Ali Abdul Saoud Mohammed, who was an Army Special Forces instructor at the Special Ops Warfare School at Ft.
Sgt Hasan Akbar, who killed two of his soldiers and injured 14 others at a military base in Kuwait when he threw four grenades into three tents where soldiers were sleeping. As you all know, yesterday Obama had a Press Conference to talk about his gun control proposals and issues. Fareed Zakaria discusses Obama’s options for the near future now that he has been reelected and won his tax increase on the rich.
The people voted into office those morons who currently hold the majority power in the House of Representatives. This Warrants Serious Analysis, I Suppose: Is It OK To Profit From Cooking Other Cultures’ Food? As a security threat group coordinator you may discover a mysterious image that has been appearing on the skin and in the writings of a number of criminal organizations.
The mythology of Santisima Muerte teaches that the spirit has the power to affect events in the lives of humans. The image can be male or female in gender, and is depicted in a number of colors including red, black, gold, white and green. Offerings given to Santisima Muerte include gifts of flowers, fruit, coins, alcohol and cigarettes.
While inmates may not have access to statues of the saint, corrections personnel may observe inmates with tattoos of the saint. There are no established sacred texts or orthodox rituals associated with the image, but a traditional church has been established in Mexico with some branches throughout the United States.
The image’s subculture appears to be accepted within the religious cultures of Afro-Caribbean religions such as Santeria, Palo Mayombe and Haitian Voodoo. Santisima Muerte is but one of a few folk saints that are honored for the protective power over criminal activities. Reports of shrines discovered among drug labs and in the homes of drug dealers continue to grow. Tony Kail is the Director of the Forensic Theology Resource Center, a private agency that provides training and consultation to law enforcement and public safety agencies on unfamiliar religious groups and ritualistic crime.
The better you understand these factors, the better your chances of risk determination and risk identification.
NIST SP 800-39, Managing Information Security Risk is a document that defines risk management as the process of not only identifying risk but also, assessing risk, and taking steps to mitigate risks for fit within one of the types or risk, risk acceptance.

2)  Threat Identification – Without a defined threat, there is no way to quantify or identify a threat. 3)  Vulnerability Identification – Once the asset and threat are identified, you can more easily determine if your system has a weakness for that particular disaster or exploit. 4)  Security Control Analysis – If your system already has security controls in place, you must take that into account because this may lower your risk. 5)  Likelihood determination – The probability that your asset will be exploited is based on the threat source motivation, threat capability, your vulnerability and the security controls you have in place. 6)  Impact Analysis – This where you gather all the data from asset identification, threat source, vulnerability identification, security controls, likelihood of attack and figure you what would happen if something really did happen.
Ultimately it is the information system owner and authorizing official that must make a determination on what kind of risk they will accept, but they rely heavily on the expertise of an information security engineer, information system security manager,  information system security officer and technical professionals to articulate what is happening on the ground. I have done a lot of work with Risk Management Framework for DoD IT (formerly DIACAP,DITSCAP). Bragg while simultaneously being a trainer for al-Qaida and traveling overseas to fight with jihadists. Its exact origins are unknown, but there are a number of speculations that the icon comes from a mixture of Aztec heritage, Spanish Catholicism and even African religious culture. Events surrounding money, love and justice can be manipulated through the power of the folk saint.
The statue is hollowed out with various ingredients such as beans, rice, coins and thread placed inside.
The three primary areas of magical assistance appear to focus on physical and spiritual protection, good fortune and issues relating to love.
There is an established church for the folk saint known as the ‘Traditional Catholic Church of Mexico-United States’ in Mexico City. Some believe she is simply a saint that can identify with the poor, the sick and the oppressed. Santisima Muerte is the personification of death and may be honored in order to avoid her wrath. The religious communities of Mexican Curanderismo and Brujeria also appear to incorporate the image into their spiritual practices. The folk saint ‘Jesus Malverde’ is a ‘robin hood’ of sorts from Sinaola Mexico that was hung for committing crimes in the early 1900s. A number of incidents surrounding the figure continue to give the spirit’s reputation more credibility as a protector of crime.

Corrections personnel should familiarize themselves with the use of the image among the inmate population.
1 extremist threat to America – ahead of groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, KKK, Nation of Islam, al-Qaida, Hamas and others.
Regardless of the figure’s origin, its current symbolism has criminal justice professionals concerned. Current literature and personal interviews with followers communicate a focus on the spirit’s power to protect criminals from law enforcement. These ingredients represent various aspects of the saint and are typically ‘sealed’ in the base of the statue with wax.
For example, a black statue represents protection and aggressive magic while red represents matters pertaining to love. Traditional religious artifacts of the Catholic Church such as rosary beads and prayer cards may be found in her shrine.
Most followers of the saint appear to be practicing rituals obtained through oral teachings and a few written prayer books available through some retail outlets. The ‘angel of death’ may also give her followers ‘psychological strength’ if they believe that she will keep them from death. Some followers of the folk saint call upon her powers without fully integrating the saint into their full-time religious practices. His image is adorned on jewelry for his ability to protect narcotics traffickers from law enforcement authorities. Murdered victims of the notorious Mexican Gulf Cartel were left at a public shrine to Santisima Muerte in Monterrey Mexico on May 11, 2007. International newspapers have even carried examples of ‘prayers’ that drug dealers offer to the spirit. Some variations of the saint include removable hands, which can be removed from the image and returned to the image when the prayers are answered. Catholicism and ultra-orthodox Judaism are also on the list of religious extremist organizations.Following the briefing, one of the soldiers who attended the presentation and describes himself as an evangelical told the trainer he was offended at the material and asked for a copy of the briefing. Among them are:Navy petty officer Hassan Abujihad who emailed classified information to jihadists for possible attacks while serving on a destroyer.

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