WarrantyTMG warrants that if, for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase within thirty (30) days, we will provide a replacement or refund. In the event of a major problem, whether it's a cyber attack, political unrest or a natural disaster, getting critical information to the right people in a timely manner is crucial. To address this, Dell Software has formed a partnership with enterprise risk visualization software company, IDV Solutions to integrate Dell's AlertFind enterprise notification solution with IDV's Visual Command Center. The IDV Visual Command Center offers businesses a single, integrated picture of their asset locations and risk events that may threaten them. Dell's AlertFind is a cloud-based service that provides communication with employees in the event of an emergency. Jonathan Wolf, director, product management at Dell Software says, "Dell is committed to helping organizations maintain business continuity during emergencies, even when communications infrastructure may be impacted. The Bross Group brings grade 'A' players to bear, but as important, demonstrates good business acumen and a solid methodology. Does your association have the ability to identify, plan, and protect itself from cyber security threats? Cyber security continues to become one of the most important aspects of your association’s technology solutions. Comodo Korugan Unified Threat Management is the best solution to fight malicious attacks against Enterprise Network with Web Filtering, Firewall and more. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. For example, I live in rural Shasta County, California, where police have killed at least nine men since 2009, six white, two Native American and one Latino. All of the Shasta County cases are representative of the difficult, potentially lethal situations individual law enforcement officers across the country face on a daily basis. Totally outmanned, law enforcement have adopted what Commander Dale Brown calls “fearlosophy,” the use of fear to justify the use of force. Based in Detroit, Brown recently visited Chico at the behest of Sean Worthington, a founder of Liberty Rising, a fledgling group of Butte County libertarians who, like presidential candidate and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, are decidedly pro-cannabis.
That story documented the militarized weaponry and tactics used by northern California law enforcement’s marijuana eradication squads, even though growing medical marijuana is legal in the state of California and recreational cannabis is about to become legal across the nation. His company first gained major recognition in the late 1990s, after successfully stopping an organized crime ring from preying on a Detroit-based trucking company.
Dale Brown and Detroit Threat Management Center provided security and rescue services during Hurricane Katrina.
Brown has spent the better part of three decades developing a security training system he calls Eclectikan.
Perhaps the most important information Brown has to impart to youngsters concerns the steps that should be followed by anyone confronted by a police officer: Don’t run, keep your hands out of your pockets and say hello.
Brown’s Chico visit came immediately after two separate incidents of violence in the downtown residential district favored by Chico State University students. Worthington’s libertarian vision of alternative policing is consumer-driven and involves splitting today’s force into two separate departments: law enforcement and public safety. The department of public safety would function as a highly visible deterrent force in neighborhoods, schools and business. A future Chico Department of Public Safety built along these lines might go a long ways toward creating a safer environment for students, residents and businesses. There’s no reason besides money that a public agency can’t provide such services, but there’s a benefit to hiring a private company to do the job: Accountability. To that end Brown’s security officers are trained in the use of a wide variety of nonlethal weapons, including tasers, stun grenades, rubber balls and electric shock wands. When Brown and his troops are all geared up, they could easily be mistaken for members of Seal Team Six. I asked Brown if the militarization of police forces is necessary to protect public safety. He calls the look of today’s kevlar-clad police officers “paramilitary positive.” The guys who made “The Incredible Hulk” had it backwards, Brown says.
The first five paragraphs are back in the article, so make sure you read from the beginning again!
If I, then, encounter cops who are rude, aggressive, bullies, I know it is THEM, not me, that’s out of line.

As a journalist, my role by its very nature is supposed to be adversarial, which suits my personality. What could possibly go wrong with a seal team (like) armed outfit roaming the streets of any city. This idea is really disturbing to me , it seems a big enough problem to have to worry about a cop confronting me now I would have to worry about these armed gangs roaming the streets following what rules, whose rules.
If I recall Black Water in it’s day met with state and city representatives offering similar services but more on the intervention side of things. Unfortunately the online version doesn’t have the sidebar the print edition does on clarifying marijuana laws in Colorado. I do not like the stories I hear coming out of Colorado, and I do not like the Colorado Cannabis Carpetbaggers invading California and Oregon.
I do not use marijuana, medical or recreational, and live in a state, Wyoming, where marijuana is illegal but I can drive twenty miles south and legally use marijuana by just showing my government issued ID to prove I am over 21, wonder if they would accept my draft card. Yet I read in articles on here and in the fish wrap about how legal medical patients are denied their medicine in California, a state that legalized medical marijuana almost twenty years ago. It is the policeman that must remain polite, courteous, and respectful throughout the performance of their duties. Unfortunately Techter I appear to have had the same negative experiences with policemen as you. I suppose I could have called the officer names and laced my refusals with F words, but the best I could have hoped for was the same result. Just to be sure the readership knows we have been down this dusty trail previously, the Rottweiler is one of the oldest known breed of dogs. How many of the mentally ill become because they have been using drugs, beginning with marijuana and many graduating to stronger drugs. When I volunteered at a rehabilitated addict live-in drug rehab a number of years ago, I was told by the addicts I would never become an addict because I wanted to be aware of what was going on with me, around me, and the world.
I don’t want to see anyone killed, but it will happen again by the police or to police, but remember, where is the sorry for the officers that are killed in the line of duty.
I have heard that a third (on average) of those who are attracted to urban police work in this country come into the field with a mindset and tendency that easily lend to abusive behavior and police brutality while on the job. When a cop crosses the line and police immediately conduct their own investigation and cover-up, the ugly notion of corruption emerges, unfortunately. Assuming all people who join the police are bad, then how do you feel about other professions such as teaching, where both female and males are sex offenders, or the governments that have other crimes. Ginny — BG alluded to a study that allegedly found that one-third of urban cops are ill-suited for the job owing to attitudinal issues.
Ginny- I did not respond to your comment(s) because I was not sure who they were directed to. The combined product will give companies the ability to monitor and respond to security threats by enabling communication with affected employees when a risk occurs (via email, text, voice, pager or fax) and track real-time status of message recipients to know who has responded and who may require assistance. This information is combined with things like floor plans, security systems and details of internal procedures to provide a single resource when disaster strikes. It's scalable to meet the needs of large organizations and can deliver communication via a variety of routes with the ability to track responses. Integration with a risk monitoring platform is a natural extension of the value Dell AlertFind brings to the entire risk management process.
The recent death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray while in the custody of the Baltimore Police Department was just the latest in a long series of officer involved killings that have focused the public’s attention on the use of deadly force by police. I occasionally do freelance work for Fatal Encounters, an online database that’s attempting to catalog every officer-involved fatality in the United States, and it’s clear the phenomenon is widespread and crosses all color lines. Brown is the founder of the Detroit Threat Management Center, a private security company that teaches communities and corporations how to properly manage human threats and create non-violent outcomes, instead of the never-ending string of fatalities visited upon us now. As I was working on the story, the events of Ferguson, Missouri were exploding on TV screens across the globe.
His company has been applauded for its volunteer work helping victims of domestic abuse as well as providing additional security during Hurricane Katrina. It combines elements of tactical psychology, tactical law and tactical skills in order to better manage human threats and create non-violent outcomes.
Brown’s company offers its services, including self-defense training for boys and girls, to private companies as well as public entities such as school districts.

A male student was killed in a shooting at a house party and a woman was brutally beaten and hospitalized by an unknown assailant, leading Chico State students concerned about safety to take to the streets in protest.
These services could be provided by competing private enterprises like Brown’s Threat Management Center and in Worthington’s view should include an emphasis on self-reliance.
It wouldn’t necessarily come cheap, especially if providing facilities for the mentally ill and homeless people sleeping in the streets is factored into the equation, in accordance with Brown’s altruistic philosophy. When someone is killed on Brown’s watch, there’s no immunity because he’s not a public servant. Just days before I talked to him, police in Ferguson were highly criticized for their militarized appearance and tactics. I recognize that they have a tough, thankless job, and that they sometimes face situations that can turn deadly in an instant. If police departments could adopt his altruist approach, and communities would back them with the resources to help the sick and the homeless, the world would be a better place. Features include automated escalation, text to speech conversion and conference call bridging. We’re excited about the Dell AlertFind and IDV Solutions Visual Command Center integration. Conducting an audit will help create a plan to fit your budget, and levels of security needed. In Brown’s view, anyone can and should learn how to apply these tactics to some degree, including children. I documented similar tactics deployed against northern California medical marijuana patients in “The Valley of Fear”. I used to wrestle with him like he was a human being and occasionally he’d overpower me, pin me down and lick my face nonstop.
I’m critical of how often SWAT teams are used in America today, when not so long ago they were reserved for the most dangerous situations. Remember, if you do have an encounter with one of those rare officers who are on the edge, you may get away with being verbally abusive, but the next citizen could pay the price for your behavior. Recently, a citizen’s cell phone video captured such a scenario when a cop was caught planting illegitimate evidence to support his (lie) story after shooting a unarmed man multiple times. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without permission. Not only do we use this integrated solution internally at Dell, but many of our customers -- particularly Global 500 organizations -- use or are evaluating Visual Command Center". The cost of each intrusion is heavily increasing with the cost rising 95% in the last 4 years.
Instead of arresting destitute and mentally ill homeless people in street encounters that can turn deadly in a heartbeat, the focus is on getting them help.
Brown notes that the fear expressed by some police officers that a suspect might reach for their service weapon can be a sign of poor training. He always let me back up, but in the back of my mind, I always wondered, what if he doesn’t?
If you are constantly negative or a general pest, troll, or hater, we will ban you from the site forever.
And yeah, right here in Shasta County, the use of building codes to circumvent the Fourth Amendment still has steam coming out of my ears. Instead of addressing those issues in a meaningful fashion, we’ve left the entire mess for the police to clean up.
We hear a lot nowadays about excessive use of force, but what we seldom hear about are those officers who have risked their own well-being to capture a suspect when use of deadly force would have been justified. The ecosystem of bad guys is now the way of the “world”; this is not the ‘teenage hacker’ problem of the 80’s.

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