From 25-26 February 2016, the project Cross-Border Samaritan Flood Preparedness conducted the first of its two concluding exercises and put the working results to the test. At their meeting in Krakow, which took place from 20-23 September 2015, the project group learned about the involvement of volunteers in flood relief in Poland and finalised the process chain for cross-border Samaritan support. From 9th to 11th February, the 8 Samaritan organisations involved in the project Cross-Border Samaritan Flood Preparedness met in Prague to continue work on their process chain and alert mechanism.
A report released by both agencies in 2013, California’s Flood Future, provided the first look at statewide exposure to flood risk, while identifying and addressing the barriers to improved flood management.
Posted on October 21, 2014 with tags california, Flood Preparedness, flooding, News, Sacramento District, USACE. The Coastal Engineering Research Board (CERB) held a public meeting in San Francisco, California, Sept. In a Change of Command ceremony yesterday at Faneuil Hall in Boston, Mass., District Commander Col.

USACE instructors are coming in from Omaha and New Orleans to provide information on nonstructural flood proofing. Currently the City of Montpelier is one of three communities in the state of Vermont and the only community in Central Vermont participating in CRS.  Montpelier is a Class 9 CRS Community and NFIP policyholders receive a 5% discount on their premiums. Under this series, the CRS will credit local activities that advise people about the flood hazard, flood insurance, and flood protection measures.  The activities can be directed toward floodplain residents, property owners, insurance agents, real estate attends, and others. Under this series, the CRS will credit communities that enact and enforce the regulations exceeding the NFIP’s minimum standards.
Under this series, the CRS will credit communities that recognize the importance of effective flood warning and response in a comprehensive floodplain management program.
Model Ordinance 4 includes a summary table outlining the activities prohibited in the floodplain (Table 1). Army Corps of Engineers Sacramento District and the state of California’s Department of Water Resources are promoting California Flood Preparedness Week, October 20-25, by releasing two video products to improve Californians’ awareness and preparedness for flooding.

A third video, focused on Coastal California, is being completed and will be made available later in October.
Information for this comprehensive report was received from 142 agencies throughout California. Implemented in 1990, the National Flood Insurance Program’s (NFIP) Community Rating System (CRS) is a voluntary program for recognizing and encouraging community floodplain management activities that exceed the minimum NFIP standards to reduce flood losses, facilitate accurate insurance ratings and promote the awareness of flood insurance. If Model Ordinance 4 is implemented, then CRS credits are potentially available for freeboard, cumulative substantial improvements, protection for critical facilities, protection of floodplain storage capacity, natural and beneficial functions, enclosure limits, other higher standards, land development criteria, special hazards regulations, staffing, and manufactured home parks.
One of the seven recommendations included in the report is to “increase public and policymaker awareness about flood risks to facilitate informed decisions” and these videos aim to achieve that goal.

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