When the original See No Evil hit theaters in 2006 it not only brought wrestler Kane onto the big screen, but unleashed a new potential horror icon with Jacob Goodnight.
Last Summer news arrived that those talented Soska sisters (below) would be tackling slasher sequel 'See No Evil 2'.
Kane and The Soska Sisters have been at Comic-Con sharing all-new details on See No Evil 2, so be sure to check back soon for our exclusive interviews.

OverviewAfter Jacob Goodnight goes on a gruesome killing rampage at the Blackwell Hotel, he ends up in the morgue.
A blind man and his deaf friend go on the run to clear themselves of a trumped-up murder charge.
However, all kinds of oddball characters are on their trail, determined to get hold of a top-secret microchip that the duo do not realise they have.

When a man is found murdered outside the newsstand where they work the police collar these two unlikely buddies as theyre main suspects.

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