After the successful launch of its moon mission, Chandrayaan-1, the Indian Space Research Organisation is now gearing up for the Mission Aditya, aimed at unravelling the secrets of the Sun, the father of our solar system.
Mission Aditya has been on the cards for quite some time now and it got a boost after the successful launch of Chandrayaan-1 lunarcraft into its designated orbit around the Moon. The success of the Aditya Mission will not only solve some of the mysteries surrounding the Sun but also provide vital clues for ISRO on how to protect its satellites and spaceware from being damaged by hot winds and flares ejected out of the corona, the outermost layer of the solar atmosphere. Unlike the Chandrayaan-1, which has entered the realms of the lunar world for observation as close as 100 km, Aditya will study the Sun riding piggyback on the Earth. ISRO has planned Aditya launch in 2012 in coordination with the solar maximum when the sunspots will be at the maximum. Tdelta must be atleast 10000 Kelvin with upper ceiling at 9700K and slow damage upto 15000K.
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The X2.2-class solar flare of March 11, 2015, seen as a bright flash of light in this Solar Dynamics Observatory image.
Solar flares occur when magnetic energy that has built up in the solar atmosphere is suddenly released. REALITY: Solar flares can release electromagnetic radiation that's strong enough to disrupt electric power grids, satellites, GPS, and radio communications. Pictured: Coronal mass ejection as viewed by the Solar Dynamics Observatory on June 7, 2011.
China is sorta the odd man out with regards to military- a nuclear power that does not intervene militarily to achieve it's goals.
If you compare the ten top main battle tanks in the world, and the ten most advanced fighters of 2015, the only difference is the flag on the wing, or what flavor machine gun for the commander's turret.Edit: Ok so the F-86 Sabre and MiG-15 Faggot were clones already in the 1950's, but my point still stands! Recognition is one thing but it's annoying after a while when each species has their own color-coded fleet.
After all these years, my favorite B5-design is still the Vorlon Dreadnought (without the lollipop hull pattern and yellow color), and Babylon 4.I also like the fact that they kept the ship designs coming all the way up to the end, with that smaller (underutilized) Whitestar variant.
The Honorverse stuff seems very drama-queen from what fans have told me and the shp designs killed any interest.But are those really accurate to the descriptions in the novels?Nim, I'd love to see a design laid out with annotated notes from the novels explaining why it looks like someting other than an adult novelty.Can you maybe sketch up something? Those books sonun fuckawful.those coverse (linked) have nice illustrations but some of the very crappiest graphic design I have ever seen- way to completely fuck up a nice cover illustration with bad text and framing! Some of the covers are very archetypical "sci fi schlock corner" material, which doesn't necessarily do them justice. Actually, going by the Honorverse's own rules I think a narrow hull makes more sense than a cylinder purely from a tactical stand-point. Yes, Honorverse ships don't have glowing aft-mounted thruster engines like most other franchises. Nim I always thought the Viggen and the Draken were the coolest looking aircraft when I was a kid.
Meh- looks too much like an aircraft carrier- very Starblazers.They need a version with the catapults and hangars on the ventral side- twice the capacity for a minimal artificial variable gravity variation. The fourth carrier of the crosseyed fleet, made eco-friendly from packed compost.Following the standard practice of camoflguing spaceships as paper models.Eye-watering textures aside, it's not terrible- just very plain with no real detail or thought in the design- Do craft take off and land from the same bay?
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As detailed by NASA scientists, this latest flare observed by the Solar Dynamics Observatory on the surface of our parent star peaked on Sunday, September 28, at 10:58 EDT. Every once in a while, however, the Sun coughs out flares strong enough to shake up our planet's atmosphere.
The most intense flares our Sun can emit, labeled X-class, are ten times as intense as the M-class one documented this past weekend. Thus, an M2 flare is twice as intense as an M1 event, an M3 flare is three times as intense, and so on. ISRO chairman G Madhavan Nair on Monday announced in Bengaluru that ISRO was ready with its new space programme to explore the corona of the Sun in 2012.
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According to NOAA's Space Weather Prediction Center, radiation released by the flare caused a radio blackout.
Although the PAK-FA does look way cooler and sleeker than the F-22.China's working on their own 5th gen fighter, the Chengdu J-20. The ships of that Gary Cole-spinoff were nice too, although I thought the Excalibur was a bit much, in every sense.About Honor Harrington, I managed to plow through the first four books without seeing any "official" schematics, and merrily imagined the ships only by the scant descriptions and my own noggin. Artistic ability is secondary to accuracy here- just give us your notion of the ship's look.As to B5, I loved Kosh's ship- like a flower, but with purpose.
Artistic ability is secondary to accuracy here- just give us your notion of the ship's look.Unexpected, this was.

One can't help but get the impression the man would rather have been writing pen & paper RPG rule books than a sci-fi adventure novel. What I tried to convey in my posts is that the books do have solid parts and entertainment.
So this is an amalgamate of my mind's eye view of a Manticoran battlecruiser, during my reading of the first four Honor Harrington-books.
I may be wrong in some of this (it's been a while) but as I recall the reason for the focus on broadside armament is because of the way the drive system creates a nigh impenetrable shield along the length, with the weak spots along the central axis, hence the minimal "chase" armaments.With a tall, narrow hull you maximize the surface area you have that's shielded and present only a (relatively) minimal target profile along the axis of thrust. The ship's "impeller drive" generates a forcefield, the impeller wedge, that moves the ship in sublight mode. I have some new stuff I want to show you guys, but I don't want Wizartist Two to get more disappointing "non-fighter jet" post notifications, I think he's been through enough as it is.With that in mind, here's what I meant in my first post in the thread.
The saturated-energy cupolas I could part with, knowing how much your kind depends on them, for insulation, fuel and clothing.
I remember the first time I saw one of those, I was 5 or 6 years old and they had one parked with camouflage nets close to the finish line of a rally track, as SAAB was a main sponsor (Stig Blomquist, in his immortal Audi Quattro, was in that race), and my dad took me and my brother with him, his company co-sponsored one of the teams. Yes, the Draken's always been a seductive design to me, I got a surprise when watching Nicolas Cage's "Firebirds" and seeing one as an enemy jet, first time I'd seen one on film. I actually like the carrier look of it and I think they translated it well into a "space navy" form.
NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory, launched in February 2010, was on alert, as per usual, and so managed to capture an image of the event. The flare, a mid-level one classified as an M7.6, is the bright flash visible in the lower right side of the Sun. Thanks to our planet's atmosphere, the harmful radiation that is released during such events cannot reach us here on Earth and, well, fry us.
The figures accompanying the class such bursts of radiation are included in further detail their strength.
Material is ejected from the corona into space containing several billion tons of matter with speed ranging to several million miles per hour. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory captured a remarkable photo of the flare -- being called the largest of the year so far -- and the space agency added an image of Earth for scale.
Even if they were painted boring starfleet grey, you can clearly tell the difference between a Vorlon, Minbari, Centauri, Narn, Shadow and Earth ship design.
Even writers like Clarke, Sagan and Asimov managed to convey very technical concepts in a manner that instilled a sense of wonder.
Of the three books I've ever thrown into a wall after the last page, none of them were Webers. My main impression was a ship that was tall and slim, like the Sulaco, had a hammerhead bow and could take a rigorous beating. For one ship to realistically threaten another their reach has to be significant, otherwise a star system would be utterly indefensible.Still, even with that kind of range, the trick is in getting a bead on the enemy, adjust for light lag and hope he doesn't change course before the beam gets there.
For one ship to realistically threaten another their reach has to be significant, otherwise a star system would be utterly indefensible.I see what you mean, but I have a threshold for realistic content in sci-fi. To my mind science fiction must be rooted in science, but a space opera is basically fantasy that happens to involve space ships (see Star Wars, and I suppose Trek too to a lesser extent.)I think modern submarine warfare is more or less analogous to what space combat would really be like and a skilled storyteller can still spin a compelling tale within those restrictions. Here are the current operational or developing fifth-gen stealth jets in the world, in roughly chronological order: Now, try to guess what point I'm trying to make here. The Concordia is a pretty badass design but I always thought that the Tigers Claw was such a well put together ship as well. That big block one up top- is that the on-board Supermax prison or something?But hey- nice big skylight. Such material interacts with spacecraft and other man-made material in its path inducing electrical currents.
Like Chandrayaan-1 it will have a life span of two years and ISRO team hopes to generate enough data during this period. To provide you utmost comfort, Arise Flare Halogen Room Heater features adjustable height so that you can position it as per your requirements. This flare was classified as an X2.2, which means it was twice as intense as an X1 but less intense than an X3. Long, tall and thin, lots of side surface.Then I finally saw an "official" line drawing of a Honorverse ship, and this played in my head. With Trek, we can say "Andy Probery designed the Warbord" but with B5, we cant credit anyone? So yeah, those diagrams are "consistent" with the descriptions as I recall them, they're just not terribly imaginative. One came close I think but only after his government ended up being on the "good" side after all. I said shu-" *violin ditty escalates*The Tricolore references may get a bit heavyhanded now and then. My main beef has been with the uninspiring, hypersymmetrical ship design, why I called it "one of the most tragic missed opportunities" in sci-fi. The doctrine usually is to fire your broadside, then roll onto the side and let the topside of your wedge absorb the return fire.Here is another point where I question Weber's judgement. Realistically, I think if any enemy can get so close you can see them with the naked eye then you're in a *lot* of trouble. I prefer the kind of encounters a Star Destroyer would get into, encounters you could draw as a scene.

Indeed, to me, sub-warfare is far more tense and dramatic than a pair of surface ships bludgeoning each other to death with broadside after broadside.
I believe the bridge is what's shown on top.Regardless, even the thickest superdreadnought hulls got pierced like wet toilet-paper by point-blank shots from "bomb-pumped laser" missiles. I'll definitely make the thread in the D&C forum, but it's prolly best if they are kept dedicated. They also damage power systems, disrupt communications and degrade high-tech navigation systems.ISRO's Aditya Mission is a solar coronagraph or equipment that measures or studies the corona of the sun. If they've come up with trial-and-error findings guaranteeing efficiency, you'd be an idiot not to.In terms of ship design and sci-fi concepts, however, I like diversity, the Babylon 5 universe coming to mind. I don't think anyone would mistake a Drazi Sunhawk for a Vree saucer.They even seemed to go to the trouble of showing a technological relationship between Centauri, Earth and Narn ships. I half-expected a new stealth cruiser of the Pimpernel class to be built and sent into Haven. Because there's so much built up around them in the narrative.Speaking of, I'm almost done with my dream schematic now, keep pantyhose on. The impeller wedge, as I would draw it, would extend about two shiplengths in level directions, one shiplength high. Not the only inconsistency it had as it was rather a crap after all and of course it's not the method, it's the execution.
More than once were Honor's CIC or bridge penetrated or open to space, and holes occasionally were cut, Borg-style, clean through the hull from side to side (taking the brig with it in one case, holding an unfortunate a-hole).I've never said that my HMS Hammer is the be-all-end-all design for the Honorverse, which "Weber should've used if he'd had half a brain", just the one I preferred when reading and idealizing. A single thread for flareite ship designs would get a bit jumbled, and artists couldn't talk about their specific thing very freely after four more contribs have come up. Every one of these components could've been used visibly and evocatively, as on a Trek ship (visual impact of the chin-placed quantum torp launcher on the Sovereign class).
But the plot element of "political" officers lent a degree of excitement to the "meanwhile, on havenite cruiser" chapters. You don't ever know exactly where the enemy is, just where they've been and at any moment a ship or a barrage of missile or lasers can seemingly appear from nowhere.
Instead, the Honorverse artist reduced all those components to individual black dots and pressed them together at the middle of the ship.The only unique detail that distinguishes Honorverse ships from rolled-up newspapers was supposed to be the "hammerhead" bow, mentioned again and again in the novels.
I know the descriptions in the books were fairly precise but I think there was still enough room for a *little* artistic imagination in there somewhere.
It would be also be a very attractive and grateful aesthetic element to draw in artwork (I will do that next, after ventral view).But Weber decides that the impeller wedge extends "hundreds of kilometers" in all directions, a figure totally meaningless to the human imagination, as it would make the ship driving the wedge smaller than a grain of sand, in scale. When I said "space opera" I was referring to that particular capital ship duel in "Wing Commander", it had good dramatic and aesthetic flare for a straight-to-video astroturd.I agree, the most memorable battles of the Honorverse involve inspired improvisation or exploiting an opportunity, not just brute force.
I mean I'm not one to slog through anything I'm not enjoying just so I can bitch about it, but it's one of those things that's entertaining enough to read through, but the series accumulates things that niggle away at the back of your mind until you look back and realise how crap some if it really was. The kind of power needed to generate something like this is unimaginable and pointlessly improbable to the reader, it's a lot to file under "suspension of disbelief".It's the same with weapon ranges. One is a battle of endurance while the other is a battle of wits.In the case of Honor Harrington, it was most often the latter. However, I'd say that both analogies (boxing and chess) are applicable to most Honorverse (and Hornblower) battles, in that both sides take a lot of fat licks before the situation changes or escalates, often through the point-defense margin of error.No one else could write stuff like "the faltering hulk was sent into oblivion by a storm of bomb-pumped laser fury". Most of the film the enemy doesn't get any closer than the horizon and a lot of the tension is in looking at maps, charts and predicting where the enemy will be.
I honestly found most of the early ones a bit of a slog and for me the title character didn't even begin to get interesting until that one with the pistol duelling. The common Honorverse laser, the weakest weapon in a warship's arsenal, has an effective range of one million kilometers, according to Weber. IIRC the dramatic broadsides were usually reserved for the final stroke or when two ships were forced to stick close to a gravity well.
You'd think they'd rev up to speed, change the ship's attitude so the shielded aspect faced their enemy on approach and only then broadside roll thingie.No need for "crossing the T" manuvers in space, after all. I kinda hate pointless aerodynamics of spaceships.I do too, almost as much as animal shapes. It's certainly better than the vacuum cleaner attachments that pass for the official designs.
Giving even the smallest frigate class ship the gunpower of the Macross SDF-1?If Weber would've said 2000 km for lasers I would've been happy, because that is just enough for planetary bombardment in medium earth orbit. If it were me though I'd maker the hammerheads larger and have the aft "fins" be a mirror image of the front.Also, I'm not sure if the bridge (assuming that's what it is) would be exposed like that. Five minutes after that, a camouflage-colored CH-46 Sea Knight swooped in, scanned for the pilot, filmed the wreckage and the extent of the forest fire, while doing an extremely tight 90-degree turn, laying completely on its side and showing me its belly. IIRC the rules of the Honorverse aren't like Star Trek where an unshielded ship wouldn't last ten seconds against a serious barrage but can take multiple hits and still continue to function. It was the most awesome thing I'd ever seen, and aside from the giant rotors, the aft wing housing was the only thing my eyes could lock onto. So short, massive side pylons always held a feeling of power, authority and resolve, to me. Is there anywhere that has a half decent description of what one of these ships are supposed to look like?

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