I’m also no mental health professional, but I like to be helpful so I offer you the following Going Crazy Preparedness Plan. So the next time you find yourself about to turn into an insane person, just remember Go Home, Watch TV, Cry.
NewDawn Security is a school security consulting firm that offers School Emergency Training as part of our Support Services to help mitigate the impact of natural, technological and human caused hazards.
Each individual school and school district has its own set of potential hazards that it may have to deal with that is unique to its environment and geographical location. From natural disasters like earthquakes, floods and tornadoes to human caused hazards that are related to social and economic conditions of a particular city or region , such as gang violence, active shooter  and other potential emergency situations that may arise. When it comes to School Emergency Training there is no one size fits all for schools or districts , which is why NewDawn Security takes the time to analyze each site and campus and develop a customized emergency operations plan. This website works best in modern versions of browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. The School Safety and Emergency Preparedness Division is entrusted by the Board of Education with the responsibility to maintain a safe and secure environment for students, faculty, and district personnel in the Long Beach Unified School District. During an emergency, the School Safety and Emergency Preparedness Division will activate the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) to an appropriate level to facilitate the district’s emergency response. It might save your life; lacking that, it will probably give your roommate a chuckle or two. Emergency On Site Assistance in the event of a crisis, a NewDawn Staff member will be on your site immediately to help fill any role you deem necessary.  Emergency Communication Systems for all stakeholders of your school.
People are injured, cell phone networks are down and the government's emergency agency is unresponsive for days.Given recent events like Hurricane Katrina, it's a scenario that has resonated with communities nationwide. Division personnel are available to respond to many types of calls for service to maintain order and discipline, locate missing students, investigate violations of school board policies, detain students violating the law or school board policies on school property and school-sponsored events, and respond to emergencies. In a moment’s notice, Division personnel would staff the EOC to monitor the situation and identify other departments and resources needed to perform essential functions. My CA workplace has instructive posters on how to Drop, Cover and Hold On should we find ourselves in the midst of an earthquake. It is important to find a way to release the frustration and pain, and it’s usually better that it comes out your eyes and nose than your other orifices. Key decision makers and representatives from District departments would report to the EOC and work together to restore a safe and secure educational environment for our students and schools. This may be hard to do if you are a stoic or are allergic to your own tears, but it is a very important part of the disaster protocol. We had some water on hand, but not enough to last the week that the power might be out, and they were able to help us out. Our home was habitable, so after we got the worst of the mess temporarily blotted up, stacked up, and cleaned up, we were able to cook grilled cheese sandwiches on our woodstove, which also supplied us with heat during the coming cold days. They will also earn an amateur radio license.When disaster hits, the RADIO graduates would be able to use the high school essentially as a command center. However, I’m concerned that we as a civilization may not be prioritizing the correct disasters.
And the only thing to do when your life is terrible is to surround yourself with the sounds and sights of other lives that will distract you from thinking about how terrible your own life is.

It took months to get the water and wind damage sorted out.We also were living in Mississippi when Hurricane Katrina hit. They would be outfitted with Red Cross identification and use ham radios to communicate with various fire, police and Red Cross personnel. I’m no statistician, but my instinct is that the odds of finding yourself in a major fire or earthquake are drastically lower than the odds of finding yourself experiencing a severe psychotic break. It won’t make your life any better, but it will allow you to convince yourself at least momentarily that you are nothing but a semi-sentient blob with no purpose other than consumption of media. Once, a few years ago, my then-roommate walked in on me sobbing uncontrollably while watching The Office on DVD.
We lived in the northwest corner of the state and escaped the devastation faced by those further south, but still had some damage, and our town was inundated with refugees coming north and aid workers heading toward the Coast.These situations made us think about emergency preparedness in general.Are You Prepared?Is your home ready to weather an emergency?
And off campus, students would shadow the same agencies, utilizing their emergency training.
No matter how harmless your activities might seem to be, anything you try to do in the midst of snapping is going to end badly. You might think that being a semi-sentient blob sounds horrifying, but I assure you that it is a better option than facing hard truths about your own existence, like the fact that your special pizza recipe is not that special. Is your family ready to respond? Might your kids be home alone in an emergency situation?Once some of your kids have reached the age and stage where they are responsible enough to stay home by themselves, you need to help them know how to avert problems and be prepared as possible for emergencies that could arise.
They would also communicate with emergency personnel using amateur radio frequencies set aside for them."I think this is a cutting-edge program," said Capt. Certainly there should be also be a simple, well-publicized 3-step strategy for dealing with the nervous breakdown that is - let’s face it - probably more imminent than you suspect. You will fall off the elliptical, get drunk and buy way too many dresses with jaunty prints. Ted Smith of the Ventura County Fire Department, which works with communities to prepare and respond to disasters. Sure, you replace the chives with caramelized onions, and use pistachios instead of walnuts, but who are you kidding? Laughing bitterly, because she was coming home from a champagne tasting with famous people and I was laying shaking and unshowered on the couch wondering if I would ever feel even a brief moment of joy again.
We may not make the big cognitive shift of thinking about whether the kids know what to do in our absence.
Write out the house address, too, in case a kid should have trouble remembering it in an emergency.
This training gives them a chance to actively work with their community in a meaningful way."Two teachers are spearheading the new class. He was recently asked by the league if he would speak before Congress as part of a league program to coordinate teaching emergency communication using resources at the local level. Baker will be working with Guy Arnoff, a history teacher, who will coordinate emergency-preparedness training, which will bring outside emergency agencies to campus for training and certification."The goal is to have every student walk out as an emergency-response ambassador," Baker said.
When cell phone towers are down and power is out, these radio operators can be a lifeline, helping emergency workers get to people who are in dire need.

They will have good communication skills and be excellent problem-solvers."Baker said the lessons of Hurricane Katrina and the Sept.
In many communities, churches have provided food and shelter during times of crisis; can you help with a faith-based mission to prepare for disaster response?Talk to your kids about the possible situations that could occur. The high school completed its first Emergency Medical Services and SERT training class this past year, and 28 students graduated. She is a former college faculty member, former editor and book reviewer for Home Education Magazine, a long-time editor for VaHomeschoolers Voice, and a recent news correspondent for WCVE, an NPR-member station.
Moorpark is the only high school in Ventura County that has offered the class, Smith said."We're looking to them as a model," Smith said.
Jeanne teaches writing and literature for her youngest son’s homeschool co-op, and she is a student of how learning works – at home, in the music room, in small groups, in the college classroom, on the soccer field, and in the car to and from practice.
Holding her Master of Arts degree in Communication, Jeanne conducts portfolio evaluations for Virginia homeschoolers for evidence of progress. It's like learning a trade," said Alex Garcia, 15, a sophomore who has signed up for the class. To read more of Jeanne’s writing, inquire about a homeschool evaluation, or ask her to speak to your group, see her blog, At Each Turn.
Not a lot of people get to have this training, especially teens."The idea for the class began when Mayor Patrick Hunter visited Arnoff's history class last year and gave a state of the city address.
Afterward, the two were talking about emergency preparedness and how teens would benefit from helping others deal with a disaster. Full terms of use and disclosure Leave a Comment Cancel replyYour email address will not be published.
Hunter is a lieutenant with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department."After a significant disaster, who better to respond to young victims of the disaster if not another teen?" Hunter said. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Last week, a meeting was held with instructors, students, school officials and emergency-response personnel.
Baker said he has sent dozens of letters asking for support from businesses in Ventura County to help defray the lab costs. Each student would pay a $25 fee for equipment and books."We have this trained group of high school kids that can go out and provide stability in many situations. The connection is immediate," Hunter said.Moorpark High School principal Kirk Miyashiro installs a ham radio beam antenna atop the school's F building on Tuesday. It will be used to help teach a new class called "Radio Amateurs and Disaster Operations," in which kids will learn about emergency response.

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