HOME OR BUSINESS EMERGENCY KITS for any emergencyFirst Aid kit, Torch, Bottled water,rubber gloves, battery operated radio,medication. Victoria State Emergency Servicea€™s (SES) South Barwon Unit will have a new home soon following an announcement by South Barwon MP Andrew Katos.
Mr Katos yesterday unveiled the site for the new $15.6 million Waurn Ponds Victoria Police and Victoria State Emergency Services Complex. Joined by police and SES members, he said the newly-purchased Rossak Drive land would house a 24-hour police station, SES unit headquarters and training facility.
Three representatives from Victoria State Emergency Service (SES) attended the Sixth Annual Australasian Natural Hazards Management Conference in New Zealand recently. Staff member Gary Whewell from State Operations, and two volunteers a€“ Geelong Unit Controller Matt Smith and MarysvilleA Deputy Controller Jo Hunter a€“ attended the week-long conference in Christchurch last month. The conference was an opportunity for emergency managers and professionals from other fields to discuss the integration of hazard management with emergency risk management.
Heavily influenced by the earthquakes that struck Christchurch in 2010 and 2011, the conference explored the ideas around warning systems, applying hazard information to best practice planning, improving response and recovery and creating resilient communities. For SESa€™ contingent, surveying the still obvious aftermath of the earthquake was as valuable as the conference itself. The SES group a€“ some of the few first responders at the conference a€“ took the time to tour the New Zealand Coast and Christchurcha€™s a€?Red Zonea€™, where buildings have been demolished and, due to the threat of future earthquakes, will never be rebuilt. Matt said the devastating earthquakes had brought communities together, and given him pause. Gary Whewell said the conference provided a deep insight into the socioeconomic and psychological impacts of the earthquakes, as well as the physical ones.
Gary was also struck by the widespread nature of the disaster a€“ more than 1,600 properties will be demolished and the CBD has been effectively erased.
Community-level planning had served towns extremely well, Gary said, providing a€?pockets of hopea€? amongst the devastation and a model Victoria would be smart to adopt.
While Victoria didna€™t face the same level of earthquake risk as New Zealand, there was a risk across a large part of the state, Gary said. This brochure contains information that can help you prepare for and protect your property and members of your household during a flood. With the Tweed Shire home to around 20,000 people over the age of 65, the NSW SES has sought to address the needs of these citizens by developing a specially tailored FloodSafe Guide. For more information on Flood Watches, Flood Warnings , Evacuation Warnings and Evacuation Orders , click on the links. 1 of 122, Jess a€?Slambi Laupera€™ Fletcher from the City Sirens will be up against Karen a€?Razza Makazza€™ Galea from the Missfits in Ipswicha€™s first roller derby bout on Sunday.
3 of 122, Mariah Carew was named winner of the senior section of the Bundy Icon Model Search 2011. 4 of 122, Sergeant Dallas Leven of Grafton highway patrol said results from a recent police blitz on drink driving suggested many Clarence Valley drivers were still ignoring the risks of driving under the influence of alcohol.
5 of 122, Students Byron Roberts, Jordan Barnham and Jack Baker-Sime hope to hold special Banana Festival performances.
6 of 122, Paul Zanuso, the father of Nathan Zanuso who was killed in an accident on the Pacific Highway last year near Ulmarra, places a cross on the side of the road at the site of the crash.
7 of 122, Liam MacPhail, Rory MacPhail and Tom Swift from Cudgen SLSC in training ahead of the junior NSW Surf Life Saving Championships at Kingscliff.
11 of 122, Jimmy Armstrong, Brandon Zysk and TJ Esau familiarise themselves with the beer goggles and standard drink measures. 12 of 122, MOUNTING UP: Volunteers walk beside a pile of debris removed from flood damaged houses in Fairfield. 14 of 122, Going off: Fireworks explode over Main Beach, Yamba, as part of the Pacific Hotela€™s New Yeara€™s fireworks. 15 of 122, Brian Gold is a big kid at heart and loves turning his Currimundi home into a Christmas wonderland. 16 of 122, WINNING RIDE: Brett Cross doesna€™t look too comfortable but he scored enough points to share victory on Saturday in the open bull ride.

17 of 122, Bernice Welch and her grand-daughter Sophie Johnson attending the QT Adopt-a-Family movie screening where movie-goers were asked to bring a can of food. 18 of 122, Paul Jones from the Grafton SES freeing a Willy Wagtail from the Vent on top of Gon' Fishin. 19 of 122, Carols by Candlelight events will fill the region with Christmas spirit this weekend. 26 of 122, Australian working dog rescue foster carer Sandra Ward of Bundamba with Cherry (left) and her cat Norton.
27 of 122, Coffs Harbour's Chris Hales gets the chop for charity after agreeing to shave off his 30cm mane, snowy beard and moustache to raise almost $5000 for beyondblue. 28 of 122, Cameron Grant of Inspired Youth Performing Arts performs his fire twirling moves for the crowd at the North Coast National Exhibition 2010 in Lismore.
29 of 122, Tickled pink Cancer Council volunteers Kathy Derrett and Meg Oa€™Hara in the mood to mark Pink Ribbon Day.
30 of 122, MasterChef contestant Aaron Harvie and Natalie Miller celebrate their marriage on Mr Harviea€™s mothera€™s property at Teven last month. 32 of 122, Striking pose: Zane Melton and Alicia Marcy will dance together for the last time at their annual concert next Saturday.
33 of 122, Phil Rettkea€™s time exposure photo of the final F-111 dump-and-burn over Bundamba on Saturday night.
34 of 122, David Halliwell is taking part in 1200km bike ride to raise funds for Brisbane and Sydneya€™s Royal Childrena€™s hospitals. 35 of 122, Haoyan Kotis releases 17 doves as a last Hervey Bay goodbye at yesterdaya€™s memorial service for her husband. 37 of 122, To celebrate the arrival of the finalists in this yeara€™s Archibald Prize, Coffs Harbour locals were invited to come as their favourite portrait. 38 of 122, SENIOR CONSTABLE Nick Dixon prepares to lead the procession at the police remembrance day service at the Christchurch Cathedral in Grafton. 39 of 122, Matt Geronimi from this yeara€™s So You Think You Can Dance series on Channel 10 came to the BOK dance school in Pottsville. 40 of 122, Kulangoor farmer Kelvin Yarrow has made headlines after blocking roads on his farm with tractors to stop workers from the Northern Network Alliance from entering the property.
41 of 122, The congregation came out in force to bless the new St Matthewa€™s Anglican Church in Dunoon, after the original was destroyed in a freak tornado. 44 of 122, TAKE THE PLUNGE: Warm weather prompts Shaynne Ford to shed her winter coat and explore the depths of what Gladstone has to offer. 45 of 122, Amazing atmospheric sight: Reader and dedicated storm-chaser Chris McFerran sent us this stunning snap of a rare pileus cap cloud from earlier in the week. 46 of 122, Big stretch: Karlee Maguire (purple), Emily Rowles (blue) and Alycia Keane (grey) limber up as a special dance course at Tweed is taking placements for next year. 47 of 122, Boonaha€™s a€?perfect figa€™, the central figure in a€?The Treea€™, and (above) just one of the scenes tourists will delight in when they tour the Scenic Rim region after seeing the movie.
48 of 122, Ipswich Hospital Emergency Services director Stephen Brierley is moving on after 13 years in the position. 49 of 122, NERVOUS WAIT: Nev Reeves ponders the prospect of winning $100,000 from Keno if he kicks a goal from half-way. 50 of 122, Surfing photographer Patrick Gorbunovs captured this image of a shark while surfing in the Byron Bay area. 51 of 122, Team-of-the-century member Syd Clarke, a former Nambour All Whites captain-coach, is looking forward to being inducted into the Hall of Fame. 52 of 122, Friends release 99 red balloons in memory of Anthony Hiro Nagata who died one year ago.
53 of 122, One of the baby crocs at Koorana Croc Farm during their best laying season in 10 years. 54 of 122, OFF HIS TROLLEY: Councillor Paul Tully is fuming over Woolwortha€™s trolley ruling. 55 of 122, BARGAIN: Councillor Trevor Nardi sits in one of the impounded cars which will be auctioned off tomorrow.

56 of 122, White-out: Teacher Ebany Draper with Ta€™Schani Mae Southon getting the white balloons ready. 59 of 122, Christchurch residents Neville and Lorraine Chatterton watched the quake drama unfold in their hometown on television in their Mooloolaba unit. 61 of 122, Happy birthday Dot: Grafton woman Dot Edmonds celebrated her 102nd birthday yesterday surrounded by family and friends. 62 of 122, Anne Laurich is a ballerina on Green Hills Road with Mt Maroon and Mt Barney as the backdrop and is part of the Scenic Rima€™s new tourism advertising.
63 of 122, Lights, camera, action: Saraton Theatre manager Robbie Seymour is all ready for the reopening of the historic theatre in Grafton. 64 of 122, The sun comes up over a cold campsite in Polsons Paddock at the National Music Muster. 65 of 122, Burrum Heads woman Irene Johnstone wants to be able to get mail in her letter box and shea€™s not the only one. 67 of 122, The Stewart family, Darryl, Lachlan, Angus and Fiona cremate their Maremma Draco, the fifth dog to die on their Mungar property within a couple of weeks.
68 of 122, MAYOR OVERBOARD: Cr Paul Pisasale (right) tries to balance the sinking air boat during filming for a Sunrise television segment on Wednesday. 69 of 122, Anthony Edwards is constructing a court scene out of papier-mache for the Ipswich Courthouse.
70 of 122, Steven Wallis is disgusted that someone stole Rileya€™s Kawasaki KFX50 motorbike from the shed behind their home. 71 of 122, Bill Moorhead wishes Bundaberg Regional Council had revealed accurate rate fluctuations when it sent out the rate notices.
72 of 122, a€?Tip Chicka€? Jessica Milne says council should explain its decision to terminate her contract as the popular manager of its Tin Can Bay rubbish tip. 73 of 122, Year Seven students from Brassall State School take part in the Jump Rope For Heart fundraiser for the Heart Foundation on Friday. 74 of 122, Doves are released at the end of the Vietnam Veterans Day memorial service in Hervey Bay.
77 of 122, Charter boat the Bell Cay in trouble 200km off the central Queensland coast after a severe storm capsized the boat in August 2010. 78 of 122, AGL Recue Helicopter Service held an exercise to help determine the effect on health of patients being winched into the helicopter. Lots of communities had created hubs and emergency management plans which were run by volunteers. This is a significant city that has lost its heart and soul, and research is now looking at how to rebuild that and instil confidence,a€? he said.
This effort has been recognised with the Guide winning the Australian Safer Communities Award in the Volunteer Organisation and Community Groups category. The blue area indicates areas currently issued with Flood Warnings, this equates to approximately 75% of NSW.
Family friend and the service celebrant, Annette Georgiou stands beside her for encouragement. Volunteers were even involved in official briefings so emergency services could communicate their aims and involve them in the response. The award was presented by the Attorney General, Robert McLelland to representatives from the NSW SES at a ceremony in Canberra on 8 December 2011. With some careful extrication in the kitchen, Wall-e the 5-6 week old kitten was able to walk straight out on her own accord. She was found bright, alert and responsive with minimal dehydration, despite being stuck in the wall, since the evening before. Wall-e had something to drink followed by some food and will now be looking for her fur-ever home whilst she stays at the RSPCA!

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