During their turn in the Wild Horse Race—part of the annual Miles City Bucking Horse Sale—a team works to control a bucking horse. Grass spills its color across the badlands of the Missouri Breaks, a lonesome swatch of eastern Montana where the Great Plains roll to an abrupt and wild end. The largest lake in Glacier National Park, Lake McDonald is ten miles long and 472 feet deep; a 2,000-foot-thick glacier gouged out its basin. A boardwalk winds around Pompeys Pillar National Monument, a rock formation in south-central Montana. One of Montana's top predators, the grizzly bear finds much of its food in meadows like this: nuts, berries, fruit, leaves, roots, and small mammals, like mice. Not for the faint of heart, a swinging bridge crosses the Kootenai River near Libby, Montana. Fennec foxes have huge, bat-like ears to radiate body heat and help them keep cool in the Sahara heat.
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Ponds and lakes in summer; large lakes, coastal bays, and estuaries in winter and migration.
Breeds from Alaska and northern Canada south to Oregon, Idaho, Ontario, and southern Minnesota; rarely east to southern Quebec. Highly aquatic, grebes can swim with only their heads above water, concealing themselves in low pond vegetation.
Primarily scrubby country or broken forests—hardwood, coniferous, or mixed; also swamps, farmland, and rocky or brushy arid lands.
Flathead Lake is the biggest freshwater body of water west of the Mississippi—at 28 miles long, up to 15 miles wide, and with 185 miles of shoreline. Fly-fishing is a popular sport in the state, especially in spring as the runoff begins to recede. Two contestants try and subdue the animal while a third saddles and rides it around the ring.
The Missouri River and its tributaries have cut deep paths through underlying sandstone and shale, fracturing the open country.

Kootenai Indians, who performed ceremonies on the lake's shores, called the waters Sacred Dancing Lake.
The ranch's inhabitants—which include grizzlies, wolves, bobcats, and more—are animal models; the Triple D is a place for photographers to get close to trained wildlife.
Ranchers own most of the 100,000 acres of private land in the valley, tucked in among the Centennial and Gravelly Mountains. Probably most plentiful in the Far West, from Idaho, Utah, and Nevada to the Pacific coast and from Washington to Baja California. He named the formation "Pomp's Tower" after his nickname for Baptiste Charbonneau, the infant son of his traveling companion, Sacagawea.
The fly finally settles on the water—an irresistible lure to trout scanning the flow for insects.

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