If you are new to prepping and food storage then you may already be overwhelmed by the choices of what to buy and what to store.
When I see pictures of preppers who have hundreds of can goods on their shelves I have to wonder are they really able to go though that much before they expire and what kind of rotation plan do they really have?
If you want to stock up on food with a much longer shelf life then you should consider adding long-term food storage.
Homeland Survival provides news and information on survival, emergency preparedness, bug out bags, everyday carry, bugout shelters, self sufficiency, survival preps and survival gear. JTk's Independence Day WordPress theme is a Creative Commons Licenced WordPress theme created by JTK. NOAA Weather Radio, the NOAA website, or local TV or radio stations will issue flood warnings and reports from the National Weather service. Basements are excellent for emergency food storage because of their low, constant temperatures. Throw out food that is not in waterproof containers (screw caps, pull tops and crimped caps are not waterproof). Food in metal cans and flexible metal or plastic pouches can be cleaned by removing labels and sanitizing containers before opening. Thoroughly sanitize food prep pans, countertops, dishes and utensils with hot soap and water or a bleach solution. As you enter, be aware that wild animals, especially poisonous snakes can seek shelter in flooded houses.
Contact your local or state public health department for specific recommendations for boiling or treating water in your area after a disaster as water may be contaminated. As illustrated by recent events, even if you’re not in a designated flood plain you may be at risk for high water damage in extreme weather conditions. You can certainly look over the many lists available online to get ideas on the type of things to stock up on.
Think if you were home for one week what would you eat each day for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Since your needs are different from a family of 6 you can get by with buying fewer items and in smaller packages. Even if you can only afford $10 a week you can buy a few extra cans, an extra box of pasta, a smaller package of rice or another jar of peanut butter. Today Sharon discusses her favorite eight places that she uses to find frugal prepping items.
If a flood warning is issued for your area, be prepared to evacuate right away and move to higher ground.
Take some time to assemble a kit and familiarize yourself with basic safety information. Be alert.

But for that very reason it is all the more important for you to have a supply of food on hand to get you through difficult times. When it comes to canned vegetables I am not crazy about the taste, they are bulky and take up room.
Often smaller sizes are more expensive than the larger size but by having 3 smaller jars of peanut butter rather than one large one you eliminate the risk of spoilage when you have to open a larger package and can’t consume it all in a given amount of time. They good news is it is actually almost easier to stock up and prepare when your family is smaller. HomelandSurvival.us has no connection or affiliation to Homeland Security or any other government agency. Sure a 50lb bag of rice is cheap at the big box stores but how long is it going to take you to eat it?
If you have hamburger helper one night do you or your family finish it off in one meal or are there leftovers? The issue tends to be they are expensive and bulky to store and they feed only one person one meal at a time. By buying products you use on a regular basis when they are on sale or when you have a coupon for them allows you to build your supply to have enough on hand for 6 months or more.
By being prepared you won’t have to depend on anyone else for your needs during a crisis and knowing that will help you sleep better.
She also gives listeners tips on what to watch out for and how these items can help when the time comes. Buying a years supply of long-term food is cheaper to buy for one person vs a family of 4 but do you have a place to store it? For a single or couple there are many meals you can make that will feed you for a few days, soups and stews in particular.
If you like the taste and are ok with them they can certainly supplement your other food storage. By doing this you will save money on the front end, you will save money by not having to make a special trip to the store when you run out and you will save money as those items get more expensive in an inflationary period.
Once you figure out how much you need for a week then it is pretty easy to move on to enough food for two weeks and then a month. If your teenager won’t touch a tuna casserole what makes you think they will eat it when there is a crisis? They usually have a 20-25 year shelf life, are easy to store and can be a buy and forget it till you need it product.
You may already be living paycheck to paycheck and are unsure if you will have money for groceries if your car breaks down let alone how you would survive a major crisis. By taking this approach you won’t end up with food you will never eat or don’t know what to do with.

They are sold by a variety of manufactures and are available with a variety of different types of foods.
While there is a wealth of food storage information online, most is geared to families who are stocking up to feed a family of 4 or more. It is all too easy to go to Walmart or Costco and just start buying in bulk and buying the biggest packages you can find.
What happens when you run out of their favorite breakfast cereal and won’t eat all the oatmeal you stocked up on? While your needs are different from a family of 6 they are just as important and real as any large family. This approach can quickly overwhelm you and before you know it you have more food than you can possibly use. Recently I found a couple of can goods in the back of my pantry that were two and three years past the expiration printed on the can. Include meals that are complete in the box and other items that don’t take a lot of time to prepare.
For a single person this breaks down to about a months worth of food or a two-week supply for a couple. Turned out they were still fine and no ill effects were had.  Goes to show you how even the best rotation plans can go a muck.
Learn to cook from scratch and how to extend and stretch meals with what you have available.
If you buy a months supply from several different manufacturers you add a variety of food to your food storage and before you know it you will have several months food storage on hand. They are also easy to store and when you are short on storage space they will allow you to have a lot of food in a compact space. One note about serving sizes, if you look at the label on any food product they will always list the suggested serving size. A storage bucket containing 638 servings may sound like a lot but when broken down per meal it may not be as much as you think.
In a crisis when you have to stretch your food storage for as long as possible suggested serving sizes may be a good guideline to making your food last.

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