Gasoline futures on Tuesday traded at the highest level since July 2008 after three Texas refineries were idled following a power outage. Sony Corp cut output at five more plants and Toyota Motor delayed restarting assembly lines, as the global supply of parts and products began to feel the full impact of Japan's disaster. Japan's metals and energy sectors were grappling on Monday with power outages and raging fires unleashed by last week's devastating earthquake, but some ports and steel furnaces shut in a protective move reopened.
Electrical power was knocked out on Monday at Newark Liberty International Airport, delaying some flights, due to the local utility upgrading equipment to handle peak summertime power demands, authorities said. Lou Manfredini, host of the syndicated show “House Smarts,” shares a plan for what you need to make sure all systems in your home are a go. Rishi Ghuldu, a pedestrian, speaks to a Toronto police officer while directing traffic during a power outage in Toronto, July 5, 2010.

Survival Medicine Hour: Altitude Sickness, Radiation, Zika, Survival SkillsNurse Amy was asked by Ballistic magazine to pick three survival skills she considers most important from a lengthy list, guess which one she thought would help her most in times of trouble?
Mayor Rob Ford and Councillor Karen Stintz at odds over who was in charge during the ice storm. The Toronto City Council debate to ask the federal and provincial governments to share storm costs with the city sparked heated exchanges between Mayor Rob Ford and some councillors he accused of being missing in action during the 10-day crisis. The biggest clash was between Ford and Councillor Karen Stintz, the TTC chair who is running to unseat Ford in this year’s elections.
The police officer told Ghuldu to stop directing traffic as motorists should treat the intersection as a four-way stop.
Not sure about the number count on how many of you I duped with yesterday’s April Fools Day joke, but it was, of course, 110% untrue.

I was here for 10 days, leading the charge and I sacrificed my holidays and I’m very proud of the job I did. Although boils (also called “furuncles“) refer to skin and subcutaneous tissues, you can get an abscess in just about any organ.
Thomas has been getting so many requests for the Cold Steel Finn Wolf that we need to push that review up even though we have a number of other knives queued up to be reviewed.

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