Adulterating employee drug test urine samples by reducing the concentration of drugs is accomplished by diluting the drug testing sample by either adding water to the specimen or by over-hydration (by drinking unusual amounts of water or diuretics like herbal tea, coffee or soda prior to the employee drug test) or by taking commercial products like QuickKlean or Mary Jane Super Clean 13 that claim to mask employee drug use. Adulterating employee drug test urine specimens by adding bleach, vinegar, eye drops, apple juice or soap are methods often used to mask the use of drugs. Another method of attempting to create a false negative is by substituting urine from another person or an animal. All of these methods of cheating on an employee drug test are addressed by certified drug testing laboratories. The primary solution to tampering with on-site employee drug testing specimens is to insure that collection of the drug test specimen is done under strict conditions. Instant Bluing Tablets prevent use of toilet water for adulteration of employee drug test samples. Choosing the right laboratory for off-site collection is critical to preventing drug test cheaters.
Adulteration is the tampering of an employee drug test urine specimen with the intention of producing false negative drug test results. A waste product, creatinine is an amino-acid contained in muscle tissue and found in urine.

Positive results for nitrites usually indicate the presence of commonly used commercial adulterants such as Klear or Whizzies. Oxidizing agents such as bleach and hydrogen peroxide in the employee drug test urine are generally indications of adulteration. Laboratories are continuously updating their ability to thwart employee drug test cheaters and to detect commercial adulterants as they come on the market. This normally means having same-sex personnel available at the workplace to monitor collection and making sure that access to employee drug test specimens is strictly guarded. You can test with confidence with our tamper-proof urine drug tests as well as our alcohol and saliva employee drug tests.
We provide the convenience of 12,000+ certified employee drug testing collection sites with SAMSHA certified Confirmation Services included to make your employee drug testing and pre-employment drug and alcohol screening completely secure and convenient.
Adulterants such as UrinAid and Clear Choice contain glutaraldehyde, which may cause false negative drug screening results by disrupting the enzyme used in some immunoassay tests. These identify the presence of alkaline or acidic adulterants, such as vinegar, in the employee drug test urine. Any values outside of this range could be the result of employee drug test specimen dilution or adulteration.

Pyridinium chlorochromate (sold under the brand name UrineLuck) is a commonly used adulterant.
Employee Drug Testing Ace provides more than 12,000 of the best SAMHSA certified employee drug testing labs and off-site collection sites across the U.S. Substitution is detected by the temperature of the employee drug test specimen or by determining the origin of the specimen. The presence of aldehyde in an employee drug testing specimen is generally an indicator of adulteration. The presence of high levels of antioxidants in the urine, such as ascorbic acid (vitamin C), may result in a false negative employee drug test result.

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