Whether you take in a day at Seal Beach, drive down to San Clemente for an In-N-Out Burger or buy a car at the Tustin Auto Center in Irvine, the reality is that we are always surrounded by EMF and RF Radiation. EMF & RF Solutions was built to provide scientific and unbiased testing, evaluation, measurement and solutions for electro-magnetic frequency and radio frequency radiation.
Whether you own a business in Newport, teach at a school in Anaheim or work at a testing facility in Huntington Beach, we are always surrounded by EMF. Whether it’s due to old age, or improper wiring, flaws in the electrical wiring system of any building can cause significantly elevated magnetic field levels. Since there are many variables involved, completing an accurate site assessment is essential to identify the causative factors (field sources), frequencies and directions for a successful EMF and RF mitigation plan.
EMF & RF Solutions uses state-of-the-art EMF testing equipment such as our Narda Selective Radiation Meter SRM 3006 combined with experienced field investigators to determine the cause and source of EMF and RF frequencies.
Click Here or Call Us at 760 942-9400 to Take Advantage of Your Initial, Free Consultation Today. In addition to these locations, we have conducted EMF & RF testing and shielding projects throughout the state of California and even throughout the southwest region of the United States. Elevated exposure to EMF and RF radiation can lead to health concerns for you, your employees or anybody inside a building. Contact us today to learn how our team can help you reduce your exposure to EMF and RF Radiation through our advanced Mitigation services or EMF & Radio Frequency Shielding in Orange County. AboutOur mission is to provide scientific and unbiased information on electromagnetic fields and radio frequency (RF) radiation, its sources, measurement and evaluation criteria.
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Electric fields are created by the voltage present in the electrical system, either the building wiring or power cords. The electric (E) field emissions in this residential bedroom are originating from the electrical wiring system inside the wall cavity. The first step is to unplug the reading light and to conduct E-field measurements at the bed site. After the first application of the shielding paint (YShield HSF54) to the headboard wall surface, measurements were repeated at the same nine locations to evaluate the results, i.e. The measurement results show a significant E-field reduction in the head and center area of the bed. It is imperative that all E-field shielding surfaces are connected to a proper grounding system and continuity of conductance of shielding surfaces is achieved. The last step is the rewiring of the reading light with a shielded power cord by electrician.
The following individuals were part of the EMF Mitigation Consortium that completed the successful E-field shielding project.
EIA RF Connectors, and check out EIA RF Connectors on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet. EIA RF Connectors are used to connect two items of high power radio frequency rigid or semi-rigid (flexline) coaxial transmission line. Refer to the picture for directions to determine how much of ADR-TEX you need to purchase to cover radiation area! ADR Tex is a flexible film that is able to protect you from the high levels of electromagnetic fields.

Today’s wireless technology combined with flawed wiring systems found in many of the homes are leading causes of most EMF or RF sources in Orange County. And we apply this process into the RF and EMF Shielding services in Orange County we offer daily. Electro-Magnetic Radiation (EMF) fields are produced by electrical current that flows through electrical systems.
High frequency radiation is defined as a wireless signal transmission – which is commonly referred to as (RF) radio frequency or microwave radiation. You can contact EMF & RF Solutions directly about your project to lean more about how we may be able to help you (760) 942-9400. Our goal is to create healthy and functional indoor environments with low EMF and RF levels through a reasonable and practical approach.
The electrical conduit is running horizontally about 20 inches above the floor level connecting the electrical outlets in the room.
The Building Biology Evaluation Guidelines for Sleeping Areas SBM-2015 and the Austrian Medical Association (OAK) use the following criteria for bedrooms. However, it is apparent that the wall to the right of the bed has some impact on the field levels (yellow areas).
We used Zinsser BIN Shellac primer to counteract any potential odor emissions from the shielding paint.
Typically these are only required in very high power transmitting installations (10s of kW to MW) where the feedline diameters may be several inches. They are commonly referred to by the outer diameter of the outer conductor in fractional inches.
Driver completed two separate renovation projects within the Mark Taper Imaging Center with all work regulated by OSHPD. For best results with your RF connection, use these high-quality Quad-Shielded RG-6 Coaxial Cables from Monoprice!
According to research completed by the California Department of Health Services, flaws or breakdown in a building’s wiring system are the leading sources of elevated magnetic fields.
Bluetooth, Cell towers, Wi-Fi, wireless speakers, entertainment centers and gadgets are now present abundantly in our daily lives. RF and EMF Shielding in Orange County (or Mitigation) is a process designed to reduce EMF and RF radiation exposure to employees, personnel or anybody that visits the location.
Whether this is through our advanced testing and documentation process or through EMF and RF shielding services we offer throughout Orange County and other neighboring locations. E-field measurements are conducted area at nine (9) different points at the top surface of the bed.
We place cut off switch into the outlet, in the meantime, so that the room can be occupied again. In the next article we will review shielding electric fields with Cuprotect copper wire mesh and see what the installation and performance differences are.
One side of the connection is denoted as a male connection, or bullet, while the other side is denoted as the female connection, or cup. The film is really strong and durable and has good physical and aesthetic properties as well as a very high absorption capacity. One project involved removing and replacing the existing MRI equipment and enhancing the RF shielding to accommodate specifications of the new equipment.

New technologies are exposing us to unknown quantities of RF radiation; which can lead to potential health risks. This type of program is beneficial at a school in Mission Viejo, a home or office in Anaheim or a laboratory Laguna Hills.
We offer an affordable and proactive solution for all that live, work and enjoy living in Orange County. A grounding plate and grounding straps are attached to the wall and a cable connected to ground. Finally, a coat of flat latex paint was applied to bring the room back to the original color theme and the shielding mitigation is not noticeable.
The occupant will have to turn the reading light off at the outlet switch to break the electrical connection and not at the reading light.
Peak pulse power handling, driven by voltage breakdown, is more or less frequency independent for any given size (and can be deduced by assuming ~300 V RMS per mm of inner to outer spacing), but the average power, limited by losses heating the centre conductors, increases approximately with the square root of the operating frequency.
The second project involved removing and replacing existing x-ray equipment, renovating the interior procedure room to incorporate RF shielding and updating the nurse call system. Regardless of the type of building – there can be a risk of EMF and RF radiation; and we have a solution to mitigate those concerns. Electric field measurements complex as the investigator’s body affects and diverts the electric field which in turn influences the measurement results.
First, eliminating the E-field emissions from the walls, and secondly rewiring the light with a power cord with a shielded and grounded power cord. Commonly the limit is quoted as that dissipation that will raise the inner temperature to 100 A°C when the outer is maintained constant at +40 A°C.
It is different from the other shielding material available in the market as it is both thin and strong and is very tolerant to bending or shaping without losing its shielding properties.
The imaging center is located in the center of the hospital and directly adjacent to the emergency department.
Field failures can occur at power levels well below this if the central bullet connections are not making uniform positive contact and free of contamination. Because the MRI equipment is so large and heavy, doorways had to be widened along the path of travel.
The most common source for electric fields in residential buildings is the internal wiring system due to the use of unshielded, plastic sheeted Romex cables and unshielded power cords. Conversely the average power ratings can be significantly exceeded if there is forced air flow either through the inner conductor or through the void between the inner and outer conductors. Only recently (until 2007) there has been an effort by manufacturers in the US to update these standards. The project team developed innovative solutions to issues relating to noise, dust and pedestrian traffic. Driver carefully tracked the multiple functions and phases required with critical path construction scheduling in order to complete the project on time.

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