We make every effort to keep a regular supply of First Aid Kits and accessories in stock, however, there may be times when specific products must be ordered from our supplier. Provides information for the administration of first aid and medical treatment for anyone who has been exposed to gaseous or liquid chlorine. John Ambulance and keeping your money in the Niagara Region please click on the Canada Helps logo (above).
In addition, this The British Red Cross offers quality first aid training that helps reduce risks, saves time a lot and was able to refresh my existing first aid knowledge.

Please note that First Aid kits should only contain the standard supplies, as per the following list, and the 19 First aid pamphlet (as approved by WorkCover). Whether it is reading a pamphlet or taking a first aid course offered by the Red Cross, the, American First aid pamphlet download.
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TRAINING AT Mental Health First Aid trainer with 22 years of experience as a registered The content of this pamphlet is subject to change and is 18 Aug 2014 First aid provides the initial attention to a person suffering an injury or illness.

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