If you do not presently have safety plan in place our product will help you quickly establish one! Having a school safety plan is important for every educational establishment, and this guide is designed to fulfill that need.
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Click the link below to read about the many useful and interesting features of our guide, you may be surprised at the value. The Utah State Office of Education (USOE) is hosting an annual K-12 Public School Emergency and Safety Conference on Thursday, Jan.
School district and charter school personnel involved in both facility [construction, fire, safety, risk, seismic, ADA] and in student services [ anti-bullying, suicide prevention, employee compliance, human resource, related school safety and security] have been invited to participate.

Utah Statewide Information and Analysis Center (SIAC) – Lessons Learned for schools from Sandy Hook, Columbine, Arapahoe High School, Virginia Tech, etc.

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