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Powercast exhibited at the Sensors Expo 2011 and demonstrated using RF energy harvesting to wirelessly charge credit card size devices. The video below shows the rechargeable smart card devices receiving charge from an RF transmitter.

RF energy refers to the emerging technology that uses an all solid-state semiconductor chain to generate RF power for heating and processing.
Emerging RF energy applications range from industrial, scientific and medical applications like drying textiles or paper pulp and noninvasive medical treatments and imaging, to consumer microwave ovens and automotive spark ignition applications.
This freeze came after efficiency measures led to more than $1 billion in savings for Ohioans, clean energy companies invested more than $660 million in 2012 alone, Ohio boasted the nation’s largest number of wind-component manufacturing facilities, and the state created 43,000 in-state jobs within the clean energy sector.Needless to say, from 2008, when Ohio enacted its clean energy standards, to 2014, when it froze them, the Buckeye State was a clean energy powerhouse.
But, as the Center for American Progress reports, when Ohio put a freeze on its clean energy economy, it hit the pause button on its entire economy.According to the report, the freeze cost Ohio millions of dollars in energy investment. Specifically, the Legislature increased the property setback requirements for wind projects, meaning wind turbines must be a certain distance from property lines, effectively making it harder to develop renewable energy.

Many clean energy investors and developers have aired their opinions on the unfriendly business environment in Ohio. Dick currently focuses on creating new financing opportunities for efficiency, ensuring smart meters provide the real-time data that will enable consumers to cut energy and pollution, and building the business case for efficiency within commercial buildings.Follow Dick on Twitter »About this BlogEDF's energy experts discuss how to accelerate the transition to a clean, low-carbon energy economy.

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