With the announcement of Fallout 4, the post-apocalyptic genre is getting a much-needed jump-start for the generation. There’s no doubting the Fallout franchise’s place among the genre’s best, but what other post-apocalyptic games and franchises make the cut?
The first game was easy to play and had a rich plot, yet it still dictated a high-level of player commitment and skill to master.
Based on the comic book series of the same name, The Walking Dead tells its own unique story, yet relies on the same powerful themes of survival and relationships. As far as games based on books go, both Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light are arguably two of the best. This first-person survival horror franchise is certainly one of the most depressing in this list. The powerful tale of a distraught father and a parentless teenager forms the basis of this stunning post-apocalyptic experience. Sure, the Fallout games have evolved dramatically over time, but one thing has remained: the series’ enthralling theme of survival and war.
The world’s design alone was never going to set the industry on fire, but it’s in the gameplay where DayZ really excels. So the zombie apocalypse idea has been done to death, but that’s not to say we wouldn’t love another Left 4 Dead. Half-Life 2 does a fantastic job of leading on from the events of the first great game, exploring the ramifications of Gordon Freeman’s actions in an oppressed, controlled world.
Anyone else notice that the image used for DayZ is actually from WarZ or infestation:survivor stories as it became known due to legal issue. I tried to like that Walking Dead, but the slow, limited nature of it was just too frustrating for me.
Before I get into the list, I think a distinction between dystopian and post-apocalyptic films is necessary. Both classifications have been run together too often in recent years to the point that they’re nearly indistinguishable. The Dystopian genre is distinguished by a lack of a specific global catastrophe that dramatically impacted society, for it is more about a possible future our society could bring about, while an Apocalyptic or Post-Apocalyptic one is about the fallout, how human beings cope in the aftermath. As I made the list, I was shocked to discover how many great dystopian films there were, and how few good post-apocalyptic ones existed. Long after mankind has abandoned a trash-filled Earth for luxurious lifestyle aboard spaceships, a Waste Allocation Load Lifter – Earth Class cleans up the mess.
The gold standard that determined the post-apocalyptic world in the 80s as post-nuclear Australian world, filled with leather and spikes and belts, the slap-dash vehicles and that razor boomerang. A classic anime masterpiece based on a great manga that chronicles the competition between rival biker gangs as they speed through a post-nuclear version of neo-Tokyo.
Indeed a post-apocalyptic film, since the true reality consists of a wasteland filled with dominant machines that employs human beings as batteries. A violent post-apocalyptic world filled with people infected with a virus that drove them to a murderous rage.
One of the most bleak and depressing films of all time where a survivor and his son travel south for less inhospitable climate in order to find solace from a world ravaged by an unspecified nature.
An early dystopian film that succeeded at the box office, it included a terrific social commentary where a group of astronauts land on a world populated by civilized apes.
The only reason this does not qualify on either list is because it spends more time in the modern day than it does in its post-apocalyptic future of a depopulated world.
I actually thought The Road was garbage – both as a stand-alone film, and in relation to the novel on which it was based.
As a stand alone film, I took issue with Kodi Smit-McPhee as the child, and this largely had to do with his constant crying, screaming, and basically childlike ignorance despite essentially being born and raised in a post-apocalyptic world. In films like Le Temps du Loup (Time of the Wolf) where children have been raised in similar traumatizing experiences, we see a more realistic portrayal where the pain gets swallowed and acted out in other ways than what amounts to crybaby temper tantrums.
The violence of survival in this world was also overstated to the point of kitsch, instead of just a reality of a starving wasteland, which was exceptionally irritating. That said, I couldn't for the life of me find many good to great post-apocalpytic films.
Perhaps I should have better explained the criteria for this list: the films that best presented the setting of the post-apocalypse, as opposed to the best films in and of themselves.
I'm totally not knocking your selection, and I can totally see the reasons you chose The Road. At the 2014 Game Developers Choice Awards, the survival horror video game The Last of Us won top honors including Game of the Year, Best Design and Best Narrative. DayZ is a multiplayer open world survival horror video game in development by Bohemia Interactive.
Comparing with other zombie survival FPS games, DayZ is fun to play not only for killing zombies, but also for the competition among players. Last year, Louis Pierre-Farand and Julien Cury, both veterans of Ubisoft Montreal formed Pixyul Studios and announced their ambitious first project ReRoll. In order to accurately represent those locations, Pixyul wants to photograph and 3D map thousands of real-world places using civilian drones equipped with digital cameras.
In recent years, many post-apocalyptic video games came out showing human's fear, perplexity, and selfish.
With the release of Fallout 4 imminent, I thought what better time to assess the very best post apocalyptic worlds seen in video games.
Set after a never fully explained series of natural disasters referred to as The Event, I Am Alive takes place in a world where there isn’t any inclination of any kind of humanity. The most telling moment for me was when traversing the thick, poisonous fog that covers most areas outside and I heard a scream for help.

So imagine the shock when in Final Fantasy VI instead of your plucky band of heroes saving the world they actually failed.
Despite this your gang of adventurers still manage to group together and overthrow the villainous Kefka and restore order. This post-apocalyptic world is one thick with atmosphere, with it’s own history and political dynamics. Most post-apocalyptic worlds are full of misery and despair and The Last of Us is no different. However, what makes The Last of Us’ post-apocalyptic world stand out is the beauty that is still found in the world. There’s definitely a melancholic beauty about The Last of Us and much of this is to do with environmental storytelling which contrasts the human tragedy with the natural beauty of the landscapes, making this one of the most intriguing post-apocalyptic worlds seen in any medium. Now over a series a games, there’s an entire lore to delve into, creating a rich and varied world that is difficult to forget. There is always a rock vibe, that's why I advice you to try on punk or grunge style elements, like these trousers where one side is in black and the other one comes in plaid, simple tank and eye-catching shoes with high sole or wedge. Some love to have a more classy look, wearing wrap leather jackets, black skinnies with heeled army shoes and styled with post-apocalyptic accessories.
That's the same as the previous one, while here we see pretty layers and a stylish wrap around hood. Some ladies love to keep it simple and hipster inspired by wearing an olive khaki parka, mini shorts with suspenders, casual rucksack and classic black trainers.
The second Fallout entry from Bethesda, Fallout 4 promises to be one of the generation’s best, having already propelled itself to the top of “most wanted” lists the moment the first trailer was released. Gears of War was one of the Xbox 360’s “must have” titles way back in 2007, and eight years and three games later it’s still regarded as one of the Xbox name’s most important franchises.
It was one of the first post-apocalyptic games to hit the market back in 1988, and in many ways is just as enthralling now as it was then. Tensions flare as you meet new people, and the confronting setting is made all the more engaging thanks to wonderful point-and-click gameplay mechanics that perfectly suit the game’s pacing. The Eastern European world sets the scene with a depressing, confronting aesthetic, where mutants run rampant and people merely “survive” rather than prosper.
Set in "The Zone", each game in the series tells the story of a different protagonist in the area. Embodying deep survival and action elements, The Last Of Us has rightly been considered one of the best games of last generation, taking players on a confronting and unique ride through a devastated North America. Fallout 3 took the series to new heights, evolving the franchise’s iconic role-playing elements, making your choices in the scarred, hostile world more influential than ever. You’re all on your own in an open world, where you compete with other players for the necessities to survive. Certainly one of if not the best cooperative shooter of the past decade, both Left 4 Dead games offered an enthralling sense of suspense and action that most multiplayer shooters can only dream of.
Set in a dystopian alternate history of Earth, where the resources of the planet and humans are being harvested by an oppressive multidimensional empire known as the Combine, there are few games that do post-apocalyptic sci-fi quite like Half-Life 2 did. If you want to cry, install the Misery mod on Call of Pripyat, its insanely good but difficulty is so high. However, a good understanding of cinema requires clear and distinct earmarks of each genre, and that will lead to a rich & robust discourse. The built-in advantage of cinema to portray a possible world should not matter to either genre. WALL-E eventually develops a personality, collects trinkets, and eventually encounters others.
The film is basically an allegory of human life without oil where a vicious marauding gang attacks a group because they operate the only oil refinery for miles in a depopulated world. However, the cyberpunk gang members are interrupted by children with psychic abilities and they awaken a dormant super-human force that goes out of control. A computer hacker discovers the true nature of the Matrix, and finds his destiny as the One and joins an underground resistance society against the machines.
A terrific homage to zombie and invasion films like Dawn of the Dead and Omega Man, 28 Days Later… is a relentless thrill-ride that does not let up until the final frame. With starvation and cannibalism right around the corner, The Road is an endurance test for anyone. The ape world is totalitarian and has a caste system, and they treat the humans as inferior species.
Although I can see why the kid would have major issues, being desensitized to this world would probably render him more equipped to deal with horrors than his father. Even in movies like The Hunger Games, the characters of children who have been raised in trauma and hence have somewhat adjusted to it are much more realistic than the boy in the film adaptation of The Road. The Coen Brothers adaptation of another McCarthy novel, No Country for Old Men, was fantastic because it made use of the silences of the book. You won't hear much complaint from me on the demerits of its adaptation of a superior source material, that it could have been much better.
The Road, despite its flaws in editing and casting, was one of the most painful films I've seen.
Post-apocalyptic survival games are getting popular in the market and games of this genre comes forth with different qualities.
Players must scavenge the world for food, water, weapons, and medicine, while killing or avoiding zombies and other players to live as far as possible in the fictional post-Soviet state of Chernarus. Though the graphics is not as good as currently popular games and it has many bugs, players are still addicted to it.

Nether will feature persistent online worlds where players are left to live their own stories, create alliances and secure safe houses to survive. ReRoll is an action survival game which will use real world locations as players attempt to survive the gradual collapse of human civilization. This game is still in development and you can expect to see the first playable prototype of part of the world in mid 2015. Instead most people you encounter merely wan’t to beat and kill you for your possessions and some want to do a lot worse. When I approached the noise, I saw a woman on a bench for then only to be jumped on by two thugs who had clearly used the woman as bait. Humanity has become depraved, there is no hint of any type of surviving civilisation and the ruins of the city are covered in dust and horror. You might be able to name a few but they are far outweighed by those that task you with bringing justice and peace to the world, none more so than role playing games. Instead the Joker-like Kefka actually succeeded in his quest and brought the world to ruin.
This game still deserves a mention on this list for having the sheer cajones to depict a world in which the heroes fail and have to suffer before finally saving the world, well what’s left of it anyway. However, this isn’t the only threat as mutated beasts stroll the surface and other beings are soon infiltrating and influencing the Metro network. There may be some dodgy accents, but the world the Metro games create is one that is believable and thrilling to explore. Any remains of humanity are slowly chipping away, and there’s those terrifying zombie-like creatures roaming the streets. Really the only thing about The Last of Us that is post-apocalyptic is that it shows the descent of man whilst nature is still flourishing.
There’s the dark, bleak nature of some truly moving and harrowing stories, counter-balanced with outrageous often preposterous stories and characters, the likes of which you never see in any other video game.
Today I bring you a great compilation of women's clothing combinations which are inspired by post apocalyptic trend. So you can add khaki green tank and denim jacket, rucksack and combat boots to update your survival look. Try cargo green chinos, or cut offs with stylish combat shoes, camouflage jacket and a rucksack. The brute force of the combat established it as one of the generation’s best shooters, and while the game doesn’t quite play on the “survival” aspects one expects of a post-apocalyptic game, the emotional drive about a group of mindless grunts is enthralling enough. Your choices influence the story and how the game progresses, and most of the games, despite flying under the radar, have been well-received by gamers and critics alike. Then again, dystopian films are often deeper on a philosophical level than the post-apocalyptic, thematically. The best dystopian films are listed here. Upon escape, the lone survivor flees to a forbidden zone and realizes he landed on [SPOILER] an post-apocalyptic Earth.
The Road did not – it could have been a nearly dialogue-free movie (with much more stark visual and emotionally eviscerating impact), but instead the silences were shortened, or flashbacks and unnecessary dialogue were interjected. I read the book before I watched the film, and the disparity as you noted was painfully obvious. Different from zombie survival FPS MMOs, post-apocalyptic survival MMOs are more inclined to actual survival aspects like adventures and skills. Players need to pay attention to the harsh climate conditions and other aspects of survival environment as well as eat, sleep, learn, combat and try every method to survive. No matter they are multiplayer online or not, simple shooting games can't meet the needs of players while diversified gameplay brings changes to post-apocalyptic games.
With a retro, science fiction style, there’s no world that is as aching cool as it is bleak and hilarious.
Before we start our discussion, I'd like to underline one thing: this trend requires worn-effect clothes, that's why do not make the common mistake of having an outfit, which looks too new.
He bears the markers of a child but his trauma is writ clear without reducing him to a blubbering, helpless mess – the mess that Kodi Smit-Mcphee portrays. Here are three post-apocalyptic survival MMOs you can't miss which are not just about shooting zombies. A decade after an unknown cataclysm destroys humanity, the survivors in the world of Nether work just to get by. On the other hand, the introduction of multiplayer online gives players more confidence to face the enemy in the post-apocalyptic world as well as tell them to beware of their own kind. As you can see, this trend is all about DIY things, as you can update your top by adding some patches or just rip it a bit or make fringes on the sides. Beneath the environmental destruction is a fondness for consumer goods, complicating the overt critique of consumerism. Wandering the shattered bones of once-great cities, those left behind scavenge, make alliances, fight bandits and live in fear of the mutated creatures that hunt them.
Anyway, you should look like you have been wandering in the desert for years, that's why make it worn, dusty, grungy and dirty. Speaking of accessories, then try on headgears, like Hockey helmet, military cold weather masks, officers cap, helmets, etc., while the eyewear can be aviator sunnies, goggles, eyepatches and other creative pieces.

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