Over the past year, there does not appear to have been any major addition to the Motorola suite of handsets available in the region. Those phones, consistent with most of the Nokia handsets sold in the region, tend to be quite economical, and would appeal to those who need a reliable handset, but either cannot afford or do not need smartphone capabilities.
Michele Marius has a wealth of experience in the telecoms and ICT space, which has been gained in the Caribbean, Southeast Asia and the South Pacific, and in the public and private sectors. Hence it would fall between the Nokia Lumia 800 and the Nokia C2-01 on the graph (Figure 4). Samsung has come from behind and now has over taken the market as the largest device manufacturer in the world, with a strong 26 percent share of both smartphone and non-smartphone mobile subscribers. Samsung's breakthrough phone, the Samsung Galaxy S3, is still one of the most popular phones on the market and signaled a new direction for Samsung. Mobile radiation is a major concern, especially since the lmits set by the FCC are based on phone usage assumptions such as only using your phone for 6 minutes everyday.
We chose the top 5 current Samsung phones on the market and looked at their basic features, including their SAR rating (standard metric for measuring absorbed radiation from mobile phones). The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has garnered glowing reviews for both looks and functionality, but our main concern is how much radiation it emits.
While the Galaxy S3 is a wildly popular phone, mostly because of it's great features and sleek looks, the amount of radiation that it emitts is an issue that is of greater importance to us. Given all the accolades for this market re-defining device we wanted to see how this phablet stands up in terms of radiation. The Samsung Galaxy S2 - or Samsung Galaxy S II, as it's also known - is the phone the Korean firm deems the successor to its best smartphone so far.
As it turns out, Samsung not only makes fantastic phones, but they make phones that are extremely safe. The sections that follow present the SAR for a number of popular devices sold across the Caribbean. Motorola is also a new entry in this year’s exercise, and there is wide cross section of devices available across the Caribbean. The Nokia line in the Caribbean consists of a number of simple handsets, which would appeal to those who cannot afford or might not have need for a smartphone.

The Sony Ericsson devices featured this year have remained unchanged, and does suggest that the brand might not be very popular within the Caribbean.
RF Safe offers the latest protection from cell phone radiation with new custom fitting RF Safe cell phone cases with radiation shielded flip cover.
RF Safe's new line of protective cell phone radiation cases are the only case in the world using Peel-n-Shield™ technology to shield the entire front flip cover of the case in order to maintain a barrier that deflects microwave radiation between the user and smartphone at all times, no matter if it is used up to the ear or carried in a pocket or purse. RF Safe addresses concerns of cell phone radiation causing cancer with the hottest new Smartphone accessories, which keep phone users cool by reducing the amount of cell phone radiation absorbed in the head and body. RF Safe headsets are the best on the market for protecting the brain from cell phone radiation.
RF Safe flip case radiation shields address the issue of safety, with style, when a cell phone is held in close proximity to the body. Coates says, "Just carrying a cell phone in your pocket fails to comply with safety recommendations in the operating manual. RF SAFE is the world's premier provider of cell phone radiation protection accessories and informational data.
Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. In that regard, and since 2011, we have been collating and publishing data on the radiation levels from a broad range of popular handsets sold in the Caribbean. Although well-known brands are presented, the results vary drastically from model to model, and do not appear to be influenced by the size of the device, or whether it is a no-frills handset or a smartphone.
Send us a note in the Comments section, or via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+, and we will provide the SAR for your handset. Figure 1 shows the SARs for a number of popular BlackBerry handsets that either have been, or are still being, sold in the Caribbean. If you want to be fully protected from mobile radiation during your calls, check out the tawkon retro handset. Based on the numbers, even though the Samsung Galaxy S3 SAR is on the higher end of the Samsung phones, it is still well below the levels of other popular phones like the iPhone 5 or the new Blackberry Z10. However, when looking at the Samsung Galaxy S2 SAR we can see that it has a particularly low SAR, even lower than the more popular Samsung Galaxy S3.

This is most obvious when you look at the difference between Samsungs flagship phone, the S3, and the iPhone 5. Although well-known brands are presented, the result vary drastically, and does not appear to be influenced by the since of the device, or whether it is a no-frills handset or a smartphone.
Send us a note in the Comments section, or via social media (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.), and we will provide the SAR for your handset. Figure 3 presents the SARs for select handsets offered by telecom operators’ websites in the region.
This year’s review includes a number of new entries, including the Nokia 100, 201, 300, 302, C2-01 and C2-02. The i9300 model of the SIII is the version that is officially on sale within the Caribbean, but many people acquire US versions of the device, which would not only have different features and capabilities, but also different radiation results. However, studies examining prolonged and long-term use are still in progress, as the widespread and intensive use of those devices is a relatively recent occurrence. RF Safe's universal and custom fitting flip case radiation shields and air tube headset reduce cell phone radiation exposure to maximize cell phone RF safety. Consumers who are concerned about cell phone radiation no-longer have to depended on bulky pocket shields or shielded pouches to provide protection. Since 1998 RF (Radio Frequency) Safe has been dedicated to evolving the wireless industries safety standards, by engaging in the business of design, testing, manufacture, and sale of safety technologies to mitigate harmful effects of cell phone radiation. The brands that are tracked are: Blackberry, iPhone, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson. In this post, we update the listing by including some recent releases since our last review. This ratio means the Note 2 is perfect for watching video which is usually in 16:9 format and doing so will be easier than before, as Samsung has enabled native support for extra file formats like MKV.

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