While that’s still one of the top outage origins, the number of equipment failures over time has been on the decline as the utility works to replace outdated machinery, Abueg said. There were 14 equipment failures in 2009, with incidents dropping nearly every year, with just three in 2013, he said.Squirrels were the third most frequent cause of outages, discounting those categorized as unknown.

The rodents are often found fried after chewing on aluminum wiring, which short circuits equipment.Next up was wind, which was the culprit in 22 outages.
Repair work following those heavy winds, which also downed trees that then crushed power lines, cost Glendale Water & Power about $500,000.Constant trimming of trees costs the city about $750,000 annually, but trees and palm fronds can still be a nuisance to the electricity provider.

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