I can only imagine that at least one common instant will exist to remove and add level counters; I can't want to have fun with that in RoE limited.
I suspect that the spawn tokens will be insanely easy to accumulate, making some of these things castable, and for blocking some of them, as well as for Annihilator fodder. If they really want aura's to not suck, then give them Flash and a "leaves play" trigger so you don't have to worry as much about getting hit with a 2 for 1. Lighthouse Chronologist looks fun in multiplayer - usually someone's going to play a Mana Flare or equivalent for that guy to go off quickly. So interesting that all of the big Eldrazi are "Legendary Creature - Eldrazi" so that there can only be one on the board at a time. Green gives you access to Grazing Gladehart, one of the best life gainers you can get your hands on in standard. The problem is right now the mana cost to get them to their full ability is the same or more than hardcasting a giant Eldrazi donk.

I would have thought that each one (Emrakul, Kozilek, whatever other big ones there are) would be Legendary to their name.
It's a really neat mechanic, but I'd like to see it on more stuff than just combat tricks, since a combat trick rebounding on your upkeep isn't terribly exciting. The defending player chooses and sacrifices the required number of permanents before he or she declares blockers. Well so far you've got the spawn, Eye of Ugin, and Eldrazi Temple (tap for 1 colorless, or tap for 2 colorless you can only use on Eldrazi spells). Obviously it's still early but from what I've seen the level up mechanic just doesn't seem worth it.Lord of Shatterskull Pass, for example, takes 9RRRRRRR to get to his full potential. In fact, it seems that rebound on anything but combat tricks would just double the card's effect. Those spells will resolve, but the part of their effect that would counter Emrakul won't do anything.

Rebound shows that MTG doesn't learn from it's mistakes.This set is certainly going to make MTG a REALLY crazy game.
It also means that all damage that would be dealt to Emrakul by colored spells is prevented.
Auras may be moved onto it by abilities or by colored spells that don't target it (such as Aura Graft). That ability would be a little too powerful, as "leveling up" would in effect make them virtually unkillable (a super regeneration shield that counters all removal, persists throughout the rest of the game, and grants them god like abilities if they build enough of those shields) - decks would be forced to run their own "level up" cards or Vampire Hexmage just to deal with them.
I'm really liking the Ruin Ghost idea though to drive more life gain and would make sense then to splash green for vines and Grazing Gladehart.Of course if I did take it standard I think the Ajani Goldmanes would be the obvious choice to drive the win condition differently.

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