The potential of a pandemic outbreak of the H5N1 Influenza Virus is real, but there are many other viruses and organisms that may initiate a chain of events leading to the next pandemic.
With full-time state and international public health experience as well as extensive state government school safety emergency preparedness experience, Dr. Let None Learn in Fear – Developing a Prevention and Mitigation Plan in Accordance with the U.S. Seismologists predict it will be the worst natural disaster in North American history, and the federal government estimates it could contribute to 13,000 deaths and 27,000 injuries.
Give us a call today to discuss your business continuity needs or to find out how to make your workplace as safe as possible. Emergency preparedness and response - public health agency, Emergency preparedness and response food safety.
Emergency Preparedness and Response Program Los Angeles County Department of Public Health 600 S. Disaster Preparedness Program * * * Back up to conventional (“land line”) telephone were not up to date Administrators not always familiar with plans Nursing Homes. Disaster Preparedness including AHCA’s Nursing Home Incident Command System that can work in conjunction with your emergency preparedness plan, and.

Ever since Hurricane Katrina hit, nursing homes and care facilities have been working to improve their disaster preparedness and response plans.. Disaster Preparedness for Long-Term Care Facilities Katrina of 2005 affected 120 of 300 nursing homes in the DISASTER PLANS Disaster plans should be reviewed every. Nursing Homes Disaster Preparedness Plans Show Gaps Senior safety during natural disasters is a topic we’ve blogged about before. Sony Shepherd has considerable experience in helping school and public health officials develop robust pandemic flu and biological incident plans.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today released one of the most comprehensive analyses to date on the economic, health and environmental benefits to the United States of global climate action. The department also reviews and tests departmental emergency plans to ensure city departments are ready to fulfill their respective emergency missions. Tornado, hurricane or flood, nursing homes are woefully unprepared to protect frail residents in a. The report, Nursing Home Emergency Preparedness and Response 20 facilities’ emergency preparedness plans. Emergency Preparedness Training and Exercise Guide for Nursing Homes on gaps in nursing home emergency preparedness.

Together we will ensure the most effective response and recovery in the event of a critical incident.
Big gaps found in nursing homes' disaster plans Big gaps found in plan is a basic requirement for disaster preparedness. It's crucial for everyone in the home to know what to do, where to go and how to get there in an emergency. Shepherd worked in the School Safety Project of the Georgia Emergency Management Agency – Office of the Governor, as the State Anti-terrorism Planner for the Terrorism Division of the Georgia Office of Homeland Security, as the State Bioterrorism Exercise Coordinator for the Georgia Division of Public Health and as a Planner for the Centers for Disease Control.  While at the CDC, Dr. Shepherd served as an Incident Support Specialist on the CDC’s Incident Response Team, which can deploy to any corner of the world via a special jet in a matter of hours.

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