems across the globe.Major power disturbances can be triggered by storms, heat waves, solar flares, and many other sources, but all have roots in the mechanical and human vulnerabilities of the power grids themselves. Soon after, on its trip down the River Ems, the ship indirectly caused a two-hour power outage for some 10 million people on the evening of November 4.The German power company E.
A lightning-sparked outage in 1977, which left 9 million New Yorkers without power, lasted only about 24 hours on July 13 and July 14. In Chenzhou, some 4.5 million people were without power for nearly two weeks, thanks to the effects of the worst storms in 50 years. Brazilian energy officials said storms short-circuited several vital transformers, completely cutting off power from the second largest hydroelectric source in the world.About one third of all Brazilians lost power for four hours, including those living in the nation's two largest cities. This little document, nothing more than a pamphlet really, did two primary things: one, it announced to the world that there was only one supreme ruler of the world, and that ruler was not Mussolini, not a political party or fascist ideology.
That day is called Christ the King Sunday, and 90 years later, Mussolini is long gone, but here we are, still singing majestic hymns about Christ the King, still reading scriptures affirming the kingship of Christ.
What happened in those places, and in too many others to mention, is an affront to basic human decency and it must be resisted with every bit of courage we have and fought with every bit of peace-building energy we can ask God to grant us. But to borrow Scott’s language from earlier in this series, this kind of power can whispers false comfort in our ears. There is no opulent palace, royal intrigues and scandals, no power plays, no aristocratic class.
Look at my life, Jesus says, and you will see a template for how the world is supposed to be.
Pilate wavers: he knows what is right…but he also knows what is easy, what is politically expedient. It’s figuring out what our work is and doing it quietly but relentlessly day after day, because Jesus’ kingdom is not of this world, which means it’s just beyond our grasp… but not beyond our imagining. The store is one of the Cupertino-based computer maker’s most heavily trafficked locations.
Power was restored to the main lobby at 11:00AM, although Grand Central officials confirm the stores remain closed. Hurricane Sandy slammed the Northeast coast of the US, creating a massive storm surge that flooded much of the New Jersey coast, Staten Island, parts of Brooklyn and Queens, Hoboken and Jersey City, and lower Manhattan. Manhattanites are so used to think of their island as an impenetrable fortress – this belief cracked in half on September 11, 2001, and now Hurricane Sandy has swept any remaining remnants of that thought out to sea.
Of course, we can’t ever overcome these kinds of things without help from the rest of the country, and we do appreciate that help!
The people of Con Ed (my husband included) have been working 12+ hour shifts, trying to restore service to the hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers who are still without power as of Sunday, Nov 4.
It was getting pretty cold, I can’t imagine how these people would spend the night again without heat.
Trees down, cars left abandoned full of leaves and debris, people throwing their destroyed possessions out on the street. Your text reminds me of the fact that those with the least seem to suffer the most in this kind of situation. Even though journalists keep us informed, I think your drawings were of such richness in making me aware f the situation in NY. The image was gripping, but when the inevitable posts went up declaring that "New York is now divided," I had to laugh. Her work has been published at the Nation, the Christian Science Monitor, Jezebel and the Washington Post. Both format to the iPhone and Android devices, allowing users to check for important information by using the layers option. This is one of the best ways to find hyperlocal information on conditions in New York City and other areas. This is a good way to find support information nearby, especially for users who are not in their neighborhood after evacuating. Keep in mind using the iPhone or Android devices for live video will drain the battery faster than looking up information on a map. The outage's exact cause may be debatable, but the ultimate source of trouble was predictable: India's power structure is often unable to meet peak power demands. But during that time, arsonists torched buildings like these on Marmion Avenue in the Bronx, setting a reported 1,000 fires. All of Paraguay, which shares power from the border dam, also saw suspended service for a short time.
A new prime minister named Benito Mussolini was orchestrating a series of steps to increase his power.
He asks him point blank, “Are you a king?” They have a little back and forth and still Jesus doesn’t answer the question… but then he does, but in a strange way.
Beware of those who claim to know the mind of God and who are prepared to use force, if necessary, to make others conform. It’s a pamphlet proclaiming Christ as King in the wake of a Fascist dictator rising to power.
It’s a very strange sight to see the bustling downtown area locked down and deserted on a Friday morning.

Below is the scene at Union Square, near the headquarters of Con Edison, our utility company. While we were there we heard an announcement that there were free hot waffles to be had on 14th Street – Bernie and I saw the truck as we took the 14th St.
The park where this was going on was right across the street from the Jacob Riis houses, which my father-in-law told me was one of the oldest housing projects in New York. Very glad that Manhattan mostly got their power back by Friday night, but so many people are still without, and a cold front and possible snow are coming to NY later this week. Hurricane Sandy seemingly came out of nowhere, but her effects will be felt for quite a while.
Last Tuesday morning as I drove north out of my town, 35 bucket trucks from Canada were headed south to help.
Sometimes, we don’t have a clear idea of what is happening in different parts of the world, especially when serious things like this are happening. One family I spoke with is packing their bags and moving to Brooklyn until services are restored. Danishes and scones were available near the salad bar, and the bank’s deli had sandwiches with grilled vegetables.
But the dead line quickly increased pressures elsewhere in the German power grid and then sparked a chain reaction across parts of Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Austria, the Netherlands, and Croatia. Looters and rioters also ran rampant and trashed some 1,600 stores during what Mayor Abraham Beame called "a night of terror." When similar outages struck the city in 2003, however, such problems were few and far between. When this photo was taken on February 5, Chinese officials said 11 electricians had already lost their lives while attempting to repair infrastructure.Since that fateful winter, China has improved its abilities to monitor power system status and gather information that operators can use to prevent an initial failure from spreading to a much larger region.
In dynamic developing economies like Brazil, China, and India, the surging demand for power poses a significant challenge for systems that often are simply not up to meeting demand. If my kingdom were from this world, my followers would be fighting to keep me from being handed over to the Jews. He and his National Fascist Party had overthrown the existing prime minister a few years earlier, and he had convinced the legislature to give him dictatorial powers. And I stand here today very aware, one week after Paris, that your city and my city know something, perhaps, of what the people of Paris are experiencing right now. Today it’s the Catholic Bishops and the mainline denominations, and the National Association of Evangelicals speaking with one voice about the plight of Syrian refugees (and when have we ever gotten the evangelicals and the mainliners to agree about anything?!), and they’re saying that we may be scared, and we need to be thoughtful and thorough in our processes, but we cannot close our hearts and doors to those who are vulnerable and literally running for their lives. But the other one I saw a lot this week comes from Rabbi Tarfon, who says, “Do not be daunted by the enormity of the world’s grief. My father-in-law Bernie was with me while I was drawing this, and he wanted to know why everyone was wearing black? Usually you have to keep your wits about you just to avoid being hit by a car, bus, bicycle, or pedestrian texting and walking at the same time. People living in public housing fared worse during the power outage, as most of them did not have friends or relatives living uptown to stay with. From their posture and their expressions, you are showing how they are dealing with the very trying situation. Your coverage is a terrific example of how the pen or pencil can still function while all the technology shuts down. But it did not appear that all residents were evacuating, even as their toilets did not flush.6) I did not witness a single Red Cross Truck or FEMA Vehicle or in lower Manhattan. But the city's cooks, doormen, maintenance men, taxi drivers and maids left their loved ones at home.New census data shows that the city is the most economically divided it has been in a decade, according to the New York Times. A system is designed to tolerate a certain amount of disruption but past a certain point, it's simply gone too far and it falls apart."The "great Northeast blackout," which began when a power surge near Ontario set off a chain of failures across New York State and beyond, covered 80,000 square miles. A faulty or improperly set safety relay at an Ontario power station was blamed for sparking a southbound power surge that overwhelmed systems from Vermont to New Jersey. Critics said the incident showcased the need for more universal electricity distribution policies across Europe. Using both military might and parliamentary maneuvers, Mussolini and the fascists were consolidating their power, demanding absolute allegiance, and systematically destroying their opposition. In these incredible seats of power, we know that while we live in hubs of business and finance and global communication and politics, we are still fragile human beings, flesh and blood and bone, and tears. All told, Pilate moves between his headquarters and the patio not once, not twice, not even three times, but a total of seven times. There was a definite division between the part of Manhattan with power and the part without. The NY Times reported stories of muggings in dark stairwells and people posing as Con Edison workers or police to get into people’s apartments and rob them.
I knew if anyone could portray this event, it would be you, and you went beyond my expectations. As has occurred across the country, the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.
Our prestigious positions, and our advanced degrees, and the majestic buildings in which we live and work and worship, will not ultimately protect us from harm. There are bound to be hundreds of elderly people, rich and poor, who live on the upper floors of buildings with elevators that are now disabled. Twenty-one percent of the city is in poverty, and the median household income decreased by $821 annually. You can see a policeman stationed at the intersection to facilitate cars and pedestrians crossing: all the streetlights below 26th Street were out. For the highest, it was $223,285, up $1,919."Manhattan, the city's wealthiest and most gentrified borough, is an extreme example. Last year the wealthiest 20 percent of Manhattan residents made $391,022 a year on average, according to census data.
The poorest 20 percent made $9,681.I've been on the lucky side of the New York divide my whole life, but as a die-hard city native passionate about injustice, I've seen firsthand evidence of both the steady persistence of this localized income gap and also its steady widening.
Rents, private school tuition and luxury high-rises climb ever upwards, while public schools and public facilities languish and poorer neighborhoods remain decimated by the mortgage crisis aided by our neighbors in the Financial District.
Anyone who grew up in the city and is paying attention can tell you that the problem of income inequality--which helped give birth to Occupy and has been enabled by Mayor Bloomberg--is indeed worse than ever. And as Think Progress reminds us and the evidence from Sandy shows, income inequality makes storms more dangerous.

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