ADR protect is designed to give you protection from the radiation that is caused by the cell phones. ADR Protect shields from electromagnetic radiation and strengthens proper functions of the body, which in turn counteracts the stressful effects of electrosmog pollution. In addition, ADR Protect restores human energy balance (Human BioField) by equalizing the level of energy in all acupuncture channels (meridians) to the state know as homeostasis. Research has historically shown an increased rate of leukemia among children exposed to higher intensities of low-frequency electromagnetic fields.
EMFs from cell phones were shown to have a statistically significant detrimental effect on DNA rewinding.
The temperature of a human head can increase by about 0.1?C as a result of a few minutes conversation on a modern cell phone.
Simply attach ADR Protect (using its self adhesive side) to the smooth surface of your device and you begin cell phone radiation and EMF protection from harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation emitted by your devices. Sir William Stewart of the European Union proved double strand DNA breakage along with altered gene mutation.
According to a study from the Neurological Hospital of the University of Freiburg in Germany, cellular telephones' high-frequency electromagnetic fields lead to a significant increase in blood pressure.
If you want the freedom of being able to have the run of your bedroom and still be protected then shielding the walls and windows will be a better solution. Stop cell tower radiation penetrating your bedroom through an outside wall with a high frequency EMF shielding paint. There are many other materials that can be used to shield against RF radiation from cell towers and smart meters and the like; generally the more dense a material is the more effectively it shields.
Shielding your home from RF radiation boils down to building a conductive enclosure around the room or rooms you want to shield.
If you’re not thorough and methodical RF radiation can and will seep through the smallest cracks. If you ground your shielding I do advise measuring the electric field in your shielded zone before and after.
As much as you can shield inside, when you’re out on your balcony or in your garden you will be fully exposed to the EMFs. All these things worry me so much and I have not been sleeping well at night so I drive one hour to get to sleep in my country house.
The easiest way to do grounding in an apartment is through your homes electrical system, that to say via the ground connection of an electrical outlet. If you are worried about the radiation coming through from the apartments below you can shield your floors, using foil or paint as described above. The Trifield 100XE is a great all round meter but it is not best adapted for what you are trying to do here.
It’s great ideas to protect home against Cell Tower radiation, thanks for the informations. We have a cell tower on top of our apartment, just a floor above my flat; if I want to seal it against radiation, I may require to seal even the glass windows, which is not practical, so please let me know a solution to get protection in this situation.
You said in one of your videos that you have 2 instruments to measure and contol your environment.
Third question I have is I would like to build myself a faraday cage and my friend who is an engineer calculated that a metal screem mesh would do the job. I would like to know also if you have any information on a site that I could check where the antennas are in Canada and according to you, what is the best book available on the subject regarding scientific proofs of the effects on the biology of the human body.
I wanted to know what you would say about protection from technology that Clear Channel uses which seems even more daunting. Just wondering what your thoughts are on other forms of shields that don’t involve foil, paint, screens, etc?

The level of exposure can therefore be reduced by making calls from locations where the level of reception is good (i.e. Mobile phones should - if at all - only be used inside a car if the vehicle is equipped with an external antenna.
After dialling, the mobile phone should be kept away from the head until the connection has been made. In this way, body's protective mechanisms are able to compensate for the effects of harmful environmental pollutants generated by various electric and electronic devices more efficiently. Current research also indicates that radiation may be responsible for triggering the onset of Alzheimer's disease, several forms of dementia, sleep disorders, and cancer cell development. In fact the cell phone radiation was so toxic to the DNA that it not only prevented the natural rewinding process, it caused the DNA to further unwind.
One can also expect non-thermal effects due to the absorption of electromagnetic radiation! Cell phones, smart phones and tablets use has become an extension of our daily lives, and with it comes an ongoing exposure to the radiation emitted from these devices. Om Ghandi from the University of Utah showing how radiation penetrates younger skulls far more deeply than those of adults. Pulsed high-frequency fields, as used with cellular telephones, affect biological processes in the brain, which are measurable in electroencephalograms (EEG). Before you get overly concerned about the dangers of your nearest cell phone tower, you first need to put your own house in order.
This procedure also applies if you want to protect yourself from any external form of RF radiation, be it from a cell tower, neighbors WiFi, a smart meter, etc,.
Firstly you need to ascertain just how close the nearest cell phone tower is,  if you are in the US you can use this website to see where the nearest cell phone tower is in your area (in the UK  see the Mobile Phone Base Station Database).
Shielding your whole house is just not going to be feasible and will in any case be fairly pointless. This is the easiest and the most effective but not necessarily the cheapest solution of shielding your bed from RF radiation.
Which is why your windows are a good place to start shielding your room, readings from your EMF meter will confirm this. For internal walls, which unlike external walls don’t need to breathe, insulating aluminum foil as used in the building industry, can be used. Lead for instance is very effective (its used around x-ray machines) but its difficult to use and is classified as a possible carcinogen.
Grounding will usually be beneficial but there are instances where electrical fields can be higher after grounding than before.  A ground kit is an easy way of grounding shielding paint.
It is much easier to achieve than shielding from magnetic field radiation but you do have to be thorough and methodical.
I have a canopy but I am worried about the radiation also coming from the wi fi in the apartments below?? You might find it better to do the shielding yourself and take an electrician to do the grounding because if you ground incorrectly your shielding will not be effective. I would like to know what instrument you recommend to measure the electrical and EM radiation ( I could not see the brand on your video).
There are reviews on my website so you can better understand what each one does – they do different jobs. Supposedly, the special kind of wireless can travel through brick or anything else for miles! I live in a rented property with a smart meter and cellphone tower about 100m away (yikes!), so have been looking into plug-in shields that cancel the dirty EMFs, various crystals that purportedly do the job – basically, things I can just sit in each room that are practical, portable, non-intrusive, but will give us some degree of protection. Various studies have demonstrated that the use of a mobile phone when driving increases the risk of an accident because the driver no longer concentrates fully on the road.

It is beyond question that cellular telephones negatively influence the brain's bioelectric activity.
If the nearest cell phone tower is more than half a mile away then you should be able to sleep easy. Instead you need to focus your attention on the room where you spend most of your time and your bedroom. The EMF Faraday canopy is an ultra-fine metal composite mesh which works along the same principles as a mosquito net.
You can stick this to the walls using wallpaper paste (careful to not use wallpaper paste with antifungals) and then just paper over the top. I am very worried and I want to put up shielding paint to protect me, but I am not quite sure what you mean by grounding. You may not have to shield the windows, it just depends on to what extent the radiation is bounced and deflected off nearby buildings. Also, I would like to know if there is an instrument you know of that measures your bodie’s reaction to EM radiation. I know of no studies on the dangers of HD radio and I know of no anecdotal evidence so I can’t really comment on the health impact.
The product is attached with elastic magnetic foil to provide protection from cell phone radiation.
For safety reasons, making calls in a moving car is only permitted with the aid of a hands-free device.
Use my electromagnetic radiation exposure questionnaire to identify the sources of EMFs in your home.
There are no hard and fast rules on this, one study which comes to mind found that there were adverse health effects within 400 m. You could call a qualified EMF consultant to come to your house and give you some readings. If you spend most of your time in your kitchen then you would be looking to shield your kitchen and shield your bedroom, unless you live in such a big house that the bedroom has negligible readings. You can buy Scotchtint in a roll, cut it to size, peel off the backing, moisten and stick it to your window.
You take your EMF readings, you determine which direction the RF radiation is coming from, you shield that wall, you test, then you earth it and you use your EMF meter to test again to see how the readings have changed. And if you do need to shield windows it may not be all the windows that need shielding, hence the need to test at each stage with a meter. It is able to strengthen body’s immunity against harmful environmental pollutants by regulating the organism’s functions.
In a newly-released study conducted at the Orebro Hospita in Sweden, it was revealed that 10 years of cell phone use resulted in an average 290% increased risk of brain tumor development.
Again what can be qualified as a high reading is very subjective and above all depends on your own sensitivity. As the product should be carried as close to the body as possible, it should be attached to the reverse side of the cell phone, to the reverse side of the watch, to the mouse of computer, to trousers and shirt’s pocket, purse, wallet etc. As a rule of thumb if the cell phone tower is within 500 m and you can see the antennas from your home then you need to investigate further.
The advantage is if you buy the meter , you can use it over and over again – which you need to do because EMF exposures are changing constantly.

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