The outage lasted approximately 1 hour 45 minutes before city workers discovered the problem.
Public service reminder: It is important to always call 811, which reaches an underground utility locating service that is local to you, prior to starting a project that involves digging. Alexa Verdugo Morgan began her journalism career in 2009, working for various newspapers, magazines and online publications, including the Mainstreet Business Journal of Southern Utah and Southern Utah Youth Sports Magazine, before joining the STGnews team in October 2011. The communications tools we implemented for Southern Companies Gulf Power and Georgia Power have faced their first major tests in the past couple of months, as severe ice storms battered the southeastern United States. The storm on January 28-29 challenged Gulf Power’s outage map, while the storm that started on February 11 provided an even bigger challenge for Georgia Power’s outage map and alert system. Gulf Power’s outage map was viewed by over 30,000 unique visitors on January 28-29, with Safari, Android, and Chrome being the most popular browsers for accessing the map. The ice storm that began impacting Georgia Power customers on February 12 was “one of the most severe ice and snow storms to reach the state in the last decade,” according to a press release that the Company issued on February 16. Georgia Power’s outage map was an important resource for customers during the storm: between February 12 and February 16, the outage map received nearly 830,000 visits from over 450,000 unique visitors. Georgia Power’s outage map from February 12 shows the large number of outages, as well as the storms, ice, and snow affecting a large area of the Southeast. Georgia Power used the Alert banner on its outage map to provide customers with general updates on restoration progress.
In addition to its outage map, Georgia Power uses the iFactor Notifi alerts and preference management system to provide automated messages to its customers about topics including outages. Georgia Power posted photos of storm damage to Facebook to help customers understand some of the reasons for delayed restoration. Approximately 8,200 Southern Company employees, contractors, and mutual assistance partners supported the restoration. These figures demonstrate both the scope of the storm and one of the particular challenges of restoration after a severe storm: the aftermath of the storm continued to cause outages while Georgia Power was working to restore power.

For both Gulf Power and Georgia Power, these ice storms required sustained coordination of response efforts, involving miles of roads and power lines and thousands of workers and pieces of equipment.
After Cablevision customers in parts of Southern Connecticut endured the outage, the Fairfield Police Department received a flurry of calls on the 911 line meant for emergencies of the more serious kind. SOUTHERN UTAH – Power outages have been reported in parts of Iron and Washington counties Saturday night. The cause of the outage is a transmission disruption which is expected to be fixed by around 8 a.m.
At the Hurricane City Power Clifton Wilson Substation, a gust of 67 mph was measured with gusts over 50 mph for five hours straight. Screenshot of Southern California Edison's interactive power outage map, showing outages that occurred starting Saturday. Southern California Edison will bring ice and water to customers affected by Saturday's unplanned power outage in Covina and West Covina. Yesterday, the Department of Water and Power experienced outages dotting the Los Angeles area due to the heat.
McGrady said she's unsure whether the West Covina outage was sparked by hot temperatures, but it's a possibility when sweltering weather leads to warm nights.
KPCC's Local coverage is a Southern California resource provided by member-supported public radio.
The exact number of customers affected has not been determined, though Energy Services representatives confirmed the outage was concentrated in Dixie Downs. Whether you are a contractor using heavy equipment or a homeowner putting in a new fence, Blue Stakes of Utah or the applicable locator company will mark underground utility lines for free in order to prevent accidents and ensure people stay safe.
The outage maps for both Gulf Power and Georgia Power are provided by the iFactor Storm Center™ product, and Georgia Power’s alert system is provided by the iFactor Notifi® product. In addition, more than half of the visits on Safari were from Gulf Power’s Facebook page, indicating that customers attempting to contact the utility on social media used the outage map to get additional information.

The average visit to the site was less than 2 minutes, which supports the idea that outage maps are one of the fastest ways for customers to get information about power outages.
Between February 10 and February 17, the alert system had about 16,000 new customer registrations, an increase of over 267% from the pre-storm level. By February 15, three days after the start of the storm, Georgia Power had restored 99 percent of the nearly 700,000 total outages. We at iFactor are proud to have been a part of those efforts, and to work with Gulf Power and Georgia Power to continue improving their lines of communication with their customers. George News, having previously contributed as a writer and Interim Editor in 2011-12, and an assistant editor from 2012 to mid-2014. I’d say easily up to 80mph at one point up in Winchester last night, with gusts of 50mph or higher all night. The system sent nearly 8,000 proactive outage messages by SMS, email, and IVR, and it received over 2,400 outage reports via SMS between February 11 and February 13. Rocky Mountain Power does not currently have an estimated time of complete power restoration.
He began writing news as a freelancer in 2009 for Today in Dixie, and joined the writing staff of St. I am a custodian and was cleaning the school and heard buzzing and saw flashes out the window. Approximateely 1.5 million residents from Southern Orange County to Northern Baja are without power.
He is also a shameless nerd and has a bad sense of direction, often telling people go left while he is pointing right.

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