Believe it or not, a bottle of alcohol can be a perfect gift for your child’s teacher. Homemade survival kits are a great way to show your appreciation for the stresses teachers combat daily. One teacher relayed a story of receiving silk worm eggs because she once taught a history class on The Silk Road. If you’re considering the gift card route, make it especially impressive by working together with other parents in the class.

If anyone deserves a gift this holiday season, we’d say teachers should be first on the list.
In a heartwarming story shared onTODAY’s Facebook page, one teacher recounted that her favorite present was a used bottle of lotion. Homemade gifts from their students or handwritten thank you notes are the kind of presents a teacher will cherish for years to come.
People love to feel that their gifts are personal, so don’t be afraid to tap their interests.

Little did she know her teacher would be sharing the story as the best gift she received in her entire career.

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