For this list, we’re taking a look at the most memorable or iconic deaths in movies, whether it’s cartoon, CGI or another type of animation. While you almost always want the bad guy to get their comeuppance, this is probably the closest to overkill we’ve ever seen in a Disney film.
Most of us wouldn’t shed a tear if a spider died; in fact, some of you would probably feel relieved. He may’ve been the leader of the Autobots, but he gave up his life for the freedom of all races.
It’s in no way the flashiest or most tragic death, but this makes our number one because it has something that the others lack.
Rupert Murdoch's entertainment studio have officially changed the name of their parent company to 21st Century Fox – but whoever updated the logo dropped a massive clanger. It’s that time of year again for pixilated monsters, spooky ambiance and terrifying multiplayer mayhem.
Top 10 Guest Stars on The Simpsons (Who Play Themselves)These celebrity cameos were the perfect additions to the yellow world of Springfield, USA.
Pixar’s award-winning undersea adventure opens with both joy and terror as Nemo’s mother risks everything to save the life of her newborns from a hungry barracuda.

After stealing Triton’s trident and growing to an enormous size, Ursula ends up meeting her match when a very gutsy Eric impales her on the bowsprit of a ship. Well, even arachnophobia wasn’t enough to stop kids and adults alike from crying their eyes out when this little spider kicked the bucket. Classy huntsman Clayton played the odds and lost when he took on man-ape Tarzan on his home turf. Sent to Earth as a tool of mass destruction, this Vin Diesel-voiced machine learns what it means to care for others and even overcomes his original programming.
You would have thought a movie about a cute little deer growing up in the woods would be cheery and all fun and games. In what many consider the quintessential Disney death, the King of Pride Rock is betrayed by his jealous younger bro and thrown right into a herd of stampeding wildebeest. After watching Carl and Ellie grow up together and fall in love, we find out that Ellie dies as an elderly woman after living a full and happy life.
Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the top 10 guest stars on The Simpsons who play themselves.
While her deathwas quick and the sacrifice she made only saved one of her children, there’s no question this was a helluva tearful way to open the flick.

After Charlotte saves a piglet named Wilbur from certain death with her webbing, the cycle of life takes its toll: the talented multi-legged creature fades away after giving birth. After losing his firearm and getting strung up by vines, he makes the foolish decision of trying to cut himself loose. Two things, Syndrome: 1) Never threaten a member of a superhero family, and 2) Be very aware of jet engines.
When a rogue missile threatens to kill an entire town, the Iron Giant gives up his life for his friend and chooses to die a hero’s death. How can you not get a little teary eyed when Simba tries unsuccessfully to wake his deceased father?! Warning: this list contains major spoilers, and the final moments of heroes and villains alike.

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