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The DefenderPad Laptop EMF Radiation & Heat Shield is a unique and pioneering solution that provides ultimate EMF protection while using today's modern mobile technology. Using a patent-pending sophisticated layering of advanced technologies, The DefenderPad shields from radiation and heat produced by laptops, tablets and other portable electronic devices. The protective technology and stylish design of DefenderPad makes it an ideal replacement for other lap devices like lapdesks, lap trays, laptop tables and laptop cooling pads.

How Does it Work?The state-of-the-art, patent pending technology of DefenderPad uses and highly advanced shielding materials that work in unison to block, divert and absorb unsafe levels of laptop and other electronic device emissions. Just by placing The DefenderPad between your device and your lap, you can feel secure knowing you are protected anywhere, anytime with the all-in-one laptop radiation and heat shield. Incredibly sleek and functional by design, it offers a comfortable and convenient workspace.
Its light and slim profile easily slips into computer bags, briefcases and backpacks for easy portability.

More importantly, the FCC certified lab-tested DefenderPad blocks virtually 100% of all potentially harmful Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) and greatly reduces heat emitted by laptops, tablets and other modern devices.

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