The Department of Revenue and Rehabilitation is headed by the Financial Commissioner Revenue, who is also the Secretary to Govt.
It makes provision for the establishment of Disaster Management Groups for State, disaster districts and local government areas.
For carrying on the work of department of Revenue and Rehabilitation, the State of Punjab has been divided into four divisions namely; Jalandhar, Patiala, Ferozepur and Faridkot and each division is headed by the Commissioner.
The Act also provides the legislative basis for the preparation of disaster management plans and guidelines, including the State Disaster Management Plan, which records agreed management arrangements for coordination of disaster prevention, preparedness, and response and recovery operations. Divisions are divided into Districts, which are headed by the Deputy Commissioners, who also exercises the powers of Collector and Registrar under Indian Registration and Stamp Acts.

Sub Divisions are headed by the Sub Divisional Magistrates and Tehsils are headed by Tehsildars and Sub-Tehsils are headed by Naib Tehsildars. This resource is the first of its kind, both in explaining the arrangements and the advanced interactive technology Further detail on the Queensland approach to disaster management has also been further outlined below.
The key elements of a plan includes: Preliminaries Introduction Risk Assessment Prevention Measures Preparedness Measures Response Measures Recovery Measures Disaster plans are usually structured to provide and all hazards approach within the prevention, preparedness, response, recovery (PPRR) philosophy, but may also have sub-plans that address specific hazards or event types that may confront the community. Successful planning and management requires a collaborative and coordinated approach by all agencies involved. Community safety awareness programs) Response Taking measures to support your emergency services during and immediately after an event (to ensure effects are minimised).

It prescribes particular roles and responsibilities of the agency before, during and after emergencies and disasters. The National Emergency Management Committee subsequently developed the National Strategy for Disaster Resilience which was adopted by COAG on 13 February 2011.

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