As the end of summer and beginning of fall rapidly approaches, storms on the east coast are gearing up and can cause havoc on everyone, especially those who have chosen mobile home living as their dwelling. To properly prepare for a severe storm, tornado, or hurricane, mobile home living residents must take the proper steps to secure their home and know what to do when a storm hits.
If you are pouring a concrete slab around the home or as the foundation, a concrete anchor may be installed first. Once you have the anchor set and have applied the straps to the home, adjust the straps to maximize security. With a little preparation and hard work, mobile home living does not mean total loss during a storm as it once did. The Clever Survivalist Blog is a survival guide devoted to teaching strategies on self-reliance, to seed survival and critical thinking skills in everyone. I can bet a pretty large sum, that all the people that were hurt or killed were not in storm shelters. I have spent many years learning wilderness survival, military survival, and urban survival.
F4 Tornado in Moore, Oklahoma with winds up to 200 miles per hour devastate Oklahoma City area.
This week we have seen the incredible power of tornadoes as a string of the powerful storms cut their way across the Midwest. Tornadoes are almost unheard of anywhere west of the Rockies (although one person was killed by a tornado in Salt Lake City in 1999).
Fourth, if you are caught out in the open and a tornado is approaching, try to find a house with a basement.
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Today's storms, including tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and winter storms, are getting bigger and increasing in frequency.
As the recent damage from tornadoes in Oklahoma attests, when a storm strikes your family may not be able to walk away from the wreckage with many helpful items. What to put in your disaster kit depends on your local weather patterns and the members of your household. It’s a good idea to include a satellite phone and a radio in your kit, so that you can be sure of both contacting disaster relief authorities and of hearing updates on the situation, even if power lines or phone lines are down. Other useful items to put in the kit include: water or a water filtration device, a first-aid kit, a knife, blankets, a mirror for signaling emergency crews, foods that require no preparation and have a long shelf life, flashlights, extra batteries and a striker or other fire starter. Some of the children and teachers who survived the Moore, Oklahoma, tornado at school took refuge in the bathrooms, where sturdy walls protected them and a source of water could be relied on if they had to wait for rescue. You and your household should have a clear emergency plan for each of the types of natural disasters occurring in your region, and each plan should designate a series of the best shelters.
Should you live in an area that is often subject to extreme weather, it’s a good idea to rehearse as a neighborhood. Fluttershy is a female Pegasus pony and one of the main characters of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.
Lauren Faust was inspired to create Fluttershy by her childhood toy G1 Earth pony Posey.[5] Fluttershy's initial design, published online by Faust, refers to her as "Posey" as well. Fluttershy's name is shared by a previous generation Earth pony, who is a photography enthusiast.
Upon seeing the animals and the greenery for the first time, Fluttershy becomes overwhelmed by the beauty of it all and starts singing. Throughout the episode, Fluttershy silently endures the attention she receives from her fans.
Fluttershy states in Dragonshy that dragons scare her, though she explains the exception of Spike on account of him not being grown-up. Gilda reduces Fluttershy to tears in Griffon the Brush Off when the griffon roars in her face. In The Return of Harmony Part 1, she is the only pony who isn't easily affected by Discord's manipulation, prompting him to forcefully hypnotize her into her polar opposite (in her case, cruelty). In Filli Vanilli, when she sings for Big McIntosh in the Pony Tones, she accepts request after request for the Pony Tones to sing so she doesn't disappoint anyone.
In It Ain't Easy Being Breezies, when she comes to care for a group of Breezies, Fluttershy learns to set aside her kindness and do what has to be done for the sake of everyone involved. In Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?, Fluttershy once again takes the form of Flutterbat in Ponyville's shared dream to help Princess Luna defeat the Tantabus. In The Best Night Ever, Fluttershy slowly becomes frustrated when the animals living in the Canterlot castle gardens avoid her. Fluttershy becomes angry when reminded that Discord will win if she is not able to catch Rainbow Dash in The Return of Harmony Part 2 (referring to Discord as a "big dumb meanie"). In Putting Your Hoof Down, Fluttershy is too much of a "doormat", where a pony can easily take advantage of the situation to their own benefit. Fluttershy gives Twilight a threatening warning if anything happens to her animal friends during a magic trick in Magic Duel. In It Ain't Easy Being Breezies, she becomes angry at the bees for trying to hurt Seabreeze after her attempts at kindness don't work on them. Despite being a Pegasus, Fluttershy does not usually help with the weather and does not use her wings as much as the other winged ponies. If you are not prepared, your home as well as your physical safety are at risk from hail, heavy rain and flooding, and lightning strikes. Large amounts of rainfall in a relatively short time and for those living on the coast can result in excessive flooding.

Warning signs include: dark, often greenish sky, large hail, large, dark, low lying clouds (sometimes rotating), and a loud roar.
According to the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at the University of Georgia, for homes that are ten, twelve, or fourteen feet wide, both types of straps are needed. By taking necessary precautions such as having a plan, evacuating when necessary, and strengthening your home, you can often reduce the damage that may occur.
I live in Metro Detroit, and if you saw on the news over the last couple of days, we are learning the hard way that flood insurance is also very helpful to have. Our hometown and the town beside of it was practically destroyed and lots of people didn’t know flood insurance was separate.
One of the storms killed a man in Shawnee, Oklahoma while another in Wichita registered as an F1. It might sound simple, but just knowing if you are in tornado country can help you prepare.
They mainly strike the midwestern and southeastern sections of the United States where warm air from the Gulf and cold air from Canada collide to cause instability in the atmosphere.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Every household needs to be prepared for conditions like extended power outages and downed cellular networks.
If you are in a place prone to flooding, for example, you’ll want to make sure that you include rain gear, life vests for children, and maybe even an inflatable raft.
Your household should rehearse the steps necessary in case of a disaster to make sure that everyone remembers their own part in it.
She lives in a small cottage near the Everfree Forest and takes care of animals, the most prominent of her charges being Angel the bunny. Her cutie mark, three pink and cyan butterflies, is similar to that of the G2 pony Sky Skimmer. The guidebook The Art of Equestria reveals some of the other names Lauren Faust considered giving her, including "Summer Azure (Summer for short)", "Spring Blossoms", "Petalwing" and "Meadowbrook",[6] the last of which is the same as that of a G3 Earth pony and—after Faust's departure from the show—was eventually given to a unicorn mentioned in the season five premiere episodes The Cutie Map - Part 1 and The Cutie Map - Part 2.
A few moments later, Rainbow Dash's sonic rainboom startles the animals and scares them into hiding. Though unhappy with her stressful and disquieting status as Photo Finish's model, she willingly accepts her fate so as to grant Rarity's wishes for Fluttershy not to fail Photo Finish. Because of this, she hesitates to continue forward when she and the others embark on an expedition to deal with a sleeping dragon in the aforementioned episode, relying heavily on her friends' encouragement. Afraid to be in the same room as Gilda during Pinkie Pie's party, Fluttershy attempts to voice her discomfort to Pinkie, who obliviously waves off her distress. Fluttershy pointedly refuses to watch the Dragon Migration with her friends, despite Twilight's coaxing.
In this state, she appears to take pleasure in causing others grief and distress, such as trampling the flowers in front of the library, dumping water on Twilight Sparkle and Spike and snatching the Elements of Harmony from Twilight. Most of the time, Fluttershy can withstand almost anything that will make other ponies explode in anger. Instead of continuing her kind and calm ways to earn the animal's trust, she decides to make them love her by setting animal traps, hoping to trap them in a cage.
This is one instance where Fluttershy doesn't explode in anger but expresses her anger in words. For example, if a pony purposely cuts Fluttershy, she apologizes, saying that the pony can go first. In Keep Calm and Flutter On, she angrily renounces her friendship with Discord when he abuses it. As shown in Dragonshy, she is also scared of heights, which is ironic in that Pegasi live in the clouds most of their lives. For double wide mobile or manufactured homes that are larger than fourteen feet, only the frame ties are needed.
The depth is determined by how saturated the ground is prone to be and to the possibility of flooding. The inspector has the proper education and experience to ensure your home is as safe possible. There you can find more information on emergency kits, dangers, and signs of impending store. Interestingly, the United States has by far the most tornado activity of any country in the world.
By preparing a disaster kit that includes a satellite phone, choosing a place to take shelter and rehearsing disaster plans with the family, today's households can stay safe in hazardous weather conditions and cope with the aftermath. Kids will be understandably frightened by a storm and sometimes bored by the long periods of inactivity without electricity, so keep a few toys, books or board games on hand to help relieve their stress.
It’s important to discuss this with the whole family, so that you move in concert when disaster strikes.
Your emergency plan for floods should include driving instructions including alternative routes in case roads are blocked. Conduct practice runs including locating the disaster kit and seeking shelter until everyone is comfortable with the routine. Fluttershy earns her cutie mark after comforting the animals and realizing her ability to talk through to them, identifying her special connection with animals. In the end, Fluttershy finds the courage to speak to the dragon when it begins harassing her friends, going so far as to raise her voice in anger and stand on its nose to look it in the eye as she lectures it. It culminates in Fluttershy pushing past Rainbow Dash and jumping out the window, fleeing the scene before any of them could follow her.

When Twilight Sparkle sets out to reverse Discord's effect on her friends using a "memory spell", Twilight and Applejack are forced to hogtie her and pin her to the floor, with Applejack standing on her tail to prevent her from flying away. She gains fangs, bat wings, red eyes and bat-like ears, and her cutie mark changes into three pink bats.
Eventually, the shy Pegasus explodes, yelling and screaming, wanting the animals to love her. Pinkie Pie and Rarity say that Fluttershy should stand up for herself so that she isn't pushed around. The greater the chance of ground saturation and flooding, the deeper the anchor needs to be buried. She is a contributing writer for two web sites, Mobile and Manufactured Home Living and Women Move the Soul and is the founder of It’s Who I Am Magazine, which is currently being restructured and reorganized.
The two of them meet weekly at Ponyville's day spa to converse and spend time together as something they have in common. However, she immediately becomes enthusiastic when she sees Spike, imploring the baby dragon to hold a conversation with her, which he ends up doing, and follows him and Twilight all the way to the library. In Stare Master, she tames a wild cockatrice in a similar manner, becoming angry with it when it scares the Cutie Mark Crusaders; however, in this instance, the Stare is employed. Twilight then forcibly brings Fluttershy out to give Princess Luna a lesson in how to speak softly, with the Princess's "Royal Canterlot Voice" terrifying her.
After some insistence from Rainbow Dash, she reveals that she is afraid of humiliating herself by performing badly as a flyer in front of all the other Pegasi. She later reveals to Twilight Sparkle that she did not know about the thorn, but she shows consideration to the fierce Manticore regardless.
Upon returning to normal, a horrified Fluttershy initially believes her corrupted state to be a horrible dream. While at first reluctant to even talk due to the embarrassment of her situation, Pinkie Pie finally brings out Fluttershy to sing the Evil Enchantress song. However, after a few performances, she gets too into her new role and blows her own cover in public; the reaction overwhelms Fluttershy and pushes her into hiding, and she takes an herbal bath to return her voice to normal. Flutterbat easily outmaneuvers the rest of her friends in the air, while at the same time sucking the juice out of apples and spitting out their seeds. After receiving motivational advice from Iron Will, a manly minotaur that helps ponies like Fluttershy, she becomes progressively more violent and aggressive, to the point of reducing Pinkie Pie and Rarity to tears with her insults. Her power is based around anger, which didn't manifest until the climax of the episode, when she loses her temper after witnessing a firefly being smacked away by the Mane-iac, causing her to take the form of a huge muscular monster. As water collects in the soil, the soil loosens, which results in the anchor’s ability to move. After taking some time off, she is returning to school to get her Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. As a filly, she was a weak flier and was harassed by the same Pegasi who were jeering at Rainbow Dash in Sonic Rainboom, and they nicknamed her "Klutzershy". Rarity likes the full treatment while Fluttershy is more reserved, such as meekly declining a pony-pedi and having a mud mask applied lightly to her cheeks only while Rarity fully has the mask applied to her face along with cucumbers placed over her eyes.
Her shy nature contrasts with Rainbow Dash's abrasiveness, most notably in Dragonshy, and to a lesser extent in Sonic Rainboom. She becomes even more discouraged after the anemometer (wing power gauging machine) gives her wing-power as only 0.5.
This kind act entitles her to being the wielder of the element of kindness, as well as reveals her faithful and considerate handling of all types of animals.
She ultimately accepts becoming a part of the Pony Tones quintet as herself, only agreeing to take "baby steps" toward larger audiences.
She was taller and ganglier than most other foals, similarly to "Pearly Whites", and had slightly larger wings. After getting the attention of Photo Finish with one of her hats, Rarity's desire to increase her fame as a fashion designer causes her to ask for Fluttershy's help as a model for her presentation, saying that her graceful personality would bolster her success at impressing Photo Finish.
In season one, Fluttershy's inability to speak up often annoys Rainbow Dash, and Rainbow expresses her aggravation more than once. Her animals' motivation causes her to engage in a period of training and exercise, but her second attempt only puts her at 2.3, further diminishing her hopes for improvement.
After humbling the dragon in Dragonshy and making it cry, she immediately consoles it and advises it to look for a more suitable place to sleep, successfully driving it away. When not writing, she can be found sipping a cup of coffee, listening to Lady Gaga, or enjoying the beach. Hesitant at first, Fluttershy ultimately agrees to model for Rarity after plenty of begging on the latter's part. One instance is when Fluttershy cheers as loudly as she can for Rainbow Dash at the beginning of Sonic Rainboom, yet much to the latter's exasperation, can't manage more than a whisper. Season two shows them having grown closer to each other as friends despite their differences. In the end, Twilight convinces her to help when the other Pegasi's wingpower proves not to be enough to create the tornado.
This caused the participants to unintentionally knock Fluttershy off the clouds and fall toward the ground, a place she had never been to or seen before. She is then entitled to becoming Photo Finish's next star to promote, and participates rather unwillingly in various photo shoots and fashion shows in the next few scenes.
With a sudden burst of determination, she manages to surpass all the other Pegasi in flying speed, completing the 800 wingpower minimum to create the tornado and resulting in the water successfully reaching Cloudsdale.

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