You know youa€™ve made a staggeringly good film when the commercial director sitting in the audience sits slack jawed for almost the entirety of the thing. Thata€™s Gravity, Alfonso CuarA?na€™s 91-minute space blockbuster that everyone in the ad business needs to see, like, right now. Like any good director, Ia€™ve experienced hundreds of films in cinema, but as I sat in the 3D IMAX theatre, I struggled for a way to accurately and fully describe Gravity. A powerful symphony is the meshing of so many elements to create something that can be both explosive and moving.
Now, Ia€™m a director who loves to work in cinema, so I need to talk about how impressive the 3D is here. Gravity is also one of those films that shouldna€™t just be seen on the big screen, it begs to be seen on the BIGGEST screen. AboutCreative Social was founded in 2004, by Daniele Fiandaca and Mark Chalmers, as a collective of the worlda€™s most pioneering interactive creative directors & business owners, a collective who recognised that collaborating in this digital landscape is the way that wea€™ll advance the industry and enjoy our life work imbalance even more. Our aim from the outset has been to inspire the industry, promote the industry, educate the industry and have fun doing do so.
Since then, people have been coming up to me all day asking what format they should see the film in. It's also good to keep in mind that Cuaron's been working on "Gravity" for the past four-and-a-half years.
If that doesn't have you convinced, chances are you're going to be shelling out to see the film in at least 3-D anyway since the majority of the screenings aren't inA 2-D. Now that you have that down, you probably want to know which theaters are playing the film in both IMAX and 3-D.A We'll help you out (provided you're in NYC). Here is the list of all theaters and showtimes in the NYC area with IMAX 3-D showings Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
Most movies I see in the theater these days are based on pre-existing properties, and that’s sad. I’d love to see more films like Gravity, a new film by Alfonso Cuaron starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney (and basically no one else).
Though the mind-blowing, sci-fi film Gravity didn't take home Best Picture, director Alfonso Cuaron still walked away with an Oscar for his work behind the camera, and it was well-deserved.
Gravity is directed by visionary Mexican filmmaker Alfonso Cuaron (watch our interview here), of Great Expectations, Y Tu Mama Tambien, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and the sci-fi Children of Men previously. Gravity: Do they get the science right in the new action film Gravity?Courtesy WikipediaFilm goers will have the chance to travel through space this weekend with the blockbuster movie "Gravity" hitting the theaters. I've come to expect Hollywood to place loose and easy with actual science when it comes to movies with scientific themes.
Click on the link above to get detailed analysis of what's scientifically right and wrong with Gravity.
We often hear about gravity being different on other planets--the Moon is an oft-cited example of how weaker gravity makes you weigh less.
Luckily, those crafty Europeans came up with the GOCE (Gravity field and steady-state Ocean Circulation Explorer) satellite, which has painted the clearest picture yet of the geoid. By developing this most-accurate-to-date geoid and ocean circulation model, researchers have created a picture of sea level at its natural state and modeled some of the processes that alter that state, so that we have a reference point for understanding many of the less-defined factors in sea level rise. GOCE Satellite: The Gravity field and steady-state Ocean Circulation ExplorerCourtesy ESACan it be true? So, as I gobble down another mouthful of leftover turkey and mashed potatoes, I can feel confident that my holiday weight gain and the structure of the universe are of grave importance to the physicists of the world!
See, unlike your average Friday Extravaganza, a Thursday Explosion has no focus; it’s just kind of all over the place. Check it out: a baby mouse was put into a little chamber and subjected to an intense magnetic field. Unfortunately, the first mouse wasn’t quite ready for life as an aviator, and upon levitation, he began to, as scientists say, “flip his Schmidt.” Lil’ mousey started kicking, and spinning, and with minimal resistance in the chamber, he started spinning faster and faster. Aside from the excitement normally associated with floating mice, the experiment is promising in that it may be a useful way to study the effects of long term exposure to microgravity without bringing a subject to space. I’m not talking about the senseless murder of bugs, either—everybody already knew that great tits are primarily insectivores. As fun as it is to keep writing “great tits” with no explanation, I suppose we should be clear that great tits are a type of song bird common in Europe and Asia. Meat eating great tits had been reported in other parts of Europe, but it was thought that those individuals had only consumed already-dead animals. If it really is just the Hungarian population that engages in this behavior, the situation also brings up the possibility of culture in the birds.
Now, the same group of paleontologists is proposing that raptor claws were also well suited to tree climbing. The researchers do acknowledge that tree climbing wouldn’t have been every raptor’s cup of tea, however. Researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences are about to test the controversial theory that gravity drops slightly during a total eclipse. The best chance to prove the gravity anomaly is this Wednesday during the longest eclipse duration of the 21st Century. Like the best cinema spots, it needs to be in a captive, immersive, bright environment with 3D and massive surround sound.

Check out the second trailer a€“ ita€™s here a€“ for a taste of what this 3D cinematic symphonya€™s all about.
We have so far visited Amsterdam, Antwerp, Barcelona, Berlin, London, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Sao Paolo, Shanghai and Stockholm. PicturesI saw an IMAX 3-D screening of Alfonso Cuaron's space epicA "Gravity" Wednesday and loved it. Much less do I enjoy telling friends and family to watch a movie in the format.A Not only are the glasses awkward and slightly dorky to wear, but many films aren't made to be seen in 3-D. Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed The Avengers and the Iron Man movies, and I’m looking forward to the next X-Men, but I’d love to see Hollywood tell more good, original stories that are uniquely suited for the medium — stories that aren’t crafted by committee by-the-numbers fashion to appeal to the greatest number of people. An accident in space sends a medical engineer and astronaut adrift, and they need to get to safety.
The pacing, the dialogue, the obstacles — it’s all as close to perfect as we can reasonably expect.
And while the film is kind of old news now as we move on to the releases of 2014, there's still some cool stuff surfacing surrounding the impressive piece of cinema. The screenplay was written by Alfonso and his son Jonas Cuaron and the film stars Sandra Bullock and George Clooney.
25th, 2014 Here is footage from a helmet cam of a base jumper who leaped off 1 World Trade Center in lower Manhattan last fall. Its a ficticious story about two American astronauts dealing with disaster during a space shuttle mission. And then today I stumbled upon this article in Time by Jeffrey Kluger, the co-author, with astronaut Jim Lovell, of Lost Moon: The Perilous Voyage of Apollo 13, which was the basis of the Apollo 13 movie released in 1995.
What do you think about its accuracy in portraying the science of living and traveling in space? All I can think is “OMG!!!!” And each exclamation point I think is like a blood vessel bursting in my brain!
Because the biggest explosions today aren’t happening in little tubes in my head, they’re happening in the world of science!
Forget everything you thought you knew about great tits and get schooled once again, my friends, for great tits are killers! The tits of Hungary were actually observed flying into bat caves, where they would capture tiny, hibernating pipistrelle bats and drag them out of the cave to devour them alive.
That is, if this isn’t some sort of innate behavior, but something learned and taught, and passed through generations that way, it could be considered culture.
I think it’s part of kindergarten curriculum now, just between how not to accidentally poison yourself, and why you shouldn’t swear and hit.
There’s a dromaeosaur (it looks a lot like a velociraptor) skeleton here at the museum, and I seem to remember that its tale was supposed to be very stiff—it has these cartilage rods running the length of the tail to keep it rigid.
A little thing called gravity is going into question during the total solar eclipse on July 22nd. If not, here’s a refresher: “A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon lies between the Sun and Earth, casting its shadow on our planet. Paul, the only way for us to see the total solar eclipse would be to buy a one-way ticket to the eastern hemisphere.
Originally observed in 1954, the French physicist Maurice Allais noticed erratic behavior in a swinging pendulum when the eclipse passed over Paris. This is why Chinese geophysicists are preparing six different sites with an array of highly sensitive instruments to take gravitational readings during the total eclipse.
02nd, 2009 Okay, there's gravity involved in this story so that makes it scientific, right? Pictures#10You've never seen Bullock like thisGravity took the Venice and Toronto film festivals by storm. The visuals are really something special, and thata€™s saying a lot in a world where wea€™ve experienced everything from The Matrixa€™s a€?bullet timea€? to Avatara€™s forests. The drop outs juxtaposed against big explosions gave me a half dozen new ideas for commercial pitches in the coming weeks. Ita€™s used effectively to convey a sense of motion and terror as shrapnel whooshes toward Sandra Bullock. This is the best excuse for visual storytelling (and 3D advertising) since Avatar and the box office is showing it. This is about as close to the actual experience of being in space that I will likely ever get. In this case, Framestore, who was responsible for the insane visual effects that ran through the entirety of the film, crafted a bunch of poster designs to promote the film, but only a few were used. This is an illegal activity and three of the four people involved in this jump were arrested yesterday.
But those three feet will be distributed differently throughout the world, and studying that distribution is pretty complicated. The shapes traced are pretty awesome.Courtesy Joel BonaseraCheck out this awesome gravity simulator (you'll need Flash and a decent processor).
There are all these stories, but we really have to stretch to fit them into a single post… so the loose theme of this explosion will, fittingly, be “flying things.” Am I not helping? Subsequent floating mice were given a mild sedative before flying (pretty much the same thing my mom does), and they seemed cool with it.

It even appeared that the birds had learned to listen for the bats’ disturbed squeaking (or, as I like to think of it, their horrified shrieking)—when the same noise (which is too high for humans to hear) was played back for captured tits, 80% of the birds became interested (read: bloodthirsty) at the sound. Well, I remember reading a news item a couple years ago about how some paleontologists were thinking that raptors’ famous giant toe claws may not have been for disemboweling their prey. Depending on the location of the observer on the Earth’s surface, the observer may see a total solar eclipse, a partial solar eclipse or none at all. The path of the eclipse will start in eastern India and end about 2,000 miles south of Hawaii. The shift in direction of the pendulum’s swing suggests a sudden change in gravitational pull. Check out this video report from KSTP-TV about a brazen BASE jumper at the W Hotel (old Foshey Tower) and the trouble that ensued.
On stage in Toronto, the actress said she felt she hadn't deserved her 2010 Oscar for The Blind Side, "So I thought, OK, I'm going to spend the rest of my life hopefully earning it." The thriller puts her into orbit opposite Clooney as astronauts whose mission goes terribly wrong. Gravity is a film that is tailor made for the big screen, saturating the frame with stunning imagery.
As a case for 3D cinema advertising, this is as close as movie goers are likely to get to a brand a€“ without buying it!
Pitching visual storytelling as an immersive digital experience – with big picture, big sound and 3D a€“ just got a lot easier. Gravity isn’t just about getting home — it’s about finding the will to persevere when it seems like you have no reason to go on.
And since gravity impacts things like sea level and currents, it's important to understand how it varies.
Its wobbly surface represents what shape the oceans would take without current, wind, or tide to move them.
There's the impact of the geoid and of gravity from large ice sheets, but winds and water circulation, water temperature, salinity, meltwater from ice sheets, rainwater runoff, and land changes all leave their marks. You can introduce objects of different mass and watch how their gravitational pull moves them through space.
And because those squishy little mice are so full of water, the mouse itself levitated along with the water. Now and again the floating mice would drift out of the region of the magnetic field, but upon falling back into it they’d float right back up. Instead, the scientists proposed, raptors would lodge the massive claw into the skin of their prey with a kick, and then use it to hang on to the unlucky animal while the raptor went bite-crazy. The researchers point out that the microraptor a tiny relative of the velociraptor, had feathered limbs to help it glide down from high places, so it’s not a stretch to think that its cousins were comfortable in trees too. During which it will be visible for nearly 6 minutes in China, and that’s where Newton steps in (not literally of course). For the creatives like me, there is a visual playground that reminds you to consider the whole frame as you put the story in the foreground and background. I found my eyes darting everywhere in the frame to drink it all in and was glad I had a notebook with me to scribble down idea after idea for new projects. When not creating commercials in 2D and 3D, he can be found watching movies the way they were meant to be seen – in cinema! After remaining in a levitating state for several hours, the mice got used to it, and even ate and drank normally. The researchers had made a simulation of a raptor claw, and found that it could easily puncture thick skin and flesh, it didn’t seem to be sharp enough to actually cut the skin.
USA TODAY's Andrea Mandell, Bryan Alexander and Scott Bowles count down 10 key reasons why the film is on a mission toward Oscar glory. The filmmakers cut out all the fat, and the audience remains tense throughout this entire experience. Protoplanetary disk theory is one explanation for planetary development, and you can investigate it on your own on the site. Once I have a complex system started, I like to throw a huge mass through and see how it wrecks the balance of forces. So what was really interesting for me to see the journey, how the character of Ryan starts so far away from what Sandra is."Warner Bros. Pictures#9No more seat fatigueAt just 91 minutes, Gravity is sharply conceived, tightly written and wondrously shot. Which makes the white-knuckle experience almost a relief after a legion of long-winded dramas took over the multiplex recently. Pictures#8Stunning, 'Planet Earth'-style backdropsThe filmmakers initially thought Gravity would be simple to make.
Jonas predicted: "It's only two characters, in space, it will only require a little bit of maybe wire and some green screens?" Instead, the film took four and a half years to create. Pictures#7It's actually worth it to see it in 3DWhether you love Hollywood's favorite new dimension or eschew it, it's worth it to see Gravity on the biggest screen possible and in 3-D (it's available in 2-D, 3-D and IMAX formats).

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