While growing up, it was always a special surprise if we got to have something other than oatmeal or cold cereal for breakfast.
While I have the recipes written out just as I make them everyday, understand that I also have the necessities to make them out of shelf-stable products too, such as preserved cheese, bottled butter, canned, crumbled hot sausage, powdered sour cream and powdered buttermilk, etc.
I hope that these can become a favorite in your home as well and can add some “spice” to your pantry repertoire.
Warm the butter, buttermilk, and sugar in a saucepan on medium-high heat until it comes to a boil.
This can be served on the French Toast breakfast casserole or on regular pancakes and waffles. I agree with Marie, thanks for the recipes, and the fact that they're breakfast recipes makes it all the better.
Please note that the name you use in the "Name" field above will be the name displayed on your comment. Did you do this just so you could model a fire extinguisher, or is it really Emergency Preparedness Month? I’m not sure about the novel writing designation, but I can assure you in Wombania it is National Emergengy Preparedness Month.
Screaming is not an required part of emergency training, however for some individuals it helps lower stress.
You know, as I sit down to write my 500th article about preparedness, I stop and look at the recent entries and realize that it’s been a LONG time since I got back to the beginning, to the core of the most basic foundation of self-reliance. Some might be surprised to hear that my idea of preparedness doesn’t even acknowledge the word “emergency.” Instead, I look at preparedness as a state of independence and effort to be independent of providing for myself, my family, and those others I love in the event we’re in the path of one of Life’s Curveballs.
Independence—being able to rely on one’s own resources rather than grovel at the mercy and circumstances of others. Perhaps it’s a mental or emotional coping system that causes us to hope that honor will direct the actions of the persons who are responsible for stabilizing our nation’s currency.
Heart disease and cancer are no longer the most common killers of this nation; medical malpractice is. How many have become homeless through no financial dereliction of their own—instead becoming punching bags for greed-filled corporate executives or a justice system that fell asleep at the wheel?
We’ve seen firsthand that the sun doesn’t always shine like we need it, and the heavens don’t always open as we need them in order for abundant and healthy crops to grow.
How many of us have had our financial security compromised because someone in authority paid little or no regard to the sanctity of our privacy and safety? Have we not seen that even the most rehearsed and seasoned of aid-workers are no match for the wrath of Mother Nature or a determined enemy of our nation? Ask any parent who’s witnessed their child suffer inexplicably as the result of an “approved vaccination” or an errant prescription whether they will remain silent and apathetic with the advice of medical officials again?
Even our nation’s military is not beyond reproach; periodically manifesting that despite best efforts, some will fail to uphold their honor and remain true to their responsibility.
While it may seem daunting to even begin to think of how one can protect him or  herself from all of these vulnerabilities, experience has taught me that there is much that an individual can do to ensure they always have a “Plan B.”  While I believe that each of these instances might give cause for fear and concern in some, I have to say that to me they are teaching moments.
What lies around the corner that has the potential to threaten the solidarity of our family? The list of circumstances is agonizing to consider but so compelling to understand that "stuff happens".
Teresa - the most important thing to remember is that the family is the most important thing.
For those of us who have friends and acquaintances in circumstances similar to Teresa's, this is a mighty wake up call to look for ways to serve and share.
Well written Kelleen, the only thing I would add is that even though we don't all have the same religious, political beliefs, economic back grounds.
Some of you may be completely  unaware of what is meant when the phrase "dust bowl" is used. Anyway, since I've volunteered to cook a nice dinner for 70 people tonight for the Blue and Gold Banquet (I wanted a test run to see if I could cook for that many people without going crazy--practice makes perfect, after all) I simply don't have time to write a stellar article. Most Americans have never even heard of the Ogallala Aquifer, but the truth is that it is one of the most important bodies of water on the globe.  It covers well over 100,000 square miles and it sits underneath the states of Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming and South Dakota. Water drawn from the Ogallala Aquifer is used to water more than 15 million acres of crops.  Without this source of water, the United States would not be the breadbasket of the world.
The following are 20 signs that dust bowl conditions will soon return to the heartland of America….

It has been said that “water is the new gold”, and unfortunately we are getting close to a time when that may actually be true. We can’t grow our food in a pile of dust.  Unfortunately, many areas of the heartland of America are slowly but surely heading in that direction. History tells us that it is only a matter of time before dust bowl conditions return to the central United States.  We have used irrigation and other technologies to delay the inevitable, but in the end it cannot be stopped.
Let us hope that the return of dust bowl conditions can be put off for as long as possible, but let us also prepare diligently for the worst. Hi Kelene, Just a note, I have a book "We Had everything But Money"(Reminisce Books) about the Great Depression and the personal stories written by those who experienced it or heard stories passed on by relatives.. What do you think about the clear 55 to 100 gallon bags to use at the last minute that fit in your bathtub, in addition to pre-filled containers? Water bobs are another tool, however, I wouldn't rely on them exclusively as their or inherent vulnerabilities and assumptions made in using them solely. So last weekend our project was to get our 55 gallon barrels onto a rack system that allows us to store 3 barrels up and 2 barrels end to end. If water needed to be changed out every 6 months I am sure water bottles would have a 6 month expiration date!. OK, it is scary info that yu have brought to us, Kellene; So what do yu suggest that we can do to survive these cdonditions? If you want to see what Kellene preaches on preparedness look at the bottom of the page and click on any one of the links under Category and the links to the 10 steps of preparedness. Dennis, you pray for those scientists to find good solutions - I'll be praying right along with you! These seem to be used syrup barrels, Give them a good wash and sanitize and they seem fine. I did a 2 year water test on a couple of soda botteles in storage and the water tasted fine if a bit flat.
Good news in a way, with the extra barrel I secure my own drinking water and I'll be able to provide my non-prepping family members with about a week of water each. Softer cheeses I store in the freezer and plan to simply make my way through them in a power outage. That's one of the reason I give these recipes to you with confidence that they can improve your pantry pallet.
Those are simply activities that in which someone might be engaged as a result of their convictions of preparedness. They teach me where I may be too complacent, or too naive in my expectations of organizations and even humans with the best of intentions. As a quick tutorial, the dust bowl was a devastating time in the history of our nation in which we had burdensome drought conditions coupled by extreme high temperatures, destructive winds, and harsh erosion in the 1930's.
However, given the nature of Monday's article I felt that this one that has been posted in news media all over merited attention. Geological Survey, since 1940 “a volume equivalent to two-thirds of the water in Lake Erie” has been permanently lost from the Ogallala Aquifer.
The average annual depletion rate between 2000 and 2007 was more than twice that during the previous fifty years. Jacques and her colleagues have been studying tree ring data and, at the American Association for the Advancement of Science conference in Vancouver over the weekend, she explained the reality of droughts. Heck you can order them over the internet for $65-75.00 not counting shipping from several places.
We only have a Tractor supply in our small town and no access to the large type of barrels you suggest. They insist that water should be changed every six months even if stored in a water approved container. But I may be exceptional due to my situation, my Woundcare Specialist has told me to stay off my foot.
She might be wrong but at worse you have a bit more watered stored and it won't spoil and you are ready for a camping trip or tailgait party. Every once in a while my single mother of 5 would surprise us with a special homemade breakfast dish that we would gobble up before the first episode of Abbott and Costello was over. Ironically the quiche is one of my favorites that my sister introduced at one of her typically fabulous parties.  Yet I remember it as if I grew up on it.
Whisk together 2 cups flour, baking powder, and salt; add alternately with the milk to the creamed mixture, beating well after each addition.

Once you’ve got the chocolate safely procured it’s time to Run Away, Run Away!!! But when we find ourselves watching the months and then the years go by without finding gainful employment after unexpectedly being ousted from a job of 20 years, the feelings of despair color our lives in a very real sense; yet would anyone call this scenario an “emergency?”  As the victims of corporate tom-foolery, the unemployed person may find himself numbingly working his way through the third garage sale in a month, ridding himself of all that he’s held dear just to keep a roof over his family's head and food on the table, does anyone label this mournful moment an “emergency?” And yet, these are the very type of real-life circumstances for which I believe we should all try to be prepared. Likewise, do we not somewhat blindly rely on our employers to wisely spend, invest, and direct the company for which we work so that we can meet our own financial obligations?
As such they indicate to me that there is room for my proactive self-reliant approach to help ensure that no guilt, regret, “shoulda, woulda, shoulda” clouds my life.  As such, it’s my intent to prepare for the worst as best that I can—now, in a time of relative comfort and peace—and pray for the best. It is really hard to remember, when you up to your butt in aligators, the idea was to just drain the swamp.
Keep with it it will be nasty, tough but I hope you will come out of this fire stronger and better. This onslaught of dust affected the majority of the nation in one way or another because this dust bowl weather pattern sorely taxed already struggling farmers as a result of economic breakdowns endured during this time as well.
I have read this article all over the place and can't seem to locate it's original author, nor have I seen anything to give proper copyright credits to it. The depletion is most severe in the southern portion of the aquifer, especially in Texas, where the water table beneath sizeable areas has dropped 100-150 feet; in smaller pockets, it has dropped more than 150 feet. Also, so long as you don't fill them up all the way, you can keep the 55 gallon drums outside without worrying about them. It seems to me this is a waste and if the container is water approved then it should not leach any harmful chemicals. Pliers or channel lock tools will open the lids until you get a dedicated opener and having a few smaller 3-5 gallon jugs to transfer water too and they are easy to move and use. I also use a really thick version of Shirley J’s Universal sauce in lieu of cream cheese in some of my favorite dishes.
Dust bowl means that crops fail, cattle die, and farmers lose their land to banks because they are unable to keep up on their payments.  The harsh weather conditions lasted from 1933 to 1940. So, if you are the author and if this article is protected by copyrights, I apologize and would certainly love to give credit where credit is due. But a little bleach, iodine, water filters and the ability to boil water can go a long way for a sustainable water supply. Somehow it’s been my little sister (“Sissy”) who’s dramatically influenced and improved my cooking over the years. Cook 15 minutes at 400 degrees, then reduce heat to 325 degrees and cook for 30-35 more minutes. We complacently expect the value of our home to keep pace with the rising prices so that we can relocate if need be.
I give them a good wash with a bit of dish soap, then a bit of bleach or safe sanitizer, a quart of Lemon juice and a gollon or water to kill any lingering syrup smells and let it air a bit and they seem fine.
Also, due to the timesaving convenience, a food processor is the ONE item that I will definitely be using my 12-volt deep cycle battery to operate in the event of prolonged electricity outage.  So I don’t hesitate to include such recipes in my bag of tricks. We would rarely think to second-guess the emergency room doctor’s care—it’s just got to be accurate. There are some "claims" made in the article that might make you uncomfortable at first blush, but I can tell you from experience, if you were to search such claims you'll find a bounty of verification available to you from reliable sources. Also, I have to admit, the quiche and the coffee cake taste even better when made in the solar oven. We are at the mercy of the faithful preparations our nation’s military has undergone that we might be protected from enemies, foreign and domestic.  We expect privacy and security in our homes and the lives of our family. You can imagine what kind of economic impact such devastation brought to the rest of the nation. Some people can't imagine the fights that are hard to avoid when resources run out, and that between two people who love each other and are committed to the future! And we trust that the food we purchase from the store is of reasonable quality at a reasonable cost.  And yet in all of these instances are we not truly vulnerable? Sometimes when there is this much frustration and stress we strike out at the people we love the most. The best advice I can give is pray to God to put his arm around your shoulder and His hand over your mouth.

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