EMF Shields can also be attached to your watch, iPod,hand-held computer, hair dryer,and other small appliances. As soon as you put on the Vitaplex, its encoded frequencies begin to interact with your unique energy field to balance and harmonize your physical body.
Our laboratory-tested SafeSpace Smart Patch has been proven to transform and neutralize the harmful effects of EMFs. The World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Cancer Research Center in Lyon, France, as well as the European Community, have at long last recognized that cellphone radiation can cause cancer. This system comes shaped like a flat pill (in fact it contains a complex electronics chip) that one sticks to the back of one's cell phone (as close as possible to the antenna). As soon as your cell phone is turned on, it starts emitting pulsed electromagnetic waves, looking for the closest relay tower, and signals from the closest tower are beamed back.
At Scalar Energy Pendants our Pendants are individually tested to provide 100% Authenticity Guarantee!

The Protective Pendant provides Personal EMF Protection as well as protection from negativity! EMF Protection products from Qlink & Teslar protect you from harmful electromagnetic waves and reduce headaches, fatigue, nausea, eyestrain, and overall lack of energy.
It continues to adapt to your needs and keeps you protected from toxic fields that can compromise your health throughout the day. It’s just the right size for children to wear at school, acting like a shield against the effects of fluorescent lights and exposure to any number of anti-bio-energy infections! In addition to guarding against Electromagnetic field (EMF) waves, jet lag and other health threats, this pendant is also a shield.
The Vitaplex helps purify, re-balance, and raise the life energy of your entire body–mind. And unlike other pendants, magnets or gems, the Vitaplex continually changes and adapts its "broadcasting" to your unique, human energy field and your changing condition throughout the day.

Like a fingerprint, each individual's unique heart rate variability reflects all of the fluctuating neurological, immunological and hormonal processes that occur in the body.
A decrease in heart rate variability has emerged as the single most common risk factor for many chronic diseases. The key advantage to Heart Rate Variability analysis is its ability to detect disorders long before they would be revealed by an ordinary physical examination.

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