The Alaskan Way Viaduct (AWV) is an elevated roadway running along the Elliot Bay Waterway in Seattle. According to the Seattle Times, the tunnel is a contentious issue, with residents fervently pro and against. Reported comments and users are reviewed by Autoblog staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week to determine whether they violate Community Guideline.
Every quarter, the DSA’s Downtown Residents Council hosts a forum to examine key issues impacting livability in Downtown Seattle.  This quarter, we examine disaster preparedness. Cost: Free for DSA resident members, their guests and those interested in learning more about the Downtown Residents Council. Lax safety policies guarantee that many people inside the inundation zone will not get out. If a magnitude 8.7 or greater earthquake were to strike off the coast of Seattle, then there would be severe damage in pockets within the city, but a Seattle earthquake would not flatten the entire city. Jeff is a self-proclaimed pragmatic futurist; that is, he has high hopes for absurd life-altering technologies which sound too good to be true, and probably are. Founded in 2013, Tech Gen Mag offers in-depth coverage of the latest news in tech, science and space. On December 14, 1872, a strong earthquake in the Cascade Mountains caused damage at Victoria, British Columbia, and Seattle.
Minor damage, such as cracked plaster and chimneys (MM VI - VII), was reported from North Bend, Palmer, and Stampede Pass following an earthquake on April 29, 1945. A shock, which reached a maximum intensity of VII at a number of places in the Puget Sound area was felt over about 182,000 square km, occurred on February 14, 1946. One of the strongest earthquakes on record for the Puget Sound area followed a few months later. Property damage estimated at upwards of $25 million resulted from a magnitude 7.0 earthquake near Olympia on April 13, 1949. On November 5, 1962, a moderately strong earthquake caused minor damage in the Vancouver, Washington - Portland, Oregon, area.
The shock was characterized by a relatively large intensity VII area and small pockets of intensity VIII damage in Seattle and Issaquah. The most recent major earthquake, the Nisqually quake, was a magnitude 6.8 quake and struck near Olympia, WA on February 28, 2001. Once we were in contract, Leif sent our information to a structural engineer who drew up the plans.
The Sound Seismic crew arrived on time and got started on this structurally engineered and contracted job.
Based in Ballard, the 2 man crew of Sound Seismic did a very clean, professional job of installing the earthquake retrofit. The hardest part of the process was moving our furniture and boxes out of the way to prepare the basement - after that things just moved along smoothly.
Matt was very professional and friendly, he always arrived on time and he communicated well, checking in with us at the end of each day to show us the progress of the work.
Thanks for the great work on the house - you've done an outstanding job of prompt, low-impact work - and leaving the job site in excellent shape.
An earthquake in 2001 damaged the viaduct, and the structural degradation has only gotten worse over the years. Two years ago, though, the state commissioned a video to show what would happen to the AWV if another serious earthquake hit. The problem is that there's a mayoral race happening right now, with the current mayor siding for the tunnel and his opponent is against it.
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That’s likely because many of us skim longer articles, and this one was very, very long. University of Washington Seismologist Bill Steele suggests people might have to survive on their own for up to a week, and should have emergency plans in the event of any natural disaster.
The chance of a Seattle earthquake measuring 9.0 or higher is roughly 15% over the next 50 years, and the science detailed in the New Yorker article is basically accurate.

Although he writes on a variety of subjects, his real passion is for technological innovation and the people who make it happen. Our goal is to enlighten, inform and entertain, providing readers a diverse mix of content that explores the impact of STEM on cultures and societies around the world. It was felt over a very large area, about 390,000 square kilometers, extending as far south as Eugene, Oregon, and north into British Columbia, probably even into Alaska. Also, plaster was thrown down at Bellingham and sidewalks were reported cracked and piers were damaged at Anacortes.
A few fallen and twisted chimneys (MM VII), cracked concrete and plaster, and broken windows occurred throughout the epicentral area.
Slight damage occurred in a number of other towns in the area and there were large rock slides on the west face of Mount Si. A few deaths were attributed indirectly to the shock; damage was estimated at $250,000, mostly in Seattle.
Three persons were killed by falling debris, and the deaths of four elderly women from heart failure were attributed to the earthquake.
Information about this earthquake is available from the Pacific Northwest Seismograph Network.
From the estimate to the finished job, Leif and his crew were professional, hard working, pleasant and exceptionally CLEAN.
They were upfront about the work that needed to be done, about the cost and about the specific changes that would be required. I was very happy with quality of the work and the way the crew kept the site clean and organized every day. Looking at their work lets me sleep better at night knowing my house is now very unlikely to shift off its foundations in an earthquake.
I was aware that it would be a challenge and it proved to offer more problems than we expected.
To forestall the possibility of having the conduit collapse in another natural disaster, the city and Port of Seattle, King County, and the state government agreed earlier this year to dig a deep-bore tunnel to go under the waterway and eventually shut down the viaduct. The six-minute CGI video that resulted could be a clip right out of the disaster movie 2012, and because of its sensationalism, it was never shown. It has therefore been suggested that the video has been released in order to help that current mayor's campaign – you would not want to be anywhere near the AWV and phrases like "liquefied soil" if the video is anywhere close to reality.
Twenty-nine per cent of the state’s population is disabled, and that figure rises in many coastal counties…Its height will vary with the contours of the coast, from twenty feet to more than a hundred feet. By day, he enjoys fuzzy bunnies, kittens, puppies, roller coasters and a sardonic written word or two.
Many reports described moderately loud to terrific explosion-like sounds accompanying the ground shaking. Most of the reported damage was limited to cracked plaster and slight chimney failure, but there were a few cases of spectacular building damage in Seattle. Several buildings had tile ceilings fall, and other damage such as cracked plaster and broken windows were reported. Leif Jackson, the owner, sat with us for two hours answering questions and explaining how earthquakes work.
The project lead was obviously well trained and knew what he was doing, was able to effectively manage and direct his crew and subcontractors. The job was completed in 4 days with great professionalism and dedication to the work completed.
They stick to a firm 8-hour work day for their employees and offer health benefits, a rarity in the contract world, it would seem. When they came out they told us what would need to be done, how it would be done and how much it would cost. You met them all and did a great job correcting the rot and damage that happened over the years since 1927, when the house was built. Seattle resident Elizabeth Campbell doesn't want the tunnel and recently requested to have the video released. It will not look like a Hokusai-style wave, rising up from the surface of the sea and breaking from above.

One concrete residence collapsed at Umapine; in addition, many walls and chimneys were cracked. Most of Washington and a portion of Oregon felt the tremor; it was also felt in some parts of British Columbia.
This earthquake was felt over the greater portion of Washington, a small section of western Idaho, and in the vicinity of Portland, Oregon, approximately 130,000 square km.
Heavy property damage was caused by falling parapet walls, toppled chimneys, and cracked walls (MM VIII). Two schools in West Seattle and two brick school buildings in Issaquah were damaged considerably. It seemed like a reasonable price for the work because I had read other people’s descriptions on retrofitting on Angies list.
So their bid was not the lowest, however was comparable to a number of other firms, within 5-10%. After saying that Campbell wouldn't get it for eight months, the city put the video on a local news show – and Campbell still hasn't received her copy.
At Freewater, practically all the chimneys that had been built during the last 10 years were damaged at the roof level. A strong aftershock caused additional slight damage at North Bend about 10 hours later; another aftershock on May 1 was widely felt. One person was drowned when a small boat was overturned by waves created by a nearby landslide. The tremor was felt over an area of approximately 52,000 square km of Washington and Oregon. Windows were broken and brick walls were cracked (MM VII) at Anacortes and Bellingham; there was some damage to houses on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.
Railroad service into Olympia was suspended for several days; railroad bridges south of Tacoma were thrown out of line, delaying traffic for several hours.
Buildings that apparently had been damaged in 1949 often sustained additional damage in 1965.
The most compelling was from FEMA warning people in the Puget Sound area to do everything they could to protect their homes because of our earthquake risk. Worked well will me to correct the problem and professional and reasonable about the change order. The most damaging effects in Washington were at Waitsburg, where several chimneys fell and plaster cracked.
A large portion of a sandy spit jutting into Puget Sound north of Olympia disappeared during the earthquake. The tremor was felt over 340,000 square km of Washington, Oregon, northern Idaho, northwestern Montana, and part of British Columbia. South of the Washington State boundary, some chimneys fell at Eastsound and on Orcas Island and a concrete mill was damaged at Port Angeles. Near Tacoma, a tremendous rockslide involving an 0.8 km section of a 90 meter cliff toppled into Puget Sound. The felt area covered about 272,000 square km, including most of Washington, Oregon, and northern Idaho.
The felt area extended eastward to western Montana and southward to Cape Blanco, Oregon, covering about 400,000 square km in the United States. They were one of the few providers in the area who would do the work - I thought the price was reasonable. Because of the work they did we were able to get earthquake insurance, which we had not been able to qualify for previously.

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