Random Quotes from Facebook Quotes See All Quotes Faith is confirmed by the heart, confessed by the tongue, and acted upon by actions. Facebook Quotes I HATE IT WHEN MY PARENTS WAKE ME UP EXTRA EARLY IN THE MORNING JUST TO EAT!SMH..
Giving birth is the most amazing and most feared part of pregnancy and it's different every time.
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Funny meme pictures will be posted here, ranging from girl memes, adult memes to funny celebrity memes. Funny text message pictures will be posted here, ranging from Autocorrect fails to funny typos. This is just a quick semi-mermaidly post to tell you that I’m teaching a one-month online workshop through Pennwriters that starts tomorrow and focuses on using the fantastic (which can include mermaids, it is true) to make your writing more lush and vivid. Writers often neglect the detailed emotional and sensory descriptions that keep their readers fully engaged. In Pennwriters’ February 2013 Online Course, Fantastical Exercises to Strengthen Your Fiction, students will immerse themselves in their imaginary worlds to sharpen their focus on attention-grabbing detail and share that detail with force.
Instructor Carolyn Turgeon will lead students through guided writing prompts that will help students build vivid, imaginative, descriptive, sensual and emotional environments and characters. And as a free bonus, students will receive their own copies of Carolyn Turgeon’s book, Mermaid!

Submerging readers in palpable scenes populated with vivid characters requires skilled communication of evocative sensations. Carolyn’s books have also been published in the UK, Korea, China, Brazil, Portugal, and the Spanish-speaking world, and optioned for film by Focus Features, Gaumont Film Company, and Sony Pictures. She graduated from Penn State, has a Masters in Literature from UCLA, and is currently professor in the University of Alaska at Anchorage’s low-residency MFA program.

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