I found the company on twitter and when I saw that one of the products they sold was an emergency phone charger that will fit in a purse I just HAD to get in touch with them to see if they’d send me one for review.  I was delighted that they said yes but even better than that was that they also sent me a larger sized PowerPackXL medium to review plus they kindly offered to give away one of each of those chargers as giveaway prizes!
Up until I received this emergency charger there has been numerous occasions when my phone battery has died when I am away from the house but since I got this charger this hasn’t happened once because the minute I see the battery running out I get the charger out of my purse, connect it up and watch the battery charge start increasing straight away. As an example, one time I used this was when I was out having tea in a cafe with my daughter. If you would like to keep up to date with all the latest news from PowerPackXL please follow then on twitter and Like them on Facebook. The chargers can be posted out worldwide so wherever you live you can enter this competition! The prizes will be sent out by PowerPackXL Ltd and I’m afraid I accept no responsibility for delivery of the prizes.
The competition ends on the 18th April 2015 at 11.59pm and the competition is powered by Gleam. I’d use this charger when I am on days out with the kids – I often forget to charge my phone before we go out! I would use it when my battery is low or has no power and also when I know I will away from home or the office and can’t charge it for awhile. These would be great my phone is always dying when i am out, I would use it when i am out at my friends would be so helpful as these are easy to carry around and i always forget my charger. I would use the PowerPack XL to charge my phone and also my camera when it goes dead.This would be so beneficial to me when I am away from home and my devices go dead and need to be recharged. We camp, fish and hike so I would take it to all of the above – would be amazing to have.
I always seem to run out of charge when i use the satnav on my phone so this would be very handy for those occasions. Id use it when I ran out of battery when im not home so I don’t have to brig my charger with me. Directed and written by Turner Clay, State of Emergency looks and feels like every zombie movie you’ve seen before. That’s because the film tries for a more character-driven approach with its small population. The characters also make poor decisions; for people who seem to do so well during the initial outbreak, the middle and end portions of the film force the people to make stupid mistakes in order to create tension. But maybe if Clay had spent more time adding zombies to the film, State of Emergency would have been more fun to watch.
If I had to sum this one up in two words, those words would be “wasted potential.” Of course, this would be a pretty terrible review if I just gave a two word summary, so let me explain how I came to those two words.
State of Emergency starts off early in a zombie outbreak with the main character, Jim, and his fiance trying to get someplace safe.

Our mission is to be the voice of the independent zombie community and bring awareness and uncensored entertainment to the zombie loving masses. As I have a Samsung Galaxy fame the micro USB is just what I need so that I can recharge my phone when I am out and about. It comes in a cardboard presentation box with a short cable that has micro USB and USB tips. There is nothing like the worry of thinking your phone battery will die while you are out on your travels. This is a real bargain and I don’t see how you can go wrong buying this at that price! It is finished in an attractive brushed aluminium and it will be suitable as a heavy duty portable charger to use on mobile phones, tablets and other devices.
There will be 2 lucky winners…the first winner drawn in the competition will win the Medium phone charger and the second winner drawn will win the Mini charger. I will however make sure that PowerPackXL get your email address so that they can get your postal contact details from you to arrange delivery. We get lush but lonesome suburban environments, moments of solitude where our heroes seek shelter and keep a watchful eye on the zombies, and fast-paced enemies more akin to the rage infection of 28 Days Later than the kind from the Dead films that turns people into staggering slugs. With his girlfriend dead (car accident, the unnecessarily drawn-out flashback scene reveals), Jim fends off a couple of zombs himself before finding a friend in Scott (Scott Lilly), who’s holed up in a warehouse with his wife and a really moody chick named Ix (Tori White). Yet none of the characters seem real; the film spends a lot of time trying to develop Jim and Ix as friends, but neither of them feel like actual people. State of Emergency is not the worst zombie movie ever, but it’s tiresome enough to warrant a skip, even if it is on Netflix Instant.
Moments after the leak, the town’s residents show signs of mutation, causing the military to quarantine the area leaving any survivors helpless and trapped inside. Technically, they were infected people, for those of you who like to be argumentative about that sort of thing. We appreciate it that you take the time to read our site, and have come this far in preparing yourself for the apocalypse.
However that is set to change as I have a trip to Disneyland Paris coming up later in the year so this will be charged up fully for when I am away.
The tips that come with this allow you to charge mobile phones such as iPhone, Blackberry, HTC, Samsung, Nokia and most other leading phone brands.
Plus it (and all the other PowerPackXL chargers) comes with a 12 month replacement warranty so you can rest assured that in the unlikely event that your unit fails they will replace it for you. The film takes much of its cues from modern day films, though: paranoia about the government runs rampant here, as well as more than a few references to the popular series The Walking Dead.
Since the film resembles its older genre mates so closely, there’s nothing in this film to elevate it above the rest.

Ix is super bipolar, to the point where it’s just not as much fun to root for her as it is to root against her. For a film with a name like State of Emergency, there’s not a lot of urgency to its approach. The characters aren’t worth the time, and the happily-ever-after ending made me want to retch up the cereal I chomped through while trying to pay attention to the movie. The story follows Jim, a young man isolated within the red zone, as he eludes flesh eating zombies in an attempt to win back his freedom. The zombies are pretty frightening at first, despite the fact that they aren’t decayed and trailing intestines. You plug the micro usb tip into the portable charger and then you plug the other end ,which is the USB tip , into the computer USB port or into a USB mains charger (these normally come with your smartphone).
I was perfectly happy with this and had we been eating for longer I would have let it charge up more but instead I unplugged it when we left the cafe. However the reason I am most wanting to use the Medium power bank on my travels is to power my daughter’s Innotab Max and my digital camera when we are on the journey to France. I’m not sure what Clay was going for here, but it works out about as well as using a garden hose to fill a swimming pool. It’s as though Clay realized that his movie was boring and decided to try to put some cliche in to try to liven things up. It kind of sets you up for a movie that is more about emotion and story than blood and guts. When the portable charger is fully charged up it can charge a smartphone with a flat battery from 0% to between 35% to 50% charge. Both of these devices have a micro usb charging port so the charger can be used to charge the battery on either of them. Nope, it’s just another generic zombie film called State of Emergency, featuring the same old tired cliches with the red-eyed sprinting dead instead of walkers.
The pace of the movie is slow, which I don’t mind because there is a great deal of tension building throughout, and there is a lot of focus on Jim and the three survivors that he meets up with.
The director does an excellent job of creating a tense atmosphere, and the dialogue is pretty good, but it is poorly delivered to the point of being distracting.
Also, the promo poster for this film, which shows Jim getting ready to do battle against an undead horde, is very misleading.

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