Introduction to Emergency Kits (like BOBs, INCH, GHB, IFAK, EDC, and GOOD bags) Is It Wrong To Be Angry With God? I hope everyone stocked up on the winter basics, food, water, fuel, batteries, gas, generator, medicine, etc and youa€™re reading this while warm and cozy at home. Now its time to apply some good old common sense: 1)Dear God do NOT run your generator indoors. 2)Same goes for heaters, propane and kerosene or any other combusting heaters you may be using.

Traffic accidents are the main cause of death during storms.If you must travel, have supplies for several days, food, water and warm clothes. Overestimating your capabilities may leave you stuck in the middle of the storm, even if you think you can walk short distances. Even if you never said a word to that old couple down the road, trust me they will REALLY appreciate if you or your kid drops by to see if theya€™re doing ok.
Even if you have power try playing some board games and spending some time with the family engaging in actual conversation or doing something together.

Ita€™s my first winter here in the Costa del Sol in Spain and while I do see the practical advantage of not having winter(therea€™s people sunbathing on the beach here as I write this), I do miss having a bit of snow.

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