First, Click on this interactive map, type in your address, and it will tell you how much snow you will get with this storm. VDOT has activated a web-based neighborhood tracking map that monitors the status of plowing in Northern Virginia neighborhoods when it snows two inches or more.
Dominion Virginia Power crews are still dealing with outages throughout the region, with 831,912 customers still without power (see map below). The Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative reports 4,005 customers without power in Prince William County and 406 in Stafford County. A tree that fell and damaged canopies, a spray ground, and a fence at Lake Ridge’s Tall Oaks Pool was no match for those who volunteered to clean it up. The Lake Ridge Parks and Recreation Authority stated many came to the damaged community swimming hole this morning after the tree fell during last night’s storm and helped clear debris from the area. From the looks of photos posted the organization’s Facebook page, the tree was chopped and shredded. A cooling shelter remains in place at Rodney Thompson Middle School on Wapole Street, just off Va. All water treatment plants in the county remain operational, and residents do not have to boil water before drinking it. Dominion Virginia Power officials said they have restored power to 275,000 of the 900,000 customers statewide that lost power during last night’s wind storm. Company officials admit the hot temperature makes conditions less favorable for repair crews, but the utility and their spokespeople have been out in front Saturday working to relay their message, informing customers what they’re doing to get the lights back on.
Dominion says it’s working first to restore power to hospitals, fire stations, and other public safety buildings.
Those who are still affected by power outages can continue to call 1-866-DOM-HELP (1-866-366-4357), and to keep tying if the line is busy. It’s getting cooler in Stafford County after the National Weather Service canceled a heat warning that had been in effect for most of the day. Several trees in Schnopp Fishing Park in North Stafford fell or were split by a severe storm the night of June 29. Prince William County officials are working to identify space in eastern section of the county for a cooling shelter. The popular “Not on the 4th of July Fireworks” at Tims Rivershore restaurant in Dumfries are postponed until next Saturday. Originally planned for tonight, the restaurant told fans on Facebook they lost power and phone service at their eatery on the Potomac River and they would have to reschedule.
Powerlines are down on Stateroom Drive in Aquia Harbour after a storm the night of June 29 produced hurricane-force winds, knocking out power throughout the area. Crowds are taking to restaurants to North Stafford to get out out of the heat and back into areas that have electricity. Dumfries-Triangle Rescue Squad will not hold their regularly scheduled bingo game Sunday night due to lack of air conditioning.
With no emergency shelters in place, Prince William urges residents to take shelter from heat in libraries, shopping malls, other public places.
There is relief for residents in Prince William County, but you’re still under the gun in Stafford today when it comes to stifling heat.
An excessive heat warning was downgraded to a heat advisory in Prince William County after forecasters at the National Weather Service determined temperatures won’t get as hot as yesterday. Residents in Prince William County without power urged to go to nearest fire station or hospital in event of emergency.
The severe storms that hit the Washington metropolitan area Friday night – and the resulting power outages that have affected much of the region – have also affected services for some Verizon customers. Prince William County officials issue first post-storm statement warning of dark traffic signals, urging residents to use landlines in wake of widespread cell phone outages. Due to last night’s thunderstorms, 911 service is out in Prince William County and many other Northern Virginia jurisdictions.
This comes as Stafford County officials announced the closure today of Government Island, and Aquia Landing parks. Transportation officials in the Fredericksburg area say they are working to clear tress from roadways, and urge residents to call the Virginia Department of Transportation at 1-800-FOR-ROAD to report downed trees.

When power is restored to a traffic signal, the signal will operate in flash mode for approximately 10 minutes. VDOT’s Customer Service Center is open 24 hours a day to take reports of debris, downed trees, or other roadway hazards at 1-800-FOR-ROAD (800-367-7623). Hurricane-force winds sent lounge chairs into a fence and beyond, warping the fence and breaking the large umbrella at the Harbour Inn pool in Aquia Harbour. Large tree branches fell onto both cars of a family that had just recently moved into this North Stafford home.
Stafford County officials are working on a contingency plan as high temperatures will bear down the area today, and many are left without power. A 90-year-old woman lying in her own bed inside of her home was killed when a tree fell on her house Friday during the height of the storm.
Fairfax County police said the woman called 911 but emergency crews were unable to reach her in time.
A crane and other specialized construction equipment has been brought to the scene to clear damage. A tree fell onto a car in the area of Old Keene Mill Road and Bauer Drive in Fairfax County about 11 p.m.
For the Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative, the utility reports 8,528 customers without power in Prince William, and 1,639 in Stafford. Today will be another hot day for the region as an excessive heat warning remains in effect for the area until 9 p.m.
Strong storms are also possible once again this afternoon, and could bring high winds and large hail late this afternoon.
The Woodlands Park Pool in North Stafford, and Curtis Park Pool in the Hartwood section of Stafford County are both closed today due to power outages. There is damage to homes from downed tree limbs, trees down, and major power outages right now in Stafford County, but no injuries reported. With widespread power outages and another day with hot temperatures forecast, those without power will get very hot, very fast on Saturday. NOVEC reports 14,218 without power in Prince William County, 2,768 without power in Stafford County.
Initial reports indicate large house fire at Minnieville and Telegraph roads in Woodbridge. High winds knocked down trees on roadways, blew away loose items in yards, and reportedly knocked out power to some homes in the area. Potomac Local News is independent local news published daily, serving Prince William and Stafford counties in Virginia.
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When flakes are falling,we are happy to hunker down and stay snowbound for a few days—as long as we don’t lose power. For excellent, in-depth area weather forecasts and updates, we rely on the Capital Weather Gang. Weather geeks will appreciate the detailed discussion of the forecast models, and we can all appreciate the dose of humor that the gang adds. After two inches of snow have accumulated, this interactive map tracks the progress of area plows. VDOT’s interactive map provides updates on road closures and accidents, and links to traffic cameras throughout the state (when you can get the camera to load).
View known outages in the region on a text grid or an interactive map. If your power is out and you want to report the outage, call 866-366-4357. The Fairfax County Emergency Information page links to weather-related updates and information including a Snow Update Hub that combines six Twitter feeds with live updates on area conditions. Those are some of the sites we use to monitor activity and emergencies throughout major Northern Virginia and DC area snowstorms. Dominion Virginia Power has exceeded its first target in restoring power to customers who lost service because of the severe storms on Friday and Saturday. Severe thunderstorms with winds surpassing 80 mph impacted the Commonwealth on the evening of Friday, 29 June, and continued into the early morning hours of Saturday, 30 June. While that’s a big number, it’s down by half since this morning as crews worked throughout the day to restore power to neighborhoods hit hard by last night’s Derecho storm.

630 in Stafford, where residents can come with medications, blankets, and other necessities they need to sleep through the night, according to county officials. In this video update from the company, Dominion notes Northern Virginia as being the hardest-hit area in state in terms of storm damage.
They’ve asked that those with air conditioning check on friends, family, and neighbors, and have asked callers with issues not storm related to hold their calls until next week. They’ve opened a cooling shelter at Battlefield High School in Haymarket for those without power. Those with devices like smartphones and iPads have brought them into a McDoanlds to charge them. But hot remains a relative term with temps as high as 98 degrees and heat index values of 108 degrees are still in the forecast. Our operations teams currently are assessing the impact and are working to restore service as quickly as possible. Anyone experiencing emergencies in Prince William County should contact the non-emergency number: 703-792-6500.
People should be aware that they may not have cell coverage and must rely on land-line connections until service is restored.
If motorists encounter a traffic signal without power, they should come to a complete stop, and then treat the intersection as a 4-way stop. The woman lived in the 8100 block of Carr Street, and her call for help came in about 11 p.m.
Power, however, seems to be on in most locations and large fallen limbs have been cleared from all public and private roadways.
Of the 818,000 Dominion Virginia Power customers without power, more than 8,845 of them are in Stafford County. At one point during the day, the high temperature at Regan Washington National Airport was 103 degrees. CWG has officially dubbed the January 2016 storm Snowzilla, in honor of its monstrous size and with help from a reader poll. It’s a great tool for checking out where the plows have been, and speculating on when they will reach your neighborhood. Of course, you really don’t need to monitor this site during a major storm because you should stay home and off the road!
Reduce speed at those intersections and be certain there is no on-coming traffic before continuing through the intersection.
There is some significant tree damage, in particular at 109 Washington Street, 108 East Locust Street, and most prominently at 115 Washington Street, where the beautiful tree on the Wohlleb property has lost several large limbs; thankfully, the limbs missed the main house when they fell. Expect temperatures to fell like they’re in the triple digits, with heat index values reaching up to 107 today, according to the National Weather Service. News, traffic, weather, thoughtful insight, things to do where you live, and so much more – you'll find them all right here.
County officials will open a cooling shelter as soon as an appropriate location is determined. Unfortunately, the map is not always up to date and it doesn’t tell you when your street will be cleared. As a result, if you are able, please keep an eye out for the well-being of your neighbors, pets, etc. Wireless phone service is not available everywhere and there are apparently more than 800,000 without power state-wide. Another day of high temperatures and storms may exacerbate the situation, so please be cautious and alert, keeping yourself hydrated, and taking other measures to deal with the heat.

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