ETS-LINDGREN'S COPPER RF SHIELDING uses both a superior RF attenuator and the durability of bolted, light weight modular panels to ensure reliable performance.
ETS-Lindgren's Copper RF Shielding uses both a superior RF attenuator and the durability of bolted, light weight modular panels to ensure reliable performance.DESCRIPTIONThis modular frame construction is wrapped with electroplated copper which can conform to any design criteria. ETS-Lindgren is the leader in design-build radio frequency (RF) shielding solutions for MRI systems with over 6,500 successful installations worldwide. ProductMRI shielding affects all sub-trades participating on a job site and can present a challenge to any contractor planning to accept the RF shielding into the building structure.
Project Management and EngineeringWe understand that effective communication is vital to the overall planning process and is an essential factor in realizing a successful outcome for any project. Installation and TestingOur installation technicians are factory trained employees who undergo extensive in-house training. USC is proud to be the only company in the industry to have maintained its original ownership since its inception. We rely upon superior construction technique and quality materials to achieve owner, architect, and contractor satisfaction.
Realizing this, we have designed our system to address the needs of contractors by providing an easy to work with shielding solution that simplifies the construction process.

To ensure success, we assign a professional project manager at the beginning of each project to provide you and your sub-trades with a single dedicated point of contact until the project is closed out.All of our project managers are construction professionals with extensive knowledge in RF connections and penetrations for construction related work trades. Our training program provides in-depth RF shield installation, RF theory, RF testing, and ground isolation monitoring. Interior fasteners do not have to penetrate the shield surface by design, which enhances the long term life of the shield.FEATURESThe MR-Cu Shield utilizes pure electrically deposited copper as the RF attenuator. Our shield system is a vertically-supported enclosure and will not require a wood framed support structure or plywood backing to support the RF shield walls. The patented monolithic floor offers the additional enhancements of water resistance, low vertical profile, and a machinery grout surface for the installation of all types of floor finishes.
Our modular wood frame panels are manufactured using a fire-rated Structural Composite Lumber (SCL) to ensure long-term structural integrity.
The drawings are highly detailed and provide a clear understanding of the RF shield installation as well as how sub-trade connections will be made to the shield system.In addition to the personal support, we offer an RF shield engineering handbook CD and a site planning guide that greatly enhances the understanding of how an RF shield is integrated into your construction project.
All supervisor technicians are certified in Radio Frequency testing through our quality assurance department. Utilizing our ClearShield™ line of window systems, the MR-Cu Shield is easily adapted to large interior or exterior window assemblies.

The internal wood frame design offers easy and safe anchorage methods for furring, finishes, duct work, drop ceilings, or any other item that needs to be anchored within the shield. Magnet entry panels are a standard feature and provide for easy removal and reinstallation to the inherent bolted design of the modular wall and ceiling panels.
Because the walls are structurally independent from the parent walls of the MRI suite, there is an inherent acoustic envelope surrounding the room.
Our lead installers maintain an OSHA 30 hour certificate and are vigilant in complying with safety standards. Additionally, overhead spanning beams can be employed without the use of heavy structural members.Factory engineered and fabricated RF shield panels offer enormous flexibility in architectural design.

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