Magnetic Pulser - MP-6, is a pulsed magnetic field generator (PEMF) that is designed to help promote muslce relaxation and over-all wellness.
The pulsed magnetic field energy is applied by holding the long white handle and targeting the affected region with the rounded coil end. The new model MP6 features two pulse modes 1) a fast mode that delivers 1,600 pulses over the timed session - at a magnetic field strength of 2,500 Gauss and 2) the original mode that delivers 255 pulses over the timed 20 minute session with a magnetic field strength of 6,000 Gauss.
The regular or original mode is good for use on deep-seated issues as the 6,000 Gauss magnetic pulse penetrates all the way through the body.
Pulsed magnetic field energies are a time-tested method, capable of producing fast and long-lasting results!
Magnetic Pulser produces a deep penetration of the magnetic field energies, unlike static field magnets such as magnetic wrist bracelets or magnetic wraps.
Magnetic Pulser - $350.00 - The NEW Magnetic Pulser, Model MP-6 featuring two pulse rates. Transformation Technologies has been researching electronic health products since 1985 and we have been selling the magnetic pulser since 1994 in it's earliest hand-made model.
Members of the Sota Community have access to owners manuals and in-depth video instruction on using all of the Sota products. Option 1 - order directly from Sota Instruments and receive an Extra 10% discount on your first purchase.

In the event the link is not active, call Sota at 800-224-0242 and give the operator your Referral code number CA50025.
Note: the opinions stated are the views of Transformation Technologies and do not represent the opinion of SOTA Instruments. After doing extensive research on the various ways that electrotherapy and fringe biomedical practices that exist, we learned that there are other ways to use the electromagnetic spectrum to treat diseases and pain. Inside of this rounded applicator is a large copper wound coil that pulses a powerful burst of magnetic field energy on a timed cycle over a period of 20 minutes. The fast mode will not penetrate as deeply as the regular mode, but it can be very useful in those situations where you need a faster pulse time to possibly ahcieve faster results. Pulsating magnetic field energy produces motion of the charged ions in tissues, helping the body in its natural cleansing and rebuilding processes. Share this Referral link with your friends and family and they will also receive a 10% discount on their first purchase. Pass this Referral code along to your family and friends and they will also receive the 10% discount. These capacitors are not designed for the rigorous use that are demanded of them and they will not last anywhere near the 30 million discharge cycles of the SOTA Magnetic Pulser, despite any claims to the contrary. If the unit is returned unused within the first 30 days, there is a full refund (not including shipping charges).

The SOTA units are classified as Consumer Products designed to be used as part of a Wellness Lifestyle.
The applicator head is clearly marked for negative North polarity as this is considered the most beneficial in the literature on magnetic field therapy. Pulsing at a faster rate sets up resonance waves that travel through the liquid environment of the body, blood, lymph, etc. If the unit has been used, the 30 day refund is subject to a 10% restocking charge to cover replacement of accessory parts. The SOTA units are not medical devices nor are they intended to diagnose, treat or cure any medical or health condition. The use, safety or effectiveness of the SOTA units, has not been approved by any government agency.
It should not be used over the eyes and should not be used by women who are pregnant or may be pregnant.

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