Tune up your ride with our high quality See-Through decals: we offer a wide range of cool and slick designs. To play safe add an extra 2 to 4” to your width and your height, you will trim the extras of material after application.
Please note that Dezign With a Z can not be held responsible for any unsafe use or use not compliant with the DMV regulation.
Brothers Fake A Zombie Apocalypse To Prank Little Sister After Wisdom Teeth Surgery, And It’s Hilarious! If you happened to have been in London Sunday afternoon (September 7), you may have been surprised to see a car flying through London’s skies. Before you stop reading because you think this is a line of junk, there are photos to prove it, like the one above.

Another Twitter user just happened to be on the iconic Tower Bridge when the scene straight out of a dream or a Hollywood movie played out right above the man named Chris and his smartphone.
Some Twitter users started to get real curious, which I have to admit I would have been too considering the country is on a high alert for terrorist acts in the wake of all that has been going on in the Middle East with ISIS reigning terror down on Iraq and executing two journalists on tape. After doing some digging, the website London24 was able to figure out that the car flying through London was actually part of a publicity stunt by Jaguar as it launches its latest vehicle. In a story on the British This is Money website, they report that the stunt was actually planned for Monday (September 8).
Selena gomez gave her fans a sneak peek at one of her new songs on snapchat on friday evening (april 8).
Whether you drive a minivan or the newest BMW, your car will be the coolest one on the road!

You can use it on any glass surface or windows, inside or outside your home or office space! Anyone know why there’s a helicopter carrying a car currently hovering over Tower Bridge in London?
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