If you are customer of the North Little Rock Electric Department, you can get a FREE home energy evaluation pinpoint where your home is losing energy and give you ways to correct these problems. A certified, bonded energy professional will walk through your home to show you where it may be losing energy.
To register for a free walk-through energy evaluation call the Energy Evaluation Line at 501-992-4034 to set up an appointment. NLRED’s vision is to empower our customers with solutions and options that increase energy efficiency, protect the environment, and to provide safe, reliable and reasonably priced power.

North Little Rock Electric Department (NLRED) is a leader in sustainable, environmentally-conscious municipal power use. The North Little Rock Electric Department is Arkansas’ largest municipal electric utility, providing reliable service to more than 38,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers in the cities of North Little Rock and Sherwood.
Here are satellite images of the ice cover on Lake Superior on March 2 in 2013, 2014 and 2015. Whether your home is newly-built or vintage, unseen problems such as leaky ducts or poorly-sealed doors and windows waste energy and money.

Then, he will provide you information about ways to fix these problems so you can save energy and money. We have a dual responsibility to protect our natural resources and to provide safe, reliable and reasonably priced power.

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