The Bureau of Indian Affairs says it will be performing a scheduled power outage Wednesday night that will affect most of the CRIT valley. All electrical services from about Burns Road south to the boundary of the CRIT reservation. The outage will allow BIA’s Colorado River Agency Branch of Electrical Services to make repairs to some of the main power infrastructure serving the CRIT Reservation. According to the Manataba Messenger, CRIT will be providing services to elderly tribal members, including rooms for those who need it.

This website is owned and operated by KLPZ 1380am, located at 816 W 6th Street, Parker, AZ 85344. Georgia Power crews have successfully restored power to all of the company’s customers in Demorest and Cornelia. 4 minutes in the power went out to the building so I ended up having to give a 400 level technical presentation, complete with code walkthroughs all without notes and verbally describing everything.
Service was interrupted to more than 2,300 customers in Habersham County this morning after equipment failed inside a local control center.

A shelter will be provided in the BlueWater Resort & Casino Mohave Room and will open at 6pm on Wednesday, April 13th until Thursday, April 14th at 11am.
The failure left nearly a third of the utility company’s Habersham County customers in the dark for more than an hour.

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