I’m not sure if you have noticed, but central Texas has been on fire for most of the summer. It is weird seeing a natural disaster get so close to home compared to watching the hurricanes and floods across the nation on TV. After a quick stint in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Tim moved to Austin, Texas at the ripe age of one. Floods are the most common weather-based disaster across the United States, but few people think that it might happen to them. If you live in an area where there are dry or drought conditions, you may be susceptible to wildfires.
Most injuries and deaths surrounding earthquakes are the result of collapsing buildings and walls, as well as falling glass and objects.
While there are a vast variety of dangers, they can all have their effects reduced on you and your life by being prepared for what might happen. Public Safety NewsBill seeks to halt gun carry permits for former officers with DUIsBy Erik Schelzig Associated Press NASHVILLE, Tenn. Deep in the basement of Boelter Hall, on a 40-foot by 60-foot floor, five feet thick, UCLA scientists are simulating the effects of earthquakes on specific buildings – from low-level shaking all the way up to the “Big One.” Their goal?
Adults, children, infants – click for instructions on building disaster kits for the whole family. Fortuitously timed population data – combined with good old-fashioned sleuthing and the latest technology – are giving UCLA researchers a better look at what’s happening to Indonesians since the 2004 tsunami than after any disaster in scientific literature. He dreamt of being the “father of emergency medicine,” and of helping “in the development of the emergency medical system in Kenya and within the sub-Saharan region.” To learn how, Dr.

Lost Pines, which is part of Bastrop State Park (and mostly for the Boyscouts) is rumored to be completely gone. A few houses were burned down in an upper-middle class suburban neighborhood, luckily the firefighters were able to save 300 of those homes. Because it is National Preparedness month, it might be worth thinking about what your solutions are for natural disasters. Flooding can occur from a wide variety of sources, some of which may be unexpected, such as broken damns, hurricanes, major rainstorms, and even rapid snow melt. Additionally, lightning strikes and other flammable mishaps may cause your home to catch fire. If you anticipate you make be susceptible for an earthquake, make sure your house meets the seismic code and is tightly tied to the foundation, and make sure to secure water heaters and fuel tanks. Barbeques across the state have been wrapped in caution tape, soccer moms would yell at you for lighting a cigarette and a constant smokestack billowed from the horizon, but finally it seems the fires are dying down. Often natural disasters occur without warning, and therefore don’t leave a lot of time to react. Floods don’t even need to be massive to be destructive, as even a few inches of flood water can cause lasting damage to your home and property. While it is always in your best interest to evacuate your home until the fire has been put out, here are a few ways to help prevent your home from catching fire in the first place: build your home or replace materials with nonflammable ones, such as a noncombustible roof. If a earthquake does strike, stay away from glass, outside walls and doors, and anything that could potentially fall. Almost everyone I grew up with has had some moment of their life at this place and some areas of the park are said to never recover from the fire.

The best way to insure the safety of you and your family is by preparing beforehand, so that if something terrible does occur you’ll be ready for it. If you have a basement, consider waterproofing it as this can help prevent damage to the building’s foundation. There were planes, helicopters and over 3 different county fire departments fighting the blaze. As it would be expected, not every natural disaster is the same and each requires their own kind of preparation.
If flooding does occur inside the house make sure to raise all electronics raised above the ground, as well as large appliances like your washer, drier, and furnace. Remove any tree limbs that may hang over your roof, as high winds might knock a flaming tree branch into your home. Below are a few possible disasters that could happen and a few ways to prepare yourself in case they occur. Only drive on officially specified roads and never cross a flooded area, as fast moving water can sweep you into its current.

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