The primary function of Cumberland County Emergency Management is the development and implementation of a comprehensive emergency management program for Burkesville and Cumberland County. More than 300 individuals including safety and security-oriented vendors, non-profit organizations, and government entities are expected to attend.
With more than 9,000 students, Tennessee State University is Nashville’s only public university, and is a comprehensive, urban, co-educational, land-grant university offering 38 undergraduate, 22 graduate and seven doctoral programs.
Thomas Graham, assistant director of Emergency Management at Tennessee State University, receives his certificate of training from Edward Smith, acting deputy superintendent at FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute. The goal of the Basic Academy is to support the early careers of emergency managers through a training experience combining knowledge of all fundamental systems, concepts and practices of cutting-edge emergency management. In July 2014, Graham was instrumental in helping the University obtain the StormReady designation.
With more than 9,000 students, Tennessee State University is Nashville’s only public university, and is a comprehensive, urban, co-educational, land-grant university offering 42 undergraduate, 24 graduate and seven doctoral programs.
Alabama Emergency Management Agency asks FEMA and the Small Business Administration (SBA) to provide personnel to conduct joint damage assessments. Alabama Emergency Management Agency and Mississippi Emergency Management Agency will host the Central Gulf Coast Hurricane Conference Followed by The State of Alabama Governor’s Preparedness Conference. Governor Bentley Proclaims February 6-10 Earthquake Awareness Week as a part of Great Central U.S.

The mission of the Washington Military Department’s Emergency Management Division (EMD) is to minimize the impact of emergencies and disasters on the people, property, environment, and economy of Washington State. The Division notifies and alerts state agencies and local governments of impending emergencies and disasters. At the EOC, information gathered is used by executives to make decisions concerning emergency actions and to identify and prioritize the use of state resources needed to respond to the emergency. Ocosta Elementary School in the coastal town of Westport is making history by constructing the first tsunami engineered vertical evacuation refuge in the United States. Cumberland County Emergency Management has been established and operates with inter-local agreements with the City of Burkesville and Cumberland County. It is a yearly campaign aimed at highlighting crime and drug prevention in neighborhoods across the country. TSU has earned a top 20 ranking for Historically Black Colleges and Universities according to U.S. Presented by the National Weather Service, the designation states TSU had met all the “rigorous criteria” for a StormReady designation by developing an all-hazard safety plan and communications infrastructure, as well as actively promoted all hazardous weather safety through public awareness activities and training.
During state emergencies, EMD manages the State Emergency Operations Center located on Camp Murray, near Tacoma, and coordinates the response to ensure help is provided to those who need it quickly and effectively. The EOC may issue emergency warnings or disseminate critical information and instructions to government personnel and the public who may need to take emergency protective actions.

Cumberland County Emergency Management operates under the guidelines prescribed by Kentucky law. In addition to fun activities, NNO provides residents the opportunity to interact with local first responders in a relaxed setting and learn more about safety in their communities. News and World Report, and rated as one of the top universities in the country by Washington Monthly for social mobility, research and community service. The EOC is designated as the central location for information gathering, disaster analysis, and response coordination.
Other state agencies with emergency roles may come to the EOC to help coordinate the state response.
Federal government agencies, along with state and local volunteer organizations, also may provide representatives.

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