Portable RF Enclosures offer an ambient free environment in virtually any application; with too many options to list. We are professional on supplying moulded door in HDF or MDF material with various wood species: oak, ash, teak, sapelli, walnut, cherry, bubinga, okuma, etc.
USC is proud to be the only company in the industry to have maintained its original ownership since its inception. Therefore, shielding door is the key component of anechoic chamber, which is also the main part of electromagnetic leakage from anechoic chamber.

Shielding effectiveness of the anechoic chamber depends on the performance of shielding door.
1~18GHz, meet the requirements of CISPR16-1-4, field voltage standing wave ratio better than 6dB. In order to improve shielding effectiveness of the door, make sure the door crack in case of frequent activities still has a good electrical contact.
LOPU achieved annual sales of over $80,000,000.For over two decades, LOPU has made great contributions to key infrastructure constructions in China, as well as the modernization of key defense materials of China.

Besides the EMC anechoic chamber, we also provide the integration of EMC test system (including EMS test system and EMI test system). For recent years, Lopu also actively explores overseas markets, with its products exported to Europe, South America, South-east Asia, and Africa.

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