Power was out in La Mesa most of the night last night (Saturday) from around 11 pm till 510 Sunday morning, and not a word about it? While the rest of the renewable energy industry is struggling to reach a financially sustainable business model that competes against gas-fired power plants, Duke Energy has already demonstrated how pockets of localized intelligence can help with damage control.

We at infiniRel have developed a high-performance signal processing platform that we have originally targeted at solar and wind, however, I feel that a much more urgent application is grid management. The question is who would be incentivized to help advocate the implementation of a solution at APS, Luminant and other generating asset operators?Attorney & California Senior Manager, Clean Energy Lauren Navarro-Treichler is the Senior Manager, Clean Energy Initiative, and Attorney who leads EDF's state smart grid regulatory efforts across the country to green the 100-year old electricity grid.

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